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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to the Jolly Roger Aerospace Rally X! It's time to race! Build a rover and see how fast you can get through my track. I have made up a package with everything you need. Even a rover I designed. Download the zipfile from the link below. DOWNLOAD Included in this pack: - Persistent File - start a new game, name it "JRA Rally X" and replace it's persistent file with the one provided. - Take Command Mod - Lets you load Kerbals into command seats from the SPH/VAB. - Vessel Mover Mod - Lets you move craft wherever you want. - Module Manager - Makes the mods work - Hornet Rally X - The rover I used to test the track, capable of sub-2minute runs. Drop into "JRA Rally X" save file, SPH - Run through video - A Cockpit view drive through the track - Route Map - so you don't get lost Rally X Rules: 1) Rover must be stock. 2) No flying, jumps are ok. 3) Start with F3 screen up to show starting time. 4) Hit F3 when crossing the FINISH Line to show end time. 5) Must have a Kerbal on board. Take Command lets you assign Kerbals to command seats in the SPH/VAB 6) Put camera in chase mode or cockpit view. (Cockpit view with F2 is best) 7) Stay between the flags. 8) If you hit a flag or miss a set of flags, you are disqualified, Start Over. 9) No RCS Ports, You may use RCS tanks for weight balance. The only engines allowed are 2 - "24-77 Twitch LF Engines" for boosters. You are allowed 1 - "FL-100 LFO Tank" and 2 - "Oscar-B LFO Tanks". The "FL-100" to power the boosters and the "Oscar-B's" to power the Fuel cells. This makes it so you should have boost when you need it but you can't boost all the way through the track. Good Luck!!! Attention mod makers: I would love to remake this track with something like Jersey Barriers.