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Found 7 results

  1. One of the first things I tried to do with the Breaking Ground is make a quadrupedal robot in a similar fashion to BostonDynamics SpotMini. It... works. Barely This version has a "Stand" and "Walk" function, with work-in-progress "Sprint" function. It's almost uncontrollable without reaction wheels, but that's likely due to poor programming on my part, of which was a pain to do. The main issue with this style of quadruped that I found is that the servos don't move quick enough to get any decent speed from it, though it does still work. Here is a video showing it walking: The craft file can be found here: If anyone can make it work better, I'd love to see it!
  2. Builds, Designs, Models, Vids from the past 2 years of KSP with Infernal robotics mod "thanks to Zodius Infuser" and his team. you can view hundreds of my mechs in my youtube channel and the long road i'v taken from basics to more complicated leg systems and modeling. from time to time i have taken requests to build something that my few fans wanted to see. like King Kriptor From Supreme Commander 2 or Metal Gear Rex. i have also tutored few of my subscribers to build more advanced leg systems than 2 rotor legs. what i would like to do now is to grow my channel and build up a mech builder community in Kerbal Space Program to see what other people are building and share some thoughts and ideas or to offer my help if i can. and hopefully maeby inspire KSP Devs to add their own Robotic system into the game. space shuttles should normally have robotic arms when building a space station, but why build mechanical arms into a ship when you can make a Mech walker ;D or a walking battleship like T2 Cybran Destroyer from Supreme commander. link to my youtube channel: also a Download Page for my mechs can be founded in Kerbal Curse, my newest Creation can be download from this link here : very good example of the mechs im building:
  3. They said it couldn't be done.... Introducing, Stocktimus Prime, the first stock transformer for Kerbal! Can be found on kerbalx @ There are still a couple of minor re-attachment bugs with the arms and some additional fashion lighting that I need to do but generally it is in full working order. Enjoy!
  4. KSP VF-1 Valkyrie It is a plane that transforms and it is very awesome They also fly in Space You are seeing it right. Yep, I Made a Valkyrie in Kerbal Space Program and this is not just some static model or statue. This craft is able to Transform just like the actual thing! Old Version New Version About the VF-1 Three Mode Variable Fighter G.E.R.W.A.L.K MODE It is not as stupid as it looks Press 5 to turn into Gerwalk Mode. High-Speed high maneuverability VTOL. Can walk (theoretically). Legs are formed by the plane's Engines bending down and the arms and Gunpod are folded forward to resemble a chicken walker. Tail folds up to reveal several thrusters. No really BATTROID MODE Press 6 to turn into a fully articulated mecha. All the joints work but you don't have any real way to control them. It took me 15 minutes to get that pose right FIGHTER MODE Press 4 to turn into a plane. You should know what is a plane by now. Actual Testing Footage Download: Mods included. 1.1.3 Only Warning the modular manager cheat config changes all parts mass to 0.5 and makes all engine parts physicless. Just wanted to make that clear.
  5. Part count: 440 Mass: 0.88 tonn Mods: tweak scale, infernal robotics DOWNLOAD: link under video in YouTube
  6. Its pretty darn cool.
  7. Hey guys, this is the first creation I've ever posted here, I hope you like it The description in the save file gives usage instructions. It sort of "skates" with the wheels on its feet. The autopilot can generally keep it upright, especially on moons. It's not necessarily practical, but it is a LOT of fun to drive With its ion engines I was able to land on the mun when launched from 80,000m above Kerbin. I recommend using it with Hyperedit (or at least quicksaving before undocking the mech in case it falls over) but I included a launch-cage in the craft for mounting on a rocket. Enjoy, and Merry Christmas everyone