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Found 7 results

  1. AVeryNiceSpacePenguin

    Gemini to the Mun - and Other Missions.

    Gemini to the Mun Mission Report, Story and Events Concuring Gemini XVI, the KAS Mun Landing Prolouge: It is May, 1968, and KAS's Kerbollo program is falling backward. New intel has shown that the Krussians have developed a rocket capable of sending one Kerbal to the surface of the Mun. The Krussians had the early lead, however, ever since they conducted the first rendezvous and docking, they were now leading the competition. This new rocket developed by the Krussians would be a fatal blow. It is 3:43, and Martin Kerman storms in the mission controll building, shouting "keurekea!". Everyone looks over and see him holding the plans to the previous Gemini project. "What is it?" asks Gene Kerman. Martin responds, and says; "I know how to send you to the Mun". The Mission: It is June 26, 1969, and a Kitan II missle awaits launching on the pad. The Kerbal engineers look intently on the launchpad. Stafford Kerman and Young Kerman are going to launch soon enough, and seem to sweat profusely. The Kitan II Missle Awaiting Launch Stafford: "Mission Control, we are in the rocket" Mission Control: "Copy that. Don't sweat to much though, you might slow down the rocket!" Young: "Nah, we sweated enough already. We just had to fill the Klorida Everglade" The rocket was ready, although a truck that had sent the upper stage oxidizer the other day had an unpalnned rapid disassembly of the tire, senting the fuel crashing into the (empty) Gene Kerman Pawn Only Chess Klub, which was a lucky break for Gene, who had 118 Klubs to handle. Mission Control: "Ignition!" The Kitan II lifts off! Staford, Young : "Woah!" Mission Control: "Tower Clear" The two collective astronauts said little on the ascent to parking orbit, although a phone call apeared, from Korolev Kerman, stating that parking orbit was full. Undettered, KAS continued with the mission. The launch went by smoothly, although the Gene Kerman Only One Hole Golf Klub complained the noise was too loud, and asked a passing engineer to "turn down the noise!". The Kitan II launch vehicle as seen zoomed in from a Learjet (owned by KAS' founder, Jebediah Kerman, who also was the second Kerbal to Orbit) As the Kitan-Gemini craft was in orbit, Young reported that there was no ships in the nearby area, and claimed that parking orbit wasn't full. Here is the radio transmission: Young: "Young to mission control, parking orbit is empty" Mission Control: "Copy that." One of the pictures Young took while in parking orbit Transmunar-Munar Orbit Mission Control: "Mission Control to Gemini, you are go for TLI" Young: "What the hell does TLI mean?!" Staford: "Just burn!" Young: "Yeah, but what does TLI even mean!" Mission Control: "Mission Control to Young, TLI means Trans Munar Injection." Young: "I don't even have a needle! The acronym doesn't even match- AH!" At this point Staford burned the rest of the Kitan II stage, and then the rest was done by the modified adapter module. Gemini after Munar orbit injection, taken from Young's Hasselbald 16mm cameras, in one of the 16 palnned EVAs of the mission At Perimune, Staford insisted that he do the Munar injection burn, although Young was more experienced then Staford at piloting. Mission Control radioed Young Kerman Jebedias' Book called "How to Understand Mission Control Slang and Other Things". Young insisted though that he would rather had "53 More Things to do in Zero Gravity", a book that was not better selling than "The Hitchkerman's Guide to the Galaxy". After Injection burn though, either Young or Staford aciddentaly dropped some snacks on the radio antenae, and no transmissions were heard. Only after the burn to a sub-orbital trajectory did the antenae function once more. Munar Landing So devoid of essentials was the module, that landing legs were forbode Unfortunately, after landing, Staford's camera malfunctioned, and only a handful still were on the Hasselbald camera film. Here are the radio transmissions from the surface: Staford: "Well, here we are!" Mission Control: "Well, that is one trip!" Young, in the Command Module: "Did the Krussians say that parking spaces on the Mun aren't free?" Mission Control: "In that case, that will be 1 Kerbuck" Staford: "And one Kerbal step on the Mun!" Back to Kerbin The trip back to Kerbin was as eventful as the rest of the mission. EVA 13, of 15, was to be planned during sub-orbital flight. This EVA was to be brief, although Young, and the rest The repaired Hasselbald camera was also another first: the first ever untethered camera. The timer took this picture of Young riding Gemini, during EVA 14 of 15. of Mission Control was quite anxious. Although Camcot Kerman, a physician, was interested in the physical and mental effects of the EVA. She was promptly thrown out the front door of Mission Control, and sent to the nearest mental detention facility. Meanwhile, in the KSC, news had spread of a propellant theif, and an investigation was started A cop car, in pursuit of the propellant theif, passes by a bystander, who was also a journalist. He was the first to report to the public of the propellant theif. After 50 minutes, KSC patrollers find a clue. The fishy smell of hypergolics! Within the next day, they find the culprit, Walter Kerman, who claimed that it wasn't fuel propellant, but instead a snack enchancer. He was arrested on the spot, as a quick inspection of Walter's moustache showed he was guilty. Meanwhile in low Munar orbit, Young and Staford found themselves in a serious, serious situation. The tank was empty. The only option was to use the RCS to accelerate the craft into a Kerbin sub-orbital trajectory. However, for some unkown reason, some propellant was stored in the reentry part of the craft. Mission Control was already sining off, but Staford and Young's plan was just getting started. They took one of the pipes from the spare suit, plugged it in the fuel tank cap. It took some time, but after some Wherner Brand™ duct tape, they managed to fit it. Then, they took one of the umbilical cords, and connected it from the pipe to the adaptersection of the Gemini Space craft. Then, to start the pumping, they had to ironically dump some fuel. The only way to do this was to puncture one of the tanks. They took one of the sharper Mun rock spamples, and puncture some of the fuel tank. Soon enough, the fuel was pumping, and with some more Wherner Brand™ duct tape, they were on their way. In an interview after a month after the event, Staford said that "It was so stressful, I thought I was going to drown in sweat!" Staford, after the ingenous repair, peeking through happily back at Young. The picture is among the most famous ones of the mission Kerbin Reentry Young's camera took this picture during reentry On their way back to Kerbin, the Krussians saw on their radio a craft. The Krussians already knew that the Mun mission was failed, however the ship looked rather similar to the reported Gemini launch. Soon, they managed to contact the craft, and Gemini was now in contact with Moskow. Kouston was so far unaware of this, but they noticed in the (newely patched) patched conics that the Gemini craft was gone. Reentry was nominal, and Young took several pictures during reentry, such as drouge chute deployment. Young and Staford. There were only two film slides left after this picture. Back at home, Young and Staford became instant celebrity. Many Kerbals fell at the sight of both Kerbonauts. It is said that one Kerbal fainted while he was fainted. However, the two Kerbals were back home at last! (Wall of text brought to you by: AVeryNiceSpacePenguin. Mods; feel free to delete this post)
  2. Welcome to my third mission report! As for the first two, one save got eaten by the Kraken(Speaking of Krakens, liking your Mission Reports @Alpha 360!), and the second one got its mods eaten and I gave up on trying to resurrect it. Links to these are here if you want to see my old work: The My Space Program Thread, the first mission report I did, and the second one, a 2.5x playthrough. Please don't post in these threads, they are old and discontinued. Hopefully, the third time is the charm! Also, this one will have a bit of a storyline. This S.A.V.E (Thanks @Parkaboy, I also need to catch up on Plan Kappa, although I haven't seen it in a while.) is in Sandbox mode, in the stock star system, lightly modded. The mods I have are... goes and checks GameData folder... BetterBurnTime, and BetterCrewAssingment, by @Snark, MechJeb, the Making History DLC, and Kerbal Alarm Clock by @TriggerAu (right?). I will be doing a Jool 5 mission, although I doubt that I will be able to keep my readers strung along for as long before getting to Jool as @Kuzzter did(I'm actually caught up on that, eagerly awaiting more!). I will also be doing in-depth missions to Laythe and Duna(Sort of like @Brotoro's, if you've read them; if you haven't I highly suggest reading them, they are wonderful!). I will also be establishing bases on the Mun and Minmus. Don't expect my story to be as good as @Just Jim's(I need to catch up on Emkio Station too.), but hopefully, it will be good enough. Project Voyager: Jool 5 Mission. Mothership launch. I have surprisingly few pictures of the launch of the mothership, these are the only ones. The launch of the Val/Pol/Bop lander: Intrepid. The pictures of the launch have disappeared. Valentina Kerman: "Mission Control, this is Intrepid." Docking successful." "We'll float through the hatch and join the boys. Mission Control(CAPCOM): "Roger Interpid, have fun." Well, 4/5 of the crew are partying in orbit, let's see the ship designs, and figure out who the last 1/5 of the crew is. Tylo Lander "Nut" in the VAB. Stats: Stage 2: 3953m/s of Vacum DeltaV, 2.30 Tylo Local TWR. Stage 1: 3148m/s of Vacum DeltaV, 5.09 Tylo Local TWR. Crew Capacity: 2 Kerbals. Laythe Lander "Dawn": Stats: Stage 1(0) 3975m/s Vacum DeltaV, Laythe SLT 2.17. Crew Capacity: 2 Kerbals. Vall/Pol/Bop Lander "Intrepid": Stats: Stage 1(0): 4058m/s Vacum DeltaV, 4.70 Vall TWR. Crew Capacity: 2 Kerbals. Vall has the heaviest gravity of the three moons, so the TWR's for the other moons are higher. Mothership: K.S.S. Eagle: Stats: 10703m/s Vacum DeltaV, without landers, with tugs. Crew capacity: 10. Writing this I just realized that those "tugs" on the docking ports lack RCS thrusters, which means that the other landers will have to have their transfer stages dock them too. Also, the vacuum TWR without landers is 0.77. Let's meet the other crewmember. Linser Kerman, a scientist. Well, I'm off to play the game. I feel like I wanted to say more, but I can't remember it.
  3. ☆☆☆CLICK HERE OR HERE FOR MY LATEST MISSION REPORT☆☆☆ I started a new career game (v1.2) and put all reward slider (Funds, Science and Reputation) at 10%. My goal: to unlock the entire tech tree with the difficulty on ultra hard mode! Mission reports 1. Introduction (this post) 2. Minmus, Mun and Duna Flyby 3. Visiting Gilly and Cash Cowing Minmus 4. Visting several biomes on Duna with a drone 5. Jeb and Bobs' radical adventure to Bop and Pol 6. Biome hopping Mun with new equipment 7. Biome hopping Vall 8. Biome hopping Laythe 9. Taming Tylo 10. Completing the challange! <NEW> Introduction In this thread I will report on the progress of my mission. I've already been working on the career for a couple of days and I didn't take pictures of all large events, so my apologies if my story looks a bit inconsistent. I will not report on every single contract I've accepted, since that would become real boring, really fast. Instead, I will just talk about the approach I've used and talk about some cool stuff that happened along the way. So let's get started, shall we? The beginning With all slider on 10%, money is a real issue. I had to carefully select contracts, because many of them did not return any profit. Landing my ship near the space station is also very important. This way, I could minimize profit loss from the ship recovery. I would also try to use single stage ships as long as possible. My first goals was to unlock basic rocketry, and Engineering 101. Getting science was pretty difficult with the reward slider on 10%. After several missions I saved enough science, from biome hopping, to unlock basic rocketry and Engineering. This also unlocked more contracts. With liquid rockets unlocked, I could start collecting the science near the KSC. I earned money by performing: Tourist missions Crew report missions Test stuff in flight Flying sub orbital tourist missions was very profitable ( ~1300 Funds/ mission). I just flew straight up and landing near the KSC again.Crew report missions near particular zones were less profitable because of distance I landed from the space station. I used these missions to collect the science on different biomes! In a short period I retrieved most of the science from Kerbin's biomes, which wan't much ( ~ 8 science points or something). I would have to visit the moons in order to progress any further. However, I wasn't able to get to the mun with my current available techs, so I asked the people on this forum to help me out. Many people had great ideas of increasing my science output and there were even two designs posted that would give me a Mun flyby ( thanks to @Cunjo Carl and @Streetwind for the help!). I eventually chose Streewind's design because of its simplicity. I really recommend everybody to check cunjo carls design as well. It's really something special and way past my designing capabilities. This is the Munshot, designed by Streetwind I used it to perform a Mun Flyby: After the Mun flyby I almost had enough science points to get the survivability tech unlocked. I was lucky to find a contract that gave me 1 science point after completion which is quite a big deal on ultra hard mode. Now I could unlock the barometer! With the barometer, I visited most of the biomes again to get all science points (0,4 per biome). After that, I started performing missions to earn funds to upgrade the astronaut complex, which costs 150k... I performed many test XXX mission, which gave me approximately 2000 funds per mission. I have to admit.. performing these missions over and over was a bit boring. After many of flight hours, I finally saved enough dough to upgrade the facility. I then put Jeb into polar orbit and from there we started performing EVA reports on all biomes we flew over. This gave me ~0,6 science points per biome! Hurray for me! My next goal was getting enough science points to unlock the Terrier! That thing is essential for space travel! But 45 science points is very expensive price to pay, so we'll have to think of a way to up our science output. Luckily I didn't have to think for long... After several contracts, I received a test a terrier on the launch pad mission!! Naturally I was overjoyed! I didn't accomplish the mission, but instead.. I made a rocket that hopefully could get into orbit around the mun (and perhaps minmus?). I shamelessly used part clipping to make the ship more compact. It had approximate 5200 m/s delta v. We flew towards the mun and successfully into orbit. We even had enough juice to get home! From here, Jeb made tons science points on EVA reports while skimming the surface. I don't have any pictures of this mission. We then flew home and received many juicy science points After that, we refuelled the vessel and flew towards minmus, the science goldmine of the solar system. Here, Jebb also made several Eva reports and then headed back towards the KSC. I had enough science points to unlock advanced rocketry and could ditch the terrier contract. After unlocking the tech, I optimized the ship and squeezed an extra 600 m/s delta v out of it, making it able to land on Minmu. I also received a contract for landing on minmus which would give me ~35k funds : Now, I've got enough science points (69) to unlock the tech. I'm still not sure what I'm going to choose. I'm thinking of picking Basic Science, because of the science jr module. I could also wait and save up to unlock the spark or skipper What do you guys think? Thanks for reading!
  4. I made this little page on what I found orbiting. Come back later to see more, except with Kerbonuats involved (for doing research on the area I'm showing you guys). Sorry about the external link, I couldn't figure out how to get it into the post. It wouldn't let me... Kerbals coming soon!
  5. Hi, where should I send the crash report? thanks
  6. I finally decided to ask a question that was annoying me since ~0.18: If I have multiple science reports in 1 part, then I click "review" in right-click menu and then I must do something about each of them (i.e. keep/discard/transmit). Say, I found and transmitted the only report I wanted, how to quickly close that window without clicking "keep" for each report (vessel switching/EVA doesn't count)?
  7. Hey, guys, quick one... The User Interface that appears after completing an experiment (Such as a Crew Report, an EVA Report, a Materials Bay, etc.,) can we get the ability to move that window back? As of right now, it can't be moved, and it pops up right in the middle of the screen, which is a horrible place for it, especially if you're having to manually rapid-fire a bunch of experiments. Also, I second the previous motion to get a "Close" [X] on the window.