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Found 2 results

  1. Im currently working with my university that has 10 HTC Vives for development work at the immersive media observatory, it is designed for alternate approaches to teaching using vr, there is already an educational KSP but how about a VR tsp, I can see what changes need to be made to the ui beyond just gead trakcing, it would need the unity VRTK integrated and the menus re-working for motion control compatibility then it would need the ability to walk (and teleport) around the VAB/ SPH with a height scroll in the vab but other than that a very tiltbrushesque interface with a left hand scroll wheel selector to browse menus and a right hand pointer to select parts with mebe a left to right to browse categories and up down to search in subdirectories then a point select with the right hand via the trigger which spawns the part on the end of your hand, the ability to freely rotate it is important too before then snapping, needs the ability to select offset and rotate tools for which you should be able to reach in and grab the dials to adjust, after that all that is left is to make sure general flight is not nausea-inducing, other than that the ability to check staging maybe on one hand and stage its part with a button press, in IVA its pretty much there already, its simple mouse movement but maybe a bit of depth movement by freeing up the camera movement a bit/possible integration with the free iva if that is working reliably, I'm pretty sure I can test and make all this work and my uni will support it as it is regarding enhanced teaching but I have no idea where to start with ripping into the ksp UI and/or whether it needs a total rebuild or whether a simple overlay would do, also gotta look at making sure you can get full 3d which is proabbly the easiest bit tbh. I'm looking for any help and support that could get this project on the road and/or someone with some ksp plugin experience since i have none bar part modding, thanks for any help you can lend and I look forward to this ever becoming a reality!
  2. Hey guys! I'm trying to find old mod versions for 1.1.3. Everything on github like raster prop monitor or mechjeb isn't a problem. But I can't find ASET Avionics ASET Props Is there a mod archive website I haven't found yet? Or can anyone upload the ASET versions compatible with 1.1.3? In case you're wondering why, the Kerbal VR mod only works for 1.1.3 and I got it working with my Rift Thanks!