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Found 94 results

  1. Kerbal Aircraft Corp requests your specifications! Post specifications of the aircraft you want and have them delivered within one week if the engineers find the time. We will reply with a craft file once complete. At Kerbal Aircraft Corp, it is our aim to make sure your aircraft needs are fulfilled with quality and humor.
  2. Zoger_Boi

    Huge wings

    Ive been trying to make the Arsenal Bird from the Upcoming Ace Combat 7, the thing is using twealscale even with the largest value of 400% the wing parts are way way way too small for it. I dont want it to have over 10k parts (i.already made the drones for it but by my calculations it will have over 3500 parts just in the 80 drones, and i dont have a NASA supercomputer in my basement to run a craft like that. I could change the tweakscale modifier to include 5000% scale but i still want to publish the craft on KerbalX for all of you to enjoy it still and play with it. So im placing a request here for any moder to make stock-alike wing parts just in 2000% or 5000% scale. I will make sure to add the moder in the credits of the huge craft on KerbalX. I would do it myself if i knew how, but sadly i have 0 knowledge in modding. I will post pics here Also all Suggestions will be welcomed, in the album you can see the drone that is done,
  3. I recently had this splendid idea after I was pondering about the whereabouts of rocket parts and pretty much anything related to structures in the game as a whole. In real life we have i.e. coal, iron, aluminum, lithium, uranium, lead, copper, gold mines to make the hardware onboard our rocket. Then we have metallurgists and metalworking factories to change the resources into actual hardware. Then we also have Hi-tech chemical plants to produce carbon fiber composites, fluids for onboard systems. And speaking of Hi-tech, pretty much anything else. For instance, ignitors, circuit boards and digital displays. We also have land and off shore oil rigs plus refineries to create our liquid fuel which is likely RP1. Maybe there's also some electrolysis plant if we want to justify that any of our rockets carries hydrogen. Then we have the assembly plants where the rockets parts are made. That last one is kind of covered if you have the Kerbin Side mod that introduces some buildings just outside the perimeter of the default KSC complexes. I had always imagined these were the part assembly buildings before they were shipped to the vehicle assembly building for vessel construction. The way I envision this is as follows. I want to see a road system towards the mountains on the main continent where exterior caverns are rendered that are to mimic a mining system where the resources are gathered. I want a large local valley turned into a pit for coal and gold mining. I want to see salt/sand mines on the other side of the continent near the shore where the land is low and swampy so I can understand where Kerbals get their glass, lithium and their table salt for seasoning. I want to see a offshore oil rig in between the KSC and the abandoned airstrip. I want to see large factories with chimneys and heavy hardware to justify metalworking enroute from the mining system to the KSC. I want to see hi-tech plants in between the manufacturing industrial complexes like the metalworking plant and the KSC. I want to see a airplane, spaceplane and rocket graveyard or otherwise landfill so we know where all our crashed rocket parts have gone to. Any of the above ideas is good enough and more suggestions are also welcome. These structures will not be functional in any way, they're just to look at. But having all these complexes in situ will really add immersion to the idea that there's a system to Kerbal rocket development. I hope this idea is well received by either @Ger_space or @AlphaAsh or some anonymous enthusiast modder that is willing to work on it.
  4. I would really like to see a modular engine mod, which let's you design your own engine by changing nozzle size, combustion chamber size, fuel used and etc. Hopefully someone will take on this mod someday, thank you for reading.
  5. Hey, I've been really interested in SpaceX and its live streams. I was fascinated by their speedometer and altimeter in the top right, and I really want a mod that can do this, and I'm sure others have been wanting something like it as well. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, I'm talking about this thing If you take the time to make it, thank you so much!
  6. prgmTrouble

    Custom Craft, inc.

    Is there anything you would like to see in KSP? This is the thread for you! INSTRUCTIONS: Basically, someone asks the community to build a thing, and then everyone who is interested can post their take. More specifically: Requesting: State your idea simply and clearly If there are any helpful images or drawings related to your idea, do share! Do not limit anything to stock or require a mod/expansion; I want as many people as possible to participate! Try not to be ridiculous or unrealistic (e.g. put a ring around Gilly or something) Try not to be too simple (e.g. instead of "a VTOL" do "an SSTO VTOL" or something) Fulfilling: Tag the user who you are responding to somewhere Tell us about your craft (especially how to use it) State any mods/expansions that you used, if applicable (Optional: link the mod's forum/curse/spacedock/etc. page) Post screenshots/videos! Link the craft! (I recommend KerbalX) Don't get territorial. Anyone can respond to any request they want. Don't be offended if someone uses one of "your" techniques. (If you are inspired by someone else's stuff, mention them somewhere!) Time to make stuff...
  7. What really is missing is the option to sort the crafts when you want to load one in the VAB. Sort by date would be soooo good to have, to see which vessel you worked on last time you played.
  8. Hello to whoever may be reading this. As you may know by the title, I would like some help in installing a mod, or updating the mod to use myself. It is a rather old mod under the name of HotRockets! Particle FX Replacement. This mod was an engine effects replacer, and has not been updated since 1.1. This mod was one of my personal favorites, and it broke in version 1.2 and upwards. Whenever i try to install it, either i get permanent engine effects showing in the wrong location (E.G. Jet engine thrust effects firing sideways from the engine) or no effects at all. As i stated, this is one of my personal favorite mods and i really would like to use it again. I tried editing the game files a little to try and get the mod to work, but, while i know a good deal about computers and hardware, coding is not my strong suit, and as such i was unable to get it working. There are also no revisions of the mod to help get it working in newer versions like i have seen with some other mods.. If somebody could help me with this, I would be extremely grateful.
  9. Hi all, So I'm aiming for a realistic-as-possible gameplay experience, and the stock ore system really takes away from that. I'm looking for a mod that replaces ore's convertibility into LFO with something like "aqueous hydrocarbon" or similar, without doing away with ore completely and keeping it so that it can still be used to make RocketParts with mods like Keridian Dynamics. I've considered Karbonite, Kethane, Karborundum, etc. but they all seem to be based in the same unrealistic principle as ore, if not worse, or that they assume that LiquidFuel is just liquid hydrogen and can just be extracted from water electrolysis. I intend to use Cryogenic Engines so this is obviously a problem. Any and all responses are greatly appreciated, please keep in mind that I am very incompetent when it comes to video games and deeper-level computer stuff and that obvious config-edit solutions / etc. may not be so obvious to me! Thank you for being one of the friendliest and most helpful communities on the web Shameless piggyback question: how do I ensure intake engines from mods only work on oxygenated planets?
  10. The file sizes for the cover photo and profile picture are far too small. I can't even use a screenshot from KSP as a cover photo due to the size limit. Everything has to be shrunk so much it looks bad. Please, hear me out here and change this! You can see the distortion in my profile photo by the way. I had to remove the background for my profile cause it was too blurry.
  11. Destructogaming

    Planet/Star Remover Utility

    do you ever have that problem where your stars from your Modpacks have SOIs larger than their SMAs? (hyperedit is a cause) well i have thought of a solution... what if you could choose which celestial bodies to Completely hide, out of reach and out of view. EDIT: i have figured out a far better way to do this. it could be and external program, to edit planet orbits outside of the game (and i don't mean editing configs directly) if someone could make a mod like this, i will greatly appreciate it.
  12. ImperialistPigDog

    simultaneous career mode

    I was wondering if there were any mods that allowed for 2 different space centers and two separeated careers at the same time. Me and my little brother are going to play multiplayer by this method: It would be excellent to have 2 different careers running in the same game so we could advance at different rates and have a true space race. Dose anyone have any info on a mod like this? It would be much appreciated if you could share.
  13. enjoystastycheeses

    Add-on for Satellite Contracts

    I am a bit bored with the basic "put a satellite here" contracts, and wanted to spice it up. I use Contract Configurator for Clever Sats but even still it hasn't quite scratched the itch. I thought that being given a randomly generated satellite (sizes/parts/layout) and told where to place it might be a fun spin on the existing satellite contract model. It could be displayed as a popup when entering the VAB (similar to the passenger UI when on the launch pad) where you would select the contract and it would insert the part for you to start attaching items to. Alternatively, the contracts could specify satellite requirements themselves (similar to the space station check lists that already exist) Must generate power Must have x units of electricity Must have x science experiments on board Specific number of satellites per rocket (if even possible?) Could also name specific parts to be installed on the satellite, but might be problematic with multiple part mods installed. Does this exist as its own add-on or as an enhancement to an existing add-on?
  14. donoya

    Kerbal Space Factory

    I've been looking for a mod like this and haven't found one, so I thought I should put in a request here. The mod I'm picturing would allow players to build complex factories to produce resources which can be recovered in a tank or something for money. There would be conveyor belts (glorified versions of the stock fuel transfer pipes) to take the resources from one machine to another, as well as complex resource gathering equipment like an oil pump and lots of machines for processing the various resources, too (It's basically a Factorio mod in KSP). So that's the idea. If anyone wants to make this, that'd be great.
  15. Nicias

    Parachute Reset Mod

    Could someone put together a mod that provided a "reset parachutes" button if there is an engineer aboard the active craft that could reset the parachutes? For a mod it seems straightforward, but it is beyond my coding abilities.
  16. ConflictGamer

    Repack Request

    Hello, I am having issues with some mods that shouldn't conflict with each other and yet some mods are not working properly. I have tried countless times to assemble a certain number of mods together and in one case it did work but ksp updated and now it's not working again. I understand that reproducing some mod content requires special permission from the mod creator, and I cant ask for a download, possibly an email would not violate their terms. I have the mod list below. If anyone can help thanks, BTW I just want a single gamedata folder. B9 Aerospace Community Category Kit Community Resource Pack Extraplanetary Launchpads Firespitter Interstellar Fuel Switch JSI KAS Kerbal Joint Reinforcement KerbetrotterLtd KIS KWRocketry Magic Smoke Industries (Infernal Robotics) Mechjeb2 Embedded Near Future Electrical Near Future Propulsion Near Future Solar Near Future Spacecraft OPT Planetary Base Inc Planet Shine RCS Build Aid SCANsat Module Manager ASET
  17. So I was in sandbox mode test out, how to setup Satellite array I noticed that my Rcs ports on my launch craft where pulling monopropellant from my Satellites tanks first and not the one nearest to them (they changed it to this in 0.23.5 and I did not notice) and yes I know you can disable the tanks so that fuel can not be pulled from them. I when't back to the VaB and did some testing using This and found out that 1. Monopropellant is pulled form the upper stages first 2. Even though you can do so, changing the fuel flow priority on monopropellant tanks, does not change any thing and 3. Monopropellant does not obey the crossfeed rules on decouplers. So I had some ideas for a mod that would change this and if knew how to do so I would make it myself, but I do not, so I throw myself upon the tender mercies that are the great mod makers in this community. (these ideas are listed in what I believe would be the most useful to the least useful) Idea 1. For stock decouplers create an option in the right click menu, i.e when you right click a decoupler there would be an option below crossfeed, that would say Monopropellant Crossfeed and when you clicked it, it would enable/disable monopropellant crossfed and would prevent any rcs ports below the decoupler from being able to pull fuel from the tanks above the decoupler, forcing the rcs port to pull fuel from the neatest tank it can. Idea 2. Make it so that the fuel flow priority system works for monopropellant tanks. i.e you could set, for example, a satellites monopropellant tanks to -1 and set the main crafts monopropellant tanks to 0 and it would pull fuel from the main crafts tanks first. Idea 3. Change how monopropellant works back to how it was pre 0.23.5, which in and of it self has some problems and can annoy you just as bad, why am i even listing this one, oh well. I am not sure how difficult this would be, but I do hop someone takes up the challenge, if anyone has any questions leave a comment. Thank you for reading this far , Kage Sendo.
  18. The Grand Teki

    Request: Solar System Supreme

    Please someone merge (or tell me how to do it) the stock and small RSS so it should looks like this: correction: ...same orbits but same time apart. test: I will use these acronyms, please don't take them: SSU, SSS
  19. SpaceEnthusiast23

    No Flame in Vacuum mod idea

    Ok, so, I was playing KSP one day, and when I turned my engine on in space, there was a flame, but without oxygen, no flame. So, can anyone make, or does anyone have, a mod that takes the flame out, but still makes the engine have thrust?
  20. I love this game so much but I found one thing missing. I was wondering if there was a mod for 1.2.2 that has a structural plate that you can shift and morph like procedural wings. If not, if anyone would be kind enough to provice a step-by-step to modifying or adding the part myself. If not, pointing to something to help me do that, would be very nice. Thank you all in advance.
  21. Mad_Scientist

    Restore scientific containers.

    I was wondering, is there a mod which allows to restore Goo and others if the scientist is present inside this vessel just by one button? That is something that bother me all the time during my play through, I need to EVA, fly to the parts, collect science and restore them if needed. It was fun at first, but I just already got tired of it.
  22. cratercracker

    How about climate in KSP?

    I know,i know that there is wonderful mods that add sandstorms,blizzards and other stuff. But i am asking for changing climate. How would it be? After a month passed (in ksp) Enviroment changes,ice caps grow or vanish,mountains have snow on top or completely lack it. I don't ask for weather, i am asking for dynamicly changing textures. For example-we have texture for summer grass (it is green(obviously) and then after a month ,it changes and turn into something slightly yellow-ish and so on.
  23. I always wanted to change boring stock paintjob on my space station. But can we have a mod to switch between steel like paintjob, white one, more grey or ablator plates on mk1/2 pod or mk2 cockpit. That will be so great! Just imagine you are launching a station module shining with bright steel cover Or a shuttle with a covered nose/bottom?
  24. CapeKerbinaveral

    Plugin request

    Dear Forum Users, whether its possible or not I just wanted to put this out there. I came up with an idea for a plugin to make designing spacecraft cost money in career mode. let me explain. Right now we design spacecraft in ksp which all basically have a fixed costs: parts x costs of parts - recovered parts = cost of rocket launch. Now if we take the Saturn V as an example, a quick google search gave me that it cost about $1.16 Billion in today's money to launch 1 Saturn V. However the development costs of the Saturn V were an estimated $60 billion in todays money. That begs the question: Would it be possible to make a plugin that measures the time spend building in the VAB/SPH and have it cost 10 Funds per minute (for example). this makes designing spacecraft cost money. Also, if u launch an already designed craft u will spend marginal time in the VAB/SPH thus there will be none to barely any "development costs". A slider could be introduced that specifies how much funds one minute would cost so the mod is adjustable to any player. I look forward to everyone's toughts about this. Capekerbinaveral
  25. So I've been chugging along in career mode for a while and have noticed that the contracts offered by mission control are fairly cookie cutter and can even become repetitive. I believe there is a lot of space for improvement to the vanilla options, and have thought of overhauling some of the worst offenders and creating several new types of contracts in the hope of refreshing the game. As my first post on the KSP Forums, I'd like to field my ideas to the community for peer review and see if this is something I should pursue or possibly start campaigning for others to pursue. Without much further ado, these are my current plans for the proposed add-on (copied and expounded on from the napkin it was originally written on) CONTRACTS PLUS Increase the # of contracts a player can choose from in Mission Control. I'm thinking by 1-3, just to add more options. Routine Parts Maintenance. In real life, the stuff we put in space needs maintenance if we expect it to stay there for extended lengths of time. Random part failure being a little extreme for me, I thought of just making the upkeep contractual. The various corporations will pay you to go and perform maintenance, and refusing the contract won't cause things to break because it's assumed they would simply give the contract to someone else. Completing the contract would be done in a similar way to the parts testing missions done in the early game, with an additional button popping up in the parts UI letting you "perform maintenance" provided you're currently on an EVA. There is also room for variety and varying levels of difficulty. The contract could merely ask a conveniently on-site Kerbal to do an EVA. You might need to rendezvous with an unmanned probe to do the EVA, and that probe could be in space or landed. It could even lead to a hunt around the craft to figure out which part needs the maintenance in true Kerbal fashion (the programming precedent is set by some EVA crew report missions asking you to find the source of "observational inconsistencies"). Finally, and more experimentally, I was thinking of adding a "done by a professional" requirement to the hardest missions, forcing you to use a specific kerbal profession (pilot, scientist, or engineer) to do the parts maintenance and fully complete the contract (maybe even a specifically leveled kerbal!). Crew Rotation. Kerbals have families too! These contracts would essentially ask you to bring up a replacement kerbal to take over for more homesick kerbals, and then bring that poor astronaut back to Kerbin safely. It may also include contracts to fully staff those spacecraft with 21 seats but only 1 kerbal. #SaveMe #ForeverAlone Tourism/VIP missions. After completing several of these back to back in order to gain #AllTheFunds, I realized that they could use some more variety in terms of destinations. All the tourists these days want to see are the natural features of the Kerbol system, when there are probably a bunch of cool looking stations and bases which we want to show off. Overhauling the tourism contracts to include tours of the stuff we've built, possibly requiring extended stays (precedent possibly set in the Asteroid Day developer mods included mission) could be really cool. Also the contract text could use a little more variety. Refueling missions. These could pop up for any craft with a less than half full fuel tank and a docking port. Flag missions. The current flag missions, while great money makers, are bland. Plant flag on named planet. That simplicity is nice, but doesn't need to be the only choice. We could have contracts telling us to plant flags in certain places on a planet! see what I did there? the places could be determined by biome, or the more randomly specific "Plant flag on the surface near Gamma Site". Corporations could also have you place multiple flags at sites alpha-gamma for them in order to mark out land use borders, before telling you to get off their lawn (Mission Control assures you that their claims are rediculous) EVA missions. So, EVA missions are cool and fun to do. But in space, I rarely if ever have to do them. I'm discounting the ones where I duck out of the hatch, take a quick report, and head back inside. While those have their uses, we could also use a little gentle prodding to let go of our handrails and really space walk. Conceptually, I'd like to lift the mechanical systems used for missions requiring multiple surface samples, and apply them to the 2.5km physics bubble around a spacecraft, to result in "sectors" spawning around the spacecraft and even moving with it. Contracts would be of 2 varieties that I've thought of. Someone dropped their multimillion dollar Hydrospanner out the airlock and it's floated out to beta sector, go search for it (EVA report) or, Mission Control wants you to perform a photo op with (insert spacecraft here), head out to sectors alpha-gamma and take pictures of the old girl (Also EVA report). That last one though... I get a small chill thinking about doing it. BUT THAT'S ALL THE MORE REASON! Rescue missions. Rescue missions are fairly tame, but come with some sweet rewards (New astronauts, hurray!) The ones we currently have are fine, but we can do better and with more variety. I'd like to add harder rescue missions with eccentric and highly elliptical orbits, with multiple kerbals in need of rescue. I'd also like to address the glaring hole in rescue missions... There's never anyone to rescue on Kerbin itself. Wait a minute, I hear your protests. But why would they need rescue and, wouldn't the recover vehicle system break the mission? Not if we're smart. A rescue mission on Kerbin doesn't have to be called a "rescue mission" instead we can call it "Extract Corporate Defector" or something similar, and stipulate in the contract that once you pick up the Kerbal in question, you must land again on the KSP runway to complete the mission. Completing the contract could remove some reputation, but what else are we doing with reputation in career mode? Done and Done. Debris Recovery/Destruction. Bring the space junk back intact for profit! But the game always makes space junk for me when I'm making plenty of the floating space debris myself. I'd like the system to also include as candidates for recovery the stuff I leave behind. I'd also love to see a contract to de-orbit an aging space station. Purely for academic reasons. Discovery missions. I am lame. I admit it. I'd love it if a contract sent me to the Munar canyon, or to check out the ancient Kerbin ruins in that desert, or to find the Magic Boulder. Complete with hand holding and "easter eggs this way" arrows. I don't want to miss seeing that stuff. So I'd make a set of contracts which did that without being too meta about it, but add an option to toggle them off in the settings, cause I can totally understand it if that ruins the fun of finding them for others. Orbital Adjustment Missions. Sometimes, close is not good enough. The orbit must be perfectly circular and directly over the equator. I pledge to build in mechanics which can detect when you are too lazy to properly circularize, and then generate a contract to pay you to FIX IT! Why? I dunno, just because if I know I can occasionally get triggered by it, Some Kerbal somewhere must also get triggered by it, and I want to read that mission briefing. Come on, it's a totally kerbal mindset! Underwater Missions. It exists therefore, there must be missions to it. I'll make several contracts involving the oceans of Laythe or Eve, and include Kerbin ostensibly as practice for the first two. Did you know Kerbals get sea sick? That's everything I've got so far. I'd like input on anything and everything. Also, I'd like advice on how I can take my first dip into building this mod for KSP, since these are all just ideas on paper right now, and I've never touched the UNITY engine or done major programming before. Thanks for your time and I'll leave you with an image of my Minmus base currently under construction in Kerbin orbit. Toodles!