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Found 2 results

  1. Seahorse Exploration This craft was introduced in early February and has been through a lot of Bridge Construction. The plan was to release it with the Camelback Bridge Set but the Bridge was completed as a land project, then the Seahorse became a great craft for constructing a Cantilever Bridge but eventually it was determined that these structures are not design to handle the physics of the game. I noticed near the location where the Cantilever Bridge was being built there was a beautiful underwater view of the Coastline with a steep drop and it made me think if I could visit this area with a Submarine it would be neat, this stirred up an idea of an Exploration Vehicle ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle). This is when I decided to add Sherlock & Watson to the Project. Operations: I recommend using full throttle and using the Action Groups for controlling Seahorse, at takeoff you will be facing the rear of the Runway as you near the coastline hit AG2 and this will reverse all engines and hit the brakes to reduce your speed. Enter the water near 20 m/s or under and under is better not to damage the ROV's. Pressing AG2 again when in the water will get you back to forward motion. AG3 will make a turn to Port (Left) AG4 will turn to Starboard (Right).AG5 will move you sideways to the Port and AG6 will move you sideways to the Starboard. AG6,7,8,9 are all lights and AG0 is all Door ways. Watson Operations: Keep in mind this is not an Aircaft and handling is not good in the air, landing is extremely hard if even possible not sure I haven't landed it yet. Note: Control from the Coupler on top the craft. Other Seahorse Videos Seahorse Exploration Craft File: Seahorse Exploration Parts: 797 Mass: 742.000t Height: 19.9m Width: 34.0m Length: 63.7m ROV Watson Craft File: Watson Parts: 64 Mass: 11.847t Height: 2.9m Width: 7.1m Length: 5.0m Boat Dock Craft File: Boat Dock Parts: 411 Mass: 89.805t Height: 21.9m Width: 46.9m Length: 27.3m
  2. The Kaspian Sea Carrier: The Future Of Autonomous and Kerbal Supported Sea & Air Missions: The Kaspian Sea Carrier comes complete with a carrier landing deck, VTOL UAVs, and an ROV for all your exploration needs. Low part counts of just 265 for the main craft with UAVs and ROV, allow for less lag than one would expect from a craft such as this. The UAV and ROV only have 20-21 parts each, and thus due to their size, are perfect for use in Kerbin and Laythe missions, even in carrier mode! The UAV's can fit in even the tiniest of cargo holds, and are incredibly stable at all speeds. The ROV features it's own ballast/flotation system of my own invention. You manipulate the landing gear pods to control buoyancy. (KerbalX and the Album below, explain this in more depth) The Kaspian Sea Carrier With UAVs Visible On It's Deck: The VTOL UAV: The ROV: Full Album: KerbalX Download Link: KerbalX Hanger with Separate UAV and ROV sub assemblies: