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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys So because we are SOOOOO close to Cassinis GRAND FINALE i thought why not do a replica in KSP and why dont do it in RSS with RO to make things cooler (and Harder) So the plans for my replica are today Make the craft and the lunch vehicle Tomorrow make the mission And now some Pics of the probe that i spend 1H making And some of the lunch vehicle: The mision:coming tomorrow Special thanks to: @SQUADFor KSP @NathanKellfor RSS ALL RO dev For RO @DMagic for making my job esier with the magnetometer And finally NASA for making this mision
  2. I've been working on a little project as of lately. It's a replica/model of the Gulfstream G-IV. It's still somewhat of a WIP as there are still some rough edges, but the aircraft is perfectly flyable. I've spent around three hours getting things to work and trying out different cockpit configurations. (and I'm still kinda upset that the Hawkspeed air-stairs mod isn't Tweakscale compatible ) Anyways, here's some images of the plane: Hope you all like it!