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Found 4 results

  1. Xemina

    KSA | Missions:

    KSA | Kerbin Space Agency: This will be like @StupidAndy's post. There will be updates on this post when new missions are accepted, finished, or the overall details. There will be multiple every day; The world will be in career, so you may have to wait a while! Mods: EVE, Scatterer. Flight 01:
  2. Xemina

    Diary of a Kerbal:

    Diary of a Kerbal Daily reports from the KSA (Kerbin Space Administration) Day 1: Today at the KSA, we decided we would launch our first rocket straight to orbit. We used the Pyro 1, flown by Jeb, Bill and Bob. The launch was fine until Jeb let out some gas, which caused the rocket to destabilize for a few moments. After that the rocket was stable and they got to an 87 thousand km Ap and 84 thousand Pe. Jeb did all this without manuevers, we told him off, but he didn't even care.
  3. Fortunateson1969

    Science Report Storage

    Hey all, quick question. My KSP seems to be having issues with more than 30 Science Reports stored in one module. Is this strange, or is that the limit? I don't seem to be able to scroll past 30 when viewing reports, they're trapped beyond the scroll limit. I can store as many as I want in the capsule, but I can't get at them to process them or transmit or what have you... Thanks!
  4. Eveeloo

    Kerbal Diary Episode 01

    Today, I will be launching the Mini-Orbiter to go to space and come back down in celebration of 1.1. It is a simple rocket designed to fly very well, and that's what it does. You can fly it like you would a drone, well, yes I tested it but you need to. It is my first "Mission" into orbit of Kerbin, which sounds stupid but, well... Let's get to it! Building: It was awkward to build because on the test flight it ran out of fuel but, I don't know if it's going to tip over. It uses a "Swivel" engine so I can steer it better and a "Terrier" for out-of-atmosphere stuff. Here are a few pictures of the building: Launching: This was obviously the funnest part of all, seeing your creation fly... It flew really well and it got into an OKAY orbit. Here are some photos: