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Found 3 results

  1. So, I've been writing a plugin. It is called the Vlatic System Mod. It is based off of Nibiru (AKA Planet Nine) and it's mysteriousness. I am using the examples, but I honestly don't know where to start making my own planets. The idea is a gas giant in the center, about 80 megameters (80000 km) across. It has 5.6x Kerbin gravity, and is named Vlatic (Has the texture of Bastion). A small star orbits it, with VERY low mass for a star (Tanglo), but Vlatic's energy keeps it stable and fit for fusion. A small terra planet (In this case, Oceanus) fit for life orbits Vlatic, and in no way is it frozen, even in night-time. It is Kerbin temperature (288 Kelvin) all year-round, because Vlatic is there. A small Mars-like planet (In this case, Kopernicus) is orbiting Tanglo, which is binary to Kopernicus. A very VERY hot planet (Rio) orbits Vlatic in a high-orbit. did I mention Vlatic's SOI is about the Sun to Eeloo? Tanglo's mass is broken, though... I kind of need help making my own planets for this... Rio isn't an example, but very broken.
  2. Welcome to the Rangers Planet Pack forum page. Lets meet the new bodies: - First is Kerbol, the sun at the center of the Kerbol System. - Verna; a dwarf planet close to Dres that is heavily cratered with sharp ridges - Purl is a Gas Giant a bit smaller than Jool bit it has something Jool doesnt: A ring!!! - Furmal is a moon of Purl but it looks very similar to a moon you already know - Loko, a brownish moon of Purl that gets a great veiw of the Purple Giant - Reda a terrestial planet in a very inclined orbit of Kerbol - Redan is a moon of Reda with a very large mountain - Ica is a rogue planet orbiting The Centre - Icat is a moon in orbit of Ica - Hilto; a red star not to far from Kerbol - Halao is the only known exoplanet around Hilto Changelog: V0.2 Changelog: - Sun renamed and no longer gives off light - Added Reda, Redan, Hilto, Halao, Botos - Added partial EVE compatibility - Moved start location of Ica Screenshots: Verna: Furmal and Purl: Loko: Landed on Ica: Development thread: Download: Interstellar Overhaul Thanks to: @MeerkatMan25 for Science Defs @Eudae55 for Purl texture @StarCrusher96 for inspiring me @Gameslinx for helping me improve my skills @The White Guardian for his brilliant Kopernicus Tutorials
  3. This is the development thread where you can post ideas for future updates and download development builds between updates. Development Build Download: Main thread: The latest version is: 0.1.5 Plan for next version (0.2): Please suggest ideas below!