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Found 1 result

  1. If you are like me and you want to give KSP that little bit of extra push - to make it look even better - you're in good luck! PRESENTING: JayS_NL's custom KSP ReShade presets for KSP I have struggled to find some up-to-date and nice looking presets for either SweetFX, GemFX, ENB, etc. I'm one of those guys that will take the eyecandy if possible - and run a mod or 60 too.. So i decided to take a look on the web to see if there are any tools to (re)create some custom presets for DLL-injectors like SweetFX. I found a nifty tool called ReShade which runs on .NET. It has a AiO programme called Mediator, which allows you to tweak a dozen settings and effects, to mix/match your favourite looks. And so i did. I made two presets, but the second version is the one i'm currently mostly working on. The first one is more 'movie-like-ish with some bloom on highlights', the second more 'natural' with less bloom and better white/black levels. PSA: This mod does not do the graphical overhaul. Most effects and and textures are from other mods. It's a mix/match of @Proot's KSPRC and @Nhawks17's SVE. Do download them! Comparison on KSC: Comparison during night launch: Comparison around Kerbin: Real life during twitch on KSPTV Check a video demonstration of the V2 preset here. HOW TO INSTALL PRESET 1. Download ReShade and extract it somewhere. 2. Run Mediator. 3. Point Mediator to your KSP.exe and select the right shader-injector (DX11 gives the best results, imo) 4. Click on 'TheLazy.Net' connect and browse through the presets. 5. Find my first presets (V1 and/or V2) and click Download And Use. 6. Save the preset (or give it a new name) 7. Click on Update and then 'Permanent Push To Application' 8. Enjoy! MUST HAVES, but not necessary for the presets: - Scatterer - KSPRC and/or Stock Visual Enhancements. If you like the presets, please share your screenshots, especially during night-time launches /w lots of lights - and let me know what you think! Check my original Reddit post for other info: KSP V1: KSP V2: