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Found 36 results

  1. Original thread was locked. I have asked the moderators to allow me to post the notice and then re-lock the thread. this is what I would like to post: ADOPTION INTENT NOTICE: CC 4.0 BY-NC-SA Pteron (PMV) Micro Shuttle and Rescue Vehicle by Fruit Bat Industries Texture and Logo work by Blackheart Preamble by @Sage Sagan: I love Helldiver's KSO, but it got me thinking about the WEKA and the idea of a REALLY small lifting body shuttle(1.25m scale) for crew return and emergency returns from orbit. So after a few abortive attempts at Blender which resulted in the kind of design that should be drowned at birth, I decided to draw on a napkin at work(aren't those always the best designs?).czKnzF7.jpg The idea would be to keep a very low part count, so ideally it will consist of only 6-8 parts i.e. Fuselage,right and left winglets ,docking port,two oms engines. The OMS engines would be R.C.S fueled so they can share the same internal R.C.S. tanks as the thrusters. The shuttle will seat 2 Kerbals in a tandem configuration with hopefully RPM displays(2), as a place holder the MK2 cockpit IVA could be used as config is similar. The shuttle, when fueled would weigh in at around 1.8 tonnes and due to it's size will fit in a 2.5m fairing which makes it much easier to launch especially for FAR uses. I picture it as being slightly wider that a MK2 cockpit. This is not shown on the sketch but the docking collar will fit on the rear8fBtsgg.jpg The compact size means it should fit in a 2.5m cargo bay for carrying on larger ships etc. Some of the amazing modeling work of Daemoria So the thing is that I am so bad at 3-D modeling I thought that I would come on the boards and ask for the help of the best community in gaming, is there a 3-d modeler out there who can help me with this? I also need a texture person, it has to have the right tiled look...think Kliper The things I can do are: write all the descriptions and amusing notes, test like a demon and of course have the idea for a tiny teeny, oh so cute shuttle. More inspiration Fruit Bat Industries — Pteron mk I Cabin notes: WIP - work in progress note lorum ipsem note lorum ipsem note lorum ipsem Have a request? Glad to have them, kindly submit through GitHub. Full Changelog: See ChangeLog for full details of mod changes Known Issues: See Known Issuues for any known issues Installation Directions: Use Dependencies Kerbal Space Program may work on other versions (YMMV) Firespitter required for wheels and retracting wheels. may cause bouts of dizziness. Recomends Module Manager Suggests Kerbal Change Log ScrapYard OhScrap! StageRecovery TweakScale Supports Kerbal Change Log Conflicts none known red box below is a link to forum post on how to get support License aka Legal Mumbo Jumbo Source: GitHub License: *** All bundled mods are distributed under their own licenses*** *** All art assets (textures, models, animations) are distributed under their own licenses*** Original Thread Download Source: GitHub License: Be Kind: Lithobrake, not jakebrake! Keep your Module Manager up to date v0.5.0.0 original: 01 Oct 2019 zed'K | updated: 28 Mar 2020 zed'K
  2. I just took a contract to rescue a girl from a retrograde solar orbit. More details in the chart below. AND FOR GOD'S SAKE, READ THE CHART BEFORE YOU ASK "WHAT ARE THE TARGET'S ORBITAL PARAMETERS?" MISSION BRIEFING CURRENT TIME: Y54D295 – 1H20M Name Haycal Kerman Specialty Pilot Craft Model Mk. I Crew Cabin Land-by Date Y74D292 – 0H46M Solar Apoapsis (m) 53,476,467,987 Solar Periapsis (m) 41,561,681,152 Inclination (degrees) ~ 177 If I complete this rescue mission successfully, I'll earn 178,200 total (this is the rewards minus the reputation taxes) I'm a bit clueless on how I should proceed with this mission. Worst of all, I have no idea how to build the rescue craft. I had the idea to use ion propulsion for the final rescue craft, but I also need the energy and power generation (especially RTGs) to go with it. Aside from that, I have no idea how to proceed - or if ion propulsion would even be enough. Does anyone have any ideas on how I should: Construct my spacecraft. Propulsion source ISRU or not? Action plan: When to launch Launch when Kerbin is at a certain spot relative to Haycal? Blast off at morning or night at the KSC What to do after leaving Kerbin's SOI Gravity assist/s (I'm bad at those)? Refueling? Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. So I've run into a strange bug. I'm on unmodded KSP Career mode and got a rescue mission. The title says 'Rescue Jebediah from orbit of Kerbin' Already strange, since this is my first rescue mission on this save and Jebediah is alive and well. I click to see more details to find the white boldened text again mentions Jebediah, but the task list contains 'Save Desby Kerman' and 'Recover Desby Kernan on Kerbin' The biggest issue is, no ship even appears in the tracking station! I have tracking ships turned on (as well as all other tracking options just to be safe) but nothing. At first I thought I needed to upgrade my tracking station, but pretty sure that's not a thing and that didn't work anyways. I don't like cancelling missions, or even declining them for that matter. Is there any way I can get around this? Attached an image of my mission below:
  4. Hello, Im actualy orbiting mun with 4 tourist and Jeb I ran out of fuel and i need to bring them back to Kerbin. So i decided to build a rescue craft but i realised that i cant EVA tourists. So i can only save Jeb but not the tourist... Is there any solution to bring them back ? There are some pics : PS: Sorry for my bad english :S
  5. Space - the Kerbal playground. These are the voyages of a rescue space program. It's noble mission: to explore recently visited worlds, to seek out new science and new anomalies, to boldly rescue every kerb who tries to go where they haven't gone before - and fails. Recover Obemy and His Debris from Low Sun Orbit I posted this in the "Self imposed KSP rules. Things we do that make things more difficult." thread: So, of course, a few days ago I pop into Mission Control and accept a rescue mission... The words "low Sun orbit" seemed very ominous. In the tracking station I saw this.... Other than a string of expletives, I was at a loss for words. How would you approach this? Happy landings!
  6. Sorry for my english. So, i have launched spacecraft on the Mun's pole,collected lots of data, but ran out of fuel. Its on high orbit of Kerbin. I've launched satellite to save this ship, but i can't do it myself. Manned spacecraft named as "Восход-2". Save this ship and point to to orbit with Pericenter under 70 km, then save the game, please. Thanks. - sfs file. - loadmeta file. P.S.:I have parts from mods on my craft, should i say from what mods? P.P.S.: Mods: kOS,KIS,DMagicOrbitalScience,TarsierSpaceTech,Copernicus,Kerbetotterltd(rover mod),community category kit and community resource pack, texture replacer, modular flight integrator(what is that?), planetary base inc, realistic atmospheres, SCANsat.
  7. Is there a list of all available crewmembers for hire and/or rescue I can find, along with their specialties? I know I can see that in the astronaut complex, but what about the ones I need to rescue first (e.g. Judith and Glemuth). Call me curious, but I would like to know what more about who I'm coming for and what they can bring later in case I want to use them again. If a complete Kerbalnaut directory already exists, can you please post the link? Thank you.
  8. well matt i was watching the mun colony video and my tourist ship was off course of its landing site the mun machine and about to crash at 100ms and i tried to fix it when i noticed my mechjeb landing wasn't on so pointed retrograde and fired my engine then crashed killing my 4 tourist i ran for the mu machine as the pilot and died frome my rcs pack running out of fule about 50 meters above the mun so i have 2 engines trapped on the mun and no escape so i need a rescue and how do i attach a save file to this
  9. I'm in the rather unpleasant situation of having a Kerbal, his craft and a truckload of data stuck on Minmus. I have pretty much zero monoprop left in the ship - just enough for a 100m jump upwards. I guess that situation's not exactly uncommon, but the problem here is that in order to recover not only the astronaut but also the science, I'll have to dock with the stuck craft (Docking Port Jr. on top, Docking Port below) to transfer the science from the Storage Unit and back to Kerbin, unless there's a way for a Kerbal to transfer 7 experiments (multiple surface samples and EVA reports) into the new ship without docking. The lander in question ran out of fuel for the way home despite refueling in LKO and I'm not sure if refueling twice (at 130km and 19,000km) will help or cost more fuel than I'll gain (both stations have a capacity of 2 FL-T400 tanks each). Attached is a screenshot of my science tree progress to give you an idea of what I'm working with. I'm playing in Science Mode, so KSC upgrades or craft cost don't matter.
  10. Today I rescued.... Princess Leia Show us a screenshot of your celebrity rescues.
  11. Finally after the landing of the Orion lander that's done by Bob , and Bill who also had big role , because he was in the main module in orbit . The team want's to go back home , but unfortunetly of course , Bill forgot something , not knowing what he forgot he heads home thinking that everything is okay until he encounters a catastrophic problem . Download I hope you enjoy the mission, and please if you have any feedback tell me.
  12. *FIXED* Hi all, this is my first mission which is a simple rescue mission with a twist. In this scenario, Apollo 13 landed on the Mun but with damage and with hardly any fuel so what you've gotta do is send a small team of Kerbals to the Mun via a space craft specially designed to dock with the Apollo 13 CM so you can transfer your crew from the rescue craft to the CM. Then you can land the rescue craft on the Mun near Apollo 13 and get the crew. There probably will be problems with this mission but i played the mission when i made it and i found no problems, if there are any please post here. Hope you enjoy! Rookie
  13. I finally got to da Mun, but stranded Jeb, Bill, and Val. Should I send a colony or a rescue ship? Or something else?
  14. I don't know how other people's sandbox games look, but I keep designing prototype craft, and when they succesfully reach their destination, loose interest and switch back to space centre to build something else. As a result, everyone ends up abandoned on a prototype craft somewhere because it's crash landed, doesn't have enough fuel, or i simply cannot or will not plot a return journey. When I run out of Kerbals , I start a new save. Would it be a fun thing to share our defunct saves so people can have a go at rescuing the abandoned Kerbals? You'd be picking up someone else's save file trying to figure out how the heck their craft works, if it can be saved and what (if any) rescue hardware needs to be flown up. As a fairly open ended thing, I guess the only thing you're expected to do is share the story of your rescue attempts
  15. I had a mission to rescue someone from the surface of the Mun, and also recover their hulk. I successfully rescued the person, but could not find the hulk anywhere. Thinking that maybe it was in orbit, I cleaned up all of the orbiting junk (needed to happen anyway, but no luck. In the Tracking Station I could see her on the moon, but the hulk didn't show up then, and still doesn't now that she has bee rescued. The mission still shows that I have not completed that part of it. Any ideas? What am I missing?
  16. All of my contracts are either rescue someone from orbit or to launch a satellite in some incredibly specific orbit. The satellite part seems impossible at my current tech level so im left with rescue contracts but im not sure where to even start.
  17. Our fledgling space program is off to a flying start, but has run into a minor issue - all our pilots are dead, missing or stuck in Kerbin orbit, drifting helplessly out of control. Somewhat understandably new recruits have become thin on the ground, colleagues are avoiding your gaze and there's a rumour that you're about to be demoted to assistant intern. You have ONE last mission to redeem yourself, go from zero to hero, and restore the space program to glory. Using the limited funds, science, engineers and scientists at hand rescue all 3 of our vagabond pilots and 2 innocent tourists then return them safely to Kerbin. Instructions Download the linked save file into a fresh game of your choice. Save Valentina, Jedtrey, Macbert, Karen and Nedcan Notes Spend wisely - you have funds for a modest craft and enough science to unlock 1 more node. Act quickly - some of our pilots may be on an escape trajectory... Other craft may have a slight tendency to explode during re-entry. Despite all precautions some craft may contain nuts. Rules Wheaton rule - No cheating or debug menu shenanigans Stock only (with the exception that Audio, Visual and informational only mods like KER are fine) No hiring any new pilots - in this scenario, all applicants have been scared off and are citing implausible new careers such as "Manatee Whisperer".(However you might be able to retrieve some pilots before sending the rescue mission.) Your craft can separate into multiple craft after launch, but only 1 launch is allowed Creative use of EVA jetpacks is encouraged but limit yourself to max 1 refill from pods Submit screenshots or a video documenting your adventure There will be 2 leaderboards ranked by cost and weight respectively, and also special spot prizes for especially Kerbal or creative solutions ...really just have fun though! Thanks to @jonpfl for letting me borrow and tweak his save game from this thread. My own entry is here: Leaderboard: ? ? ?
  18. I am running a 10x scale game using Galileo's planet pack in 1.2.2. I am getting kerbal rescue contracts (standard) for low Gael(Kerbin Equivalent) orbit. The only issue is that the orbits are often within the atmosphere - their AP is just in space but the PE is as low as 40-50km. Is this intentional?
  19. Something odd that I don't quite know how to describe: Recently, I rescued a Kerbal from LKO. I got her back safe and sound, but then she disappeared from the Astronaut Center without a trace-- but her capsule is still in orbit. I went to the tracking station to terminate it, but all I can do is to "track" and "untrack" it, as if it were an A-class asteroid. Thinking of sending a mission to deorbit it or plant KAS explosives on it, so it's actually giving me some mission ideas, but I'm still not sure how it happened. Any ideas? I run several mods, primarily parts mods in addition to KCT, Stage Recovery, and KIS/KAS.
  20. 3 years ago (2013), KSC sent 9 explorers to Jool to land on all 4 muns. Turns out there were 5 of them, and one of those brave explorers got stuck on the one I forgot about. This is the story of his rescue. Note: This started off as a video mission report, but after reading all of Kuzzter's Kerbfleet narratives, I was inspired to turn my mission report into more of a story with characters. So I interspersed my actual game play with clips from the actual savegame (KSP 0.235) along with "on-set" stuff in the current version of the game, using Camera Tools and Texture Replacer. So forgive the appearance of the GUI, as this wasn't suppose to be "cinematic" originally. I tried to make it as amusing as I can. Hope you guys appreciate my nerdy humor.
  21. So, I managed to get a Kerbal stranded in a nasty orbit. I burned out of a moon mission with bingo fuel and chose too high a periapse; it was just within Kerbin's atmosphere but it was high enough that after a few successive orbits my apoapse was still inside the Mun's SOI. I was warping aggressively and ended up accidentally getting a Munar slingshot that put me in a highly inclined, highly eccentric orbit without enough monopropellant or bipropellant to get back to an aerobraking trajectory. Worst of all, it was a powered lander, so I didn't even have a chute to use even if I'd been able to EVA-push the ship into an aerobraking trajectory. Of course, I could have just terminated the vessel, but I didn't really want to. So I needed a rescue mission. At this point, I'd never done even a single orbital rendezvous (not with another spacecraft, that is), let alone a highly inclined, highly eccentric orbit with a dead target. This was tricky. I couldn't really find any specific set of instructions, so I figured it out as I went along, and figured that someone else might also be interested in them. Step 0: dV for days You're going to need a lot of fuel to pull this off, so for the love of Kraken use a large launch vehicle with a hefty amount of bipropellant for orbital maneuvers. There are ways of doing this that are slightly more efficient, but they aren't nearly as straightforward, so just plan for extra Step 1: Match inclination It's really dV-costly to change inclination once you're already in orbit, so wait until KSC passes directly under the orbital path of your target and then launch either North or South, depending on the angle of your target. Go to map view and set your target as target so that you know the inclination of the descending and ascending nodes, and vary your launch direction in order to keep this value to a minimum. Once you're in orbit, use a normal or antinormal burn at the ascending or descending node to zero out inclination difference. Step 3: Circular intercept To have any chance of intercepting your target, you need to be in a circular orbit that touches the orbit of your target. The most efficient way to do this is to touch the orbit at your target's nearest approach to Kerbin, its periapse. So write down that altitude, then burn prograde to raise your apoapse to that altitude. At your apoapse, burn prograde again to circularize to exactly that altitude, so you end up with something like this: Technically, it is more efficient if you are in an eccentric orbit where your apoapse matches the periapse of your target, but this is more difficult to achieve and makes your timing a lot less forgiving. Step 4: Timing the Rendezvous This is the part that confused me, and it took me forever to figure it out. It does no good to match the orbit of your target before the rendezvous. Don't do it. Instead, set up a rendezvous as close as possible to the periapse of your target. Here's the magic. When you are next at the interception point, your target will still be some distance away, with a certain time (2 hours, for example) separating it from that point. You need to burn at that interception point until the total period of your new orbit exactly matches the time separating the target vessel from your current location. This will ensure that you complete your new orbit just in time to meet up with your target at its periapse. Voila! Thankfully, this isn't the 1970s, so you don't have to calculate these periods using Kepler's Laws. You can simply place a maneuvering node at the interception point and drag it prograde until the "closest approach" markers line up at the interception point. Make this as precise a match as possible, then go ahead and do your burn when you reach the node. It's a good idea to burn about 90% of the maneuvering node and then delete it and complete the burn manually, since your screen will be less cluttered and you can see the closest approach markers more clearly. You should aim to be within a few kilometers of your target. Step 5: Catching up Once you reach your rendezvous point, switch to targeting mode on your navball, point retrograde (which, in this case, is a relative retrograde), and burn to reduce relative velocity to zero at your nearest approach to your target. You want to be lined up along a radial vector with as little prograde-direction misalignment as possible. You'll probably want to split this into a few burns. Once you've zeroed out relative velocity, you can proceed to approach and dock (or EVA, or whatever) normally; there are plenty of good tutorials for that.
  22. I am still fairly new to the game, I managed to get jeb to the mun, but he's out of fuel. I have tried time and time again to create a design that can get him home. If anyone could help me out, it would be appreciated. I don't have a large amount of tech unlocked yet, so my request is to help me out with a rocket that can get there and at least get him back into munar orbit without running out of fuel. I really need to get jeb home. Thanks. Current Tech Tree:
  23. A while back I turned down a couple of rescue missions, but now I find I need to increase my astronaut numbers, but I haven't had a rescue contract in ages. Is there any way to get the game to produce more reaches at Mission Control?
  24. My first thought was that is was odd that for rescue operations I now had Kerbals as icons in orbit. My suspicion was comfirmed as I got closer to the "vessel" to rendez-vous with... Lo and behold! Just to the right of the exhaust of the rescue vessel... there it is, the elusive lonely Kerbal to be rescued from space! I thought they were all in vessels now... Apparently, not!
  25. Hello I am having some real problems with doing this "rescue contract" I got. I have to save Irra Kerman from Low Kerbin orbit, and bring him/her back. I launched my vessel, and adjusted the orbit so it's the same as Irra's, but... There's always a 1,750KM difference (a lot), and for every turn it changes half a kilometer or so (I have limited Electric charge). I know there are a LOT of tutorials in rendezvousing (I think thats how you say it?) but No one seems to help me fix this problem, either that or im doing it wrong. Every time I change my orbit I fall into Kerbin, or it just doesn't change at all We have the EXACT SAME orbit, just different locations. Any help? The tutorials didn't help me at all That's the only reason im bothering with this newbie question in the first place (Sorry) Thanks, DONUTS