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Found 3 results

  1. What do you think is the most likely contender to be the "next-gen" space travel method? We haven't gone much beyond chemical rockets In the duration of the history of space travel. I think EM drive could be a possibility but at the moment we don't know quite a bit enough about it to utilize it. Tell me what you think will be the alternative to chemical rockets in the comments!
  2. Colonization Has Begun The story of the journey and arrival of various craft at the Jeb, Bob and Bill's new home. Duna. Link at the bottom for full 2560x1600 shots if anyone wants them for a wallpaper or some shiz. Pictures Interplanetary Transfer of my first attempt at a Duna landing. Looks quite good. Bill Jeb and Bob stand proudly on the Duna surface, after about 8 hours of failures. Transfer of the permanent Duna habitat, with apparently a Halo in the background, over Duna. (The habitat is my own slight modification of segaprophet's Torus Hab.) The Hab with Jeb standing proudly atop it + newly landed rover. wait, whats that on left??? ERMAHGERD!!!!!!!! Nostromo, game over man, game over. FACE IT!!! Why aren't you scared Jeb, why? (The Nostromo is an awesome way of getting around the new planets to test for atmospheres and gravity.) Here is a link to the album and the full res screens: And here is my other imgur album for KSP: Comments and feedback would be very much appreciated. Also, would love to know how to get spoilers to work?
  3. Following the apparent loss of the last thread, I thought I should make a new one. This is for discussion of model rockets, be they functional or not. I'll kick off with the latest images of my home-made rocket, which I'm beginning to re-build. I've not worked out how to do spoilers on this damn new forum layout, and it doesn't resize images for you, so here are some crappy thumbnail links. Yes, that is a 10p that's soldered into the end. Here is a nice shiny new image of the shiny brass fins. I need moar shiny. Hopefully we'll get more updates on the other rocket projects from the old thread, I loved those!