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Found 11 results

  1. Everytime I try to roll a Space Shuttle in liftoff, it just yaws and pitches out of control making me to do a crew bailout. Yes, the SSME have no roll gimbal Yes, the elevons are configured correctly. And, this is bad, because when I use launchpads like the Alpha Mensae Modular Launchpads, I need to flip it over and makes no sense, even the stock Dynawing is pointed heads-down to not roll. How can I make this happen?
  2. What's the best way of getting science from celestial body? The answer is DRIVE! What's the best way of delivering ore or supplies from distant location to your base? The answer is make your wheels rolling! But did you try to drive for 110 km for two hours, avoiding obstacles (screw you Mun Highlands) and keeping your speed in sane limits? Well I did! And that was boooooooring! And who wants to be bored by super crazy explosion simulator called KSP? I guess no one! Well, no more boredom! Bon Voyage is here and it will drive your rovers in background! Kerbal stories Cha
  3. I've been trying to launch my rocket to my space station, only to have my rocket to start spinning uncontrollably in Kerbin's lower atmosphere. I know it does this because my center of mass is to close to my center of thrust, but what can I add to my rocket to make it more... top heavy. Are there weights? I'd prefer to avoid mods at this moment. Thanks for your help in advance.
  4. I've been trying to find if anyone else has this bug but no luck. My MEM pod seems to have it's axis inverted so when I want to pitch down it pitches up and viceversa, same on the other controls. Any clue?
  5. Anyone else noticed a hyperactive roll on their ships? It's like the SAS can't find a sweet spot or dead zone and goes too far and has to correct over and over. My kerbals have all made claims for sea sickness and sold all their rocking chairs.
  6. Hi all, I got some problem about guidance and control with the vector. After nearly two years of gaming I decided it should be time to finally make a first trip outside of Kerbin sphere of influence and due to a closest launch window have chosen Duna. Here is the launcher : It's full stock and got a total of 12 Vectors with 4 at the main core and 8 in side boosters. Now here is the problem, the launcher use to be uncontrolable once it reach approx 100 m/s, it start to lean on pitch or roll without any inputs from me and with the SAS on and staying on manual (with a smoot
  7. Not sure if this has been asked before but what should I do if my plane is mostly flyable, but when I roll, it turns rapidly (also causes nose to pitch down).
  8. I love the rocket physics, but airplane are still unrealistic. Real airplanes should recover the roll and pitching moments, with a decent design of the center of mass and lift, and use the engine thrust to increase or reduce the altitude. Right now it is more like an arcade game to struggle with the controls while the airplane spins uncontrollable.
  9. I've noticed that when i use the stock Kerbal X rocket, asparagus staging seems to work perfectly fine with no trouble, but when I build my own asparagus-staged rocket, it rolls uncontrollably until the last of the radially attached boosters are jettisoned, and only then can I correct the persistent rolling. Has anyone besides myself noticed this problem, and has anyone found a way to correct it?
  10. Hi, so i made this plane, i dont know what is wrong with it but it is realy unstable, at take-off it just starts to roll+ it strafes right when taking off. Can you please give me any suggestion on what to change as i realy like the design.. thanks
  11. I've just started using the Farram Aerospace mod since the 1.05 patch. I'd gotten very used to the stock aerodynamics so I'm having a hard time adjusting. One particular thing is the ability to set control surfaces to only control pitch, or only control roll or yaw etc. Right click on the control surface in stock, and you'd have a simple ENABLE/DISABLE button next to each ROLL/PITCH/YAW axis. Now, there appears to be a 0-100% slider where each button used to be. I presume this is to offer more fine grained control, but for example, setting ROLL to 100% and PITCH and YAW to 0%
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