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Found 3 results

  1. I think it would be cool if SQUAD makes a revision on launch clamps. At least change them a little bit so the lenght of the arm could be adjustable the same way as the height. Also different models would also be nice. I just checked the wiki and they were introduced on 0.16, and as far as I remeber, they havent had any changes. They work just fine, but it would be nice if SQUAD gives them some love. It is a part that everyone uses constantly and I think it would be neat to improve it a little bit.
  2. Always we had played KSP and we do this question: "How many people play this game?" Well this is a fail answer but I don't know! But if you want to know that, How can we do it? Simply put your answer on Yes or No and so We will know how exactly the people on KSP and if you want you can put what mode you play. Well and me?? Of course! I play it in sandbox mode. What are you waiting for! Stop reading this and put your answer!
  3. I want share an other PRO-hint... Utilize Dropbox to create an automatic backup and revision system for save games, craft files and mods. The reason is, KSP overwrites the persistent.sfs file with each change in the KSP solar system and sometimes you forgot to make a quicksave. 1. go to your dropbox folder and create a new folder for KSP save files -> e.g. "KSPSAVE" 2. go to your KSP installation folder -> e.g. "C:\xxxxxxxxx\KSP" 3. rename the save folder -> "C:\xxxxxxxxx\KSP\saves" to "C:\xxxxxxxxx\KSP\saves_backup" 4. start the console in windows with admin permissions 5. go to the KSP folder -> "C:\xxxxxxxxx\KSP" 6. create a symbolic link -> type mklink /d "saves" C:\xxxxxxxxx\Dropbox\KSPSAVE Now you have a saves folder in your KSP directory, which is linked to the dropbox folder. Copy the backup save into the save folder. If you now play the game, dropbox will make a revision step for each change in the persistent.sfs or quicksave.sfs file. If you messed up you game, quit the game, right click the persistent.sfs select earlier versions and you will directed to your dropbox revision page. Select the version you like and click restore. Maybe this helps someone