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Found 14 results

  1. Memory Mapped Files The closest example to this technique is kRPC, which I experimented with about a year ago when developing my F-22 drone racer. I discovered there was a significant delay between the server and client however. I was drawing a Vector3 representation every frame at my vessels position, which would fall further and further behind the craft as it's velocity increased. I have used Unity's uNet client and local server and have not experienced this lag before, which has me stumped on the cause. I would be interested to chat with someone who knows more about this mod, or anyone who has also experienced this. Because of the lag I was experiencing with kRPC, I decided to build my own "bridge" using Memory Mapped Files. These allow multiple processes to share memory space, which can be used to store several different types of data structures. While these are easily the fastest way to send data, there is one major complication for this project. Mmap files are only supported in .net 4+, while KSP targets 3.5. My solution to this is to start a custom process at launch, which handles the memory map "bridge", then I send/receive values via the process's i/o stream. This allows me to send hundreds of values back and forth each frame, at 50+ ksp fps, which is perfect for the time being. My next goal however is to send much larger data structures over the bridge. I really want to get camera feeds from KSP into Unity, so that I can begin implementing VR control into my mods. I have successfully sent a Texture 2D byte array from a camera across the bridge on a frame-by-frame basis, but the problem is when I need to incorporate the process i/o. Converting the array to a string every frame gives less then 2fps in Unity. The solution to this is to get mMap files working in .net 3.5. I tried many different ways before settling on the additional process, with no luck. I do have a potential solution however, but could use some input from any .net guru's out there. Inverse Kinematics The IK code is all custom, but it's pretty amature. I rely on SOHCAHTOA and the law of cosines for everything. Unity gives me a lot of cheats that aren't available in real time. Vector3.distance for example easily gives me the distance between two points. It all works though, and I plan to expand it out to more joints. The neck arm also allows rotational target matching. PID Controller Servos Each servo has it's own tunable PID loop which uses the error between the actual and IK servo angles as its process controller. This output sets the speed of the servo on a frame-by-frame basis. I only have a basic knowledge of PID tuning, so if anyone out there would like to share some advice it would be greatly appreciated. Gait Sequencing & Steering Right now the only gait sequence that exists is walking at a set speed. Steering is the last thing I still need to do. I wrote some simple stride length adjustment code, which allows setting the desired stride length for both the right and left legs at the beginning of each stride. The actual steering is adjusted by a PID loop which decreases one side's stride length by a percentage of its default length. So my stride length is 2 meters, and the steering PID can shorten that by up to 5%. Terrain Mapping & Active BalanceThe hexapod now has full terrain mapping and navigation capabilities. Instead of using the vessel height to position the ground and foot targets, each foot target is now placed on the ground directly beneath it.Each hip target is now set according to the ground position of it't foot. There are two ways of setting the hip targets. Right now the hip targets are set at the average height of all the foot ground positions plus the target height. I've realized since recording the video it would be best to just set the hip targets so that the vessel is always the target height above the ground. Or some combination of the two. The first method helps going up hill, while the second is preferable for down hill. Also setting the hip height half way between the highest (foot ground + target height) and the lowest would be the way to insure each foot has the best chance of hitting it's target when going over extremely rugged terrain.The vessel also knows if it is traversing up a hill, is level, or traversing down a hill, and sets the color of the ground accordingly. Right now nothing changes according to that, but eventually the gait will respond to the different slopes. I tried taking it out to the mountains but I still need to find a way to orient the gyroscope to a level surface, even when the launch point is not level. The triangle begin drawn on the ground represents the leg group that is actually moving the hexapod forward. VR Implimentation As soon as I can get the camera feed from KSP to display to a render texture in Unity, I will be able to start moving forward with VR implementations. I have several things that will be pretty easy to accomplish right off the bat. I will be able to have the robotic head match the rotation of the HMD head, and display the camera feed to a HUD. I will also be able to control the arms of the mech using touch controllers. I have some thoughts on getting VR to work natively in KSP as well. This has been done before, with mixed results. I'd like to see if I could do better. Collaboration and Testing Let me know if you'd like to contribute in any way. If you'd like to help and know any Unity/C# that would be great, but I could use help with tuning and design as well. There are a lot of variables that need to be tweaked, as well as design changes to the mechs themselves. Let me know if you have any interest in helping and I can probably find something for you to do. There is also the potential for a real life counterpart. This is something I would definitely need help with, as my hardware skills are almost non-existant. I am planing on buying a frame in the near future, and would love to have some help implementing my Unity controller in the real world. If this interests you, there is lots of info already on this thread page. TODO Veering while walking Turning in place Terrain Mapping Traversing slopes Quadrapod/Bipedal Mech Jumping/Extended flight Thanks for checking it out, lots more to come.
  2. Rudolf Meier

    [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    We all use and love infernal robotics. It offers great possibilities and adds a very important part of space exploration to the game: robotics. But we all know that there are also limitations and problems with the project. The idea of this project is to solve all those problems and take it to a new level. Main points of the project: major parts of the code will be re-written, made more robust, more efficient and easier to understand correct handling of reversals of servos enabling collisions of parts connected with servos minor bugfixes in gui adding ik for robotic arms (maybe in an other project) ... One thing that will not work is backwards compatibility. The new version will offer almost the same functionality and almost the same interfaces. But it is already clear, that it cannot offer exactly the same. This is also why a parallel installation of the new version with the old one is planed. If you do have comments on this, ideas, things you think someone should look into, then please write it in this thread. This project needed some modifications in KJR (Kerbal Joint Reinforcement). There is also a KJR version included in the downloads. This version has a lot of modifications in it to support all kind of moving parts. The latest beta (almost rc) versions can be found here (source code) It is recommended to use the improved version of KJR if you use KJR. This version is improved in many ways, not only for Infernal Robotics. You should profit from it also if you don't use Infernal Robotics. (source code) the Infernal Robotics Sequencer can be found here (source code) the Infernal Robotics Active Struts (a new project using the old models) can be found here (source code) This project wouldn't have been possible without the support and help of @ZodiusInfuser Meiru
  3. This mod adds a PartModule that enable generic animations to move sub parts! Thus, it is a light-weight option for modders and players to use instead of the more advanced robotics mods out there. Even works for stock parts! When a part contains components that move (due to animations, gimballing or moving control surfaces), this part module can move any connected part in response. Thus, a part modder may add a moving boom, rotators, hinges etc without learning anything more than they already know from before. Parts are moved by using physical forces in the joints. This means that they will obey the laws of physics. Limitations & known issues #3 There is a caveat for physics-less parts - while they and any other physics-less sub-parts to them will move with the animation, any physics-enabled sub-parts will not. For example, a cubic strut connected to a hinge will move with it, but a tank connected to the cubic strut will not. Basic usage AnimatedAttachment will be automatically added to all parts containing a ModuleAnimateGeneric, ModuleGimbal or ModuleControlSurface. So there is no need to do anything else to your config. Players simply use the "Deploy" button or similar to run the animation and any connected sub-part will move with it. Advanced usage A player can adjust this in the VAB by enabling the stock feature "Advanced tweakables" in the settings and then right clicking the animated part, to set maximum force and spring strength. Part modders may potentially override the default settings in the part module, but this has not been tested much yet. Mods using AnimatedAttachments Rocket Emporium contains several parts that uses this part module Compatibility This mod has been tested for compatibility with * KJR * KIS/KAS License Released under CCA-NC-SA 4.0. Credit Thanks to @Rudolf Meier, @blowfish and others for answering many questions about quaternions and whatnot, and @HebaruSan for the awesome work with CKAN. Change log Download Download from CKAN or from github.
  4. [a part mod inspired by Luna, Venera, Insight, Sojourner, Curiosity, plus some convenience stuff] Introduction Hi there, space-traveler! Don't just stand there; come in, look around, try out our classic hot-pants - the originals, the best, famous around the solar system! And, welcome to... Aah, more interested in rocket parts, aye? Well, no matter, we got that too. As of now, our line-up consists of just two manufacturers of very essential cosmos equipment. Martin & The Probes The up-town start-up company Martin & The Probes was funded by the income gained from the chart-topping hipster band with the same name. They focus on neat stuff for your everyday probe needs. RB-1 Spherical Probe Container (1.25m non-atmospheric lander) This product has been called the flag ship of M&TP, at least by their commercial department! This very handy spherical container protects your important scientific equipment, that someone is paying for you to bring to some place despite every scientific opportunity there having been exhausted already! Crash tolerant, comes with internal batteries and is like totally round - you'd be crazy not to buy it! RB-2 Reentry sphere (1.875m atmospheric lander) Land your probes in style with this heat resistant thingamabob! Made from the finest plastic composites on the planet. Well, on a planet. RB-4 Space Container (3.75m space or lander fairing) This positively large deployable fairing is a great fit whenever you need to send way too much sensitive equipment to space. Comes with an extra bottle of spray paint! Thermal Fairing (3.75m top cover for heat shield) Land in style on distant planets using the latest in cone-based technology! AID-X1 (0.625m decoupler) Ever wanted to put a non-stackable item on both the top and bottom of your probe? Fret no more - the Advanced Interstage Decoupler is here you help you! AID-X2 (1.5m decoupler) The larger version of the interstage decoupler lets you stack even bigger non-stackable things together! Astro Composites International Here at ACI we believe space is 20% science and 80% fashion! We focus on structural rigid components for your spectacular rocketry moments! Lightweight Hex Platform (2.5m inner diameter - probe lander platform) Sometimes, building probes vertically doesn't really cut it - spruce things up with this amazing probe platform, which comes with integrated holes! Hex Struct (1.25m - structural building block) No-one is really sure what this is intended for, so we usually just store our designer wellies in it. The top can be removed, but only by our senior engineers. Review Download Download from CKAN (RocketEmporium) or grab it from here. Dependencies Some parts (the robotic ones) are fully dependent on AnimatedAttachment to do anything useful. Many more will benefit greatly from it being installed. It will allow you to attach solar panels on the probe containers, for example. Known issues * The view from the cameras doesn't contain all effects, like atmosphere. Compatibility No known issues with any 1.4.x version. Has not been tested with earlier versions. Change log License Published under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License. Credits Thanks to @Atubara for the awesome artwork in the top =) Visit for more great fan-art!
  5. For the latest v02 Pre-release compatible with KSP 1.1.2 follow this link This project aims to provide players with a variety of robotic, structural, and utility parts to enhance their unmanned (or manned) space missions in KSP! All parts have a unified design, with a near-future look. What can you do with Infernal Robotics and the Model Rework? (Thanks to Darren9 for the trailer!) Imgur Album: NOTE: This thread relates to the remodelling effort for Infernal Robotics. All issues, queries and suggestions concerning plugin functionality should be directed to the IR Release Thread The Model Rework & Expansion is divided into three packs, allowing players to choose the parts they have installed. All parts in the mod have been designed around the use of TweakScale, so although it's not required for them to function it's highly recommended to get the most out of them. Due to the special nature in which robotics contraptions must be built in KSP, each robotics part has yellow markers indicating the attachment node you should use to attach the part down. If you use the opposite one then parts will appear to float when you try and move them. [1.0] Core Pack v01b CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 (Last Updated: 28/04/2015) Download from KerbalStuff (dead, grab v02 at the top of the page) This pack contains a basic selection of robotic parts and accompanying structural parts in various sizes to give players a taste of what can be achieved with robotics. Pivotrons - Rotational parts that move between a lower and upper limit Rotatrons - Rotational parts that can continuously rotate or be limited on-the-fly Extendatrons - Translational parts that can be stacked to make pistons RoboTrusses - Octagonal structural parts to place in between robotics parts RoboTubes - Cylindrical structural parts to place in between robotics parts RoboDapters - Adapter parts between the various sizes of Trusses and Tubes Changelog: v01b - Fixed attachment node problems introduced by KSP 1.0 - Reduced part temperature tolerance to match that of stock parts - Updated the positions of parts in the new tech tree v01a - Added descriptions to all parts - Adjusted preset positions for rotational parts v01 - Merged parts from the old Robotic and Structural packs - Removed 90 Offset part and the two open Hinges (IR 0.20 makes them unnecessary) - Renamed Basic and Flat hinge identifiers - Reordered part folders based on the new packs - Integrated parts into the stock Tech-Tree - Added texture sharing between translational and rotational robotics parts - Updated tweakscale values to offer 80% and 125% scales above and below each of the major sizes - Added preset position values - Included license file [1.0] Expansion Pack v01b CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 (Last Updated: 28/04/2015) Download from KerbalStuff (dead, grab v02 at the top of the page) This pack contains specialist rotational robotics and structural parts to allow for more interesting craft designs than are possible with the Core Pack alone. Adaptrons - Limited rotational parts that have one large and one small attachment point Foldatrons - Limited rotational parts that are hollow in the middle, allowing for very compact folding creations Changelog: v01b - Fixed attachment node problems introduced by KSP 1.0 - Reduced part temperature tolerance to match that of stock parts - Updated the positions of parts in the new tech tree v01a - Added descriptions to all parts - Adjusted preset positions for rotational parts v01 - Merged parts from the old Athlete pack - Added Adaptrons, parts that different sized attachment points making them great for the base of robot arms - Added Offset Mini Foldatron, intended for use with the smallest Movatron from the Utilities Pack - Removed 180 Basic Foldatrons and updated 90 ones to have 180 range (IR 0.20 makes them unnecessary) - Renamed Extended foldatron identifiers - Reordered part folders based on the new packs - Integrated parts into the stock Tech-Tree - Added texture sharing between foldatron parts - Updated tweakscale values to offer 80% and 125% scales above and below each of the major sizes - Added preset position values - Included license file [0.90] Utility Pack v01a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 (Last Updated: 16/04/2015) Download from KerbalStuff (dead, grab v02 at the top of the page) Note: This pack has yet to be updated to KSP 1.0 due to additional dependencies needing updating. As such RoboStruts and the Utilitron Sampler will not work. Movatrons should be unaffected. This pack contains a number of non-robotic parts to offer more interesting gameplay when using robotics parts from the other packs. Note that this pack includes ActiveStruts (Source) and TweakableStaging, and requires Kerbal Attachment System to unlock some recommended features. TweakableStaging is used for the RoboStrut parts to allow them to be added and removed from the staging area, so can be deleted if you do not wish to use this functionality. RoboStruts - A stock strut that integrates a decoupler, allowing for robotic payloads to be held in place during launch, and an ActiveStrut variant allowing strut creation in-flight without a kerbal Movatrons - Wheels of various sizes with integrated Rotatrons, allowing for rovers to move in any direction (Coming Soon) Mecatrons - Rotatrons with a number of wheels around the outside. When 4 or more are used together they allow for omni-directional motion! Utilitrons - A set of parts to use on the end of robotic arms or legs. Specifically there is a Landing Foot, KAS Magnet, KAS Grappling Hook, and a brand new Unmanned Surface Sampler, allowing rovers to take the same samples that kerbals do! Changelog: v01a - Added descriptions to all parts - Adjusted preset positions for rotational parts - Reduced size of bounding box, increased damage tolerance, and tweaked torque curve of Hauler Movatron v01 - Merged parts from the old Utilities and Struts packs - Added Utilitron Landing Foot, a deployable part that can be used to support structures or walking contraptions - Added Utilitron Grasper, a KAS grappling hook allowing craft to be made that can grap onto surfaces or other craft like this - Added Utilitron Sampler, a science part that allows for surface samples to be taken without the need of a Kerbal. To use it the part must be made to touch the surface a sample is to be taken from (including asteroids), making small robot arms useful - Added Movatrons, a set of four wheel parts with integrated rotational joints allowing for the direction a rover travels to be changed on the fly. - Added custom model for ActiveStruts to fit in with the rework theme - Renamed Utilitron Grabber identifier - Reordered part folders based on the new packs - Integrated parts into the stock Tech-Tree - Added texture sharing between foldatron parts - Updated tweakscale values to offer 80% and 125% scales above and below each of the major sizes - Added preset position values - Included license file Known / Common Problems Parts just fall through the floor! This is a known issue with the collision of the parts, that was introduced with the release of KSP 1.0. This is being fixed but will take a fair amount of time. If you are only seeing the structural parts of this pack, make sure you're running the latest version of Infernal Robotics. All robotics parts now appear under a new Robotic Parts category (below science) that the plugin adds. If you have got the latest version and still cannot see the parts, please post your issue over in the plugin thread: If your parts look like this image (or the same pattern but glowing yellow) it means that texture replacement isn't working. To correct this shut down the game and delete PartDatabase.cfg in the KSP root directory. All my parts appear black! This is caused by the Active Texture Management mod, which is having a few issues with KSP 1.0.x. The devs are aware of the issue and will hopefully come back with a fix soon. In the meantime this has been suggested as a possible solution: If that does not work then pester the ATM devs over in their release thread to get it sorted:! Bug Reporting Any bugs specific to the Rework parts (that are not plugin related) can be reported in this thread or on the projects Github page: Github can also be used for making part requests, but if you do I ask that you provide a reasoned description with concept art / reference material of the part you'd like to see added. Note that adding a request gives me no obligation to create it (I'm doing this mod as a hobby in my spare time after all), but it does mean I'm more likely to consider the idea or revisit it at a later stage in the mods development. Future Plans Here is a list of stuff that I plan to work on over the coming year. This is by no means complete, and it's certainly not in any sort of priority order: Add gantry styled translational parts Include a wider range of structural parts Some kind of docking port model based on my own IRL research Finish implementing mecanum wheels (see a dev preview here: Include a number of robotics themed propeller parts for making quadcopters Add larger robotics parts for use on stations or other large craft Add parts for creating folding wings, or anything that's long and thin and needs to fold (e.g a vehicle ramp) Update the current placeholder textures to have more detail but retain the current style Acknowledgements I'd like to offer a big thank you to the following people, who without their help the mod wouldn't be where it is today: Sirkut - For letting me pursue my crazy ideas for robotics parts and allowing me to start this mod under the Infernal Robotics name Porkjet - For texturing the current selection of structural parts Ziw - For his efforts in advancing the Infernal Robotics mod, and its Sequencer Marce - For taking on my challenge of updating the DockingStruts mod into what it has become today (ActiveStruts) Lo-Fi - For the help and support in bringing normal and mecanum wheels to this mod DMagic - For developing the plugin for the surface sampler part Riocrokite - For helping me come up with the new branding for Infernal Robotics and Darren9 - For, and being patient with me through the 3 months it took to make the Model Rework trailer Thanks and Enjoy! -Zodius
  6. In the interest of creating a proper VTOL similar to the F-35C or Harrier, I've been trying to work on creating a powered, locking hinge assembly that would allow an engine to be undocked, rotated 90 degrees, and redocked, reversibly and repeatedly, using only action groups. I've worked on it for quite a while and I've never been able to get it perfect. Here's the closest I've come: So the challenge is this: create a rotating assembly, in stock, that uses action groups to complete a powered 90-degree rotation that can be repeated indefinitely. Level 1: Create and demonstrate only the assembly. Level 2. Demonstrate that engines can be affixed to your assembly. Level 3. Build a VTOL aircraft around your assembly and demonstrate liftoff, hovering, transition, translation, and vertical landing. Level 4. Build a VTOL SSTO around your assembly and demonstrate liftoff, hovering, transition, ascent, orbit, deorbit, re-entry, and vertical landing. Lowest-mass hinge assembly wins.
  7. guesswho2778

    mech suit

    i made a mech suit and made it look really nice (i think) and realized after a few tries that IR sequencer was deleting all my progress on "programming" a walk cycle i figured it must be a glitch and if someone could help me out by either helping me fix the problem or doing the suit's walk cycle for me that would be very much appreciated
  8. AXON Robotics Hello, and welcome to, er, this page. I've seen several people do craft repositories for their creations, and I thought I would do the same At the moment, the list of craft is quite small, and it's all military, but eventually, I'd like to expand it to include pure stock craft, such as scouting drones or submarines. Currently, I 'specialize' in making naval ships and planes, though I daresay the planes are better than the ships Anyways. Enjoy the craft, and if you try them out, make sure to tell me what you thought of them Naval Forces Renegade-Class Corvette Frigate Additional Planned Craft: Aerial Assets (The Lancers are hands down among my best planes) Lancer ASF Lancer – Strafe Axblade ASF Axblade – Strafe Berzerker 2.0 Ground Support (Nothing yet ) Space Combat (Also nothing....yet ) Thanks for reading. Feel free to ask questions
  9. Jaeleth

    Programmable actions

    Is there a mod that allows me to program actions ahead of time. For instance, I would like to use remote tech for added comms delay realism, but for it to work properly I need to be able to program a robot (which can range from a probe to a rover) to behave according to my specifications, given certain sensor or navigation inputs), effectively, robot programming. Is there a mod that allows me to do this? Does infrenal robotics do this?
  10. notJebKerman

    Robotic arm in KSP?

    First of all, I know there already are mods that offer this. But the problem with them is control. Setting angles is not only hard, but it also takes way too long to do even the simplest tasks. But I have no problem with Infernal Robotics about that. After all, that mod isn't focused on just one thing. I'm looking for a robotic arm that would be much simplier to control. Ability to take a module from the station and move it to another node in less than 30min would be enough for me. Any mods/solutions?
  11. I'm trying to build a forklift/platform lift using the Klaw and the Infernal Robotics actuators. But regardless of where it is mounted, if the frame that the klaw is mounted to moves upwards, the klaw resists and deforms the frame.
  12. Im making a robotic arms pack and i cant figure out how to make attach nodes rotate with the parts. any help would be nice.
  13. You never forget your first Atlas encounter... Mechs are awesome. It is time for us to enjoy a mechanical challenge. Rules Build your mech, MUST BE A WALKING mech! No prebuilts. Run your hot lap on the Monolith Speedway Capture your mission time or video showing your best time. The Monolith Speedway - Grand Prix mod Mods Not Permitted: KOS, any automation beyond IR and its sequencer, self balancing mods. No Wheels Permitted: Beyond the above, any! You will need the below: Kerbal Konstructs: Grand Prix: Infernal Robotics: Create your best bot. Race your fastest lap on the Monolith Track (in the Grand Prix mod). Record the time. Claim your place in the ranks of fastest robot. Some basic design help available here: Categories: Bipeds Biped+ (more than two legs) Max two entries, one per entry per category. Laps should be in by Feb 10th! After Feb 10 the second leg begins.
  14. Not sure what is going on here. Using magic industries , tweakscale, community tech tree. (and a some more) The problem Tweakscale doesnt work. And no robotics, though i do got the robotics icon in my game screen (and also in the rocket build buildings) Also if i go to my science building also no robotics show up, where they should show in the research tree they're gone ?. And when creating a new game, it doesnt ask me what for techtree to use ??? (removing and adding tweakscale doesnt solve. I'm using latest KSP steam. And CKAN mod manager. installed mods : Community Resource Pack (CommunityResourcePack Community Tech Tree (CommunityTechTree 1:2.4) Eskandare Heavy Industries (EskandareHeavyIndustries 1.0.12) Ferram Aerospace Research (FerramAerospaceResearch 3: Firespitter (Firespitter v7.2.4) Firespitter Core (FirespitterCore v7.2.4) Firespitter Resources config (FirespitterResourcesConfig v7.2.4) Karbonite (Karbonite 1: KarbonitePlus (KarbonitePlus KSP AVC (KSP-AVC Magic Smoke Industries Infernal Robotics (InfernalRobotics v2.0.4) MechJeb 2 (MechJeb2 MechJeb Embedded Universal (It's Free!) (MechJebEmbeddedUniversalFree 1.3) MKS Lite! (USI-MKSLite ModularFlightIntegrator (ModularFlightIntegrator Near Future Electrical Core (NearFutureElectrical-Core 0.7.4) Near Future Propulsion (NearFuturePropulsion 0.7.2) Near Future Solar (NearFutureSolar 0.6.1) Near Future Solar Core (NearFutureSolar-Core 0.6.1) SmokeScreen - Extended FX Plugin (SmokeScreen USI Asteroid Recycling Technologies (USI-ART 1: USI Core (USI-Core USI Exploration Pack (USI-EXP USI Freight Transport Technologies (USI-FTT USI Kolonization Core (USI-UKS-Shared USI Life Support (USI-LS USI Survival Pack (USI-SRV USI Tools (USITools