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Found 50 results

  1. I updated PizzaOverHead's Rover Wheel Sounds mod! Here's the link to my fork of it. I'm going to just use the same license as they did. Original forum post: My link:
  2. I've updated Rover Wheel Sounds. Is it okay if I post the result here?
  3. kpdavatar


    Career mode what I have learned with rovers Rover v1 old low tech unlocked vs Rover v2 new all tech unlocked My frist Rovers was simple I have them on the Mun and Minmus. Still a noob just starting to leave Kerbins gravity to orbit Sun. Rover v1 Front Rover v2 Back Rover v2 More Batteries, Lights Always use landing gear to keep in place and they help JUMP to complete science while flying below altitude. Communications Retractable Rover v2 Retractable because I rolled over so many times with Rover v1 Solar Retractable Rover v2 There are some surface solar as well as retratable, again ROLL overs. Hydraulics Rover v2 hydraulics. Did I mention rovers flip over! Hydraulics flip them back. Scanning arm Rover v2 Large Scanning Arm tucked in tight because of ROLL overs. Ramming speed Rover v1 go BOOM. Rover v2 on side no damage. Advanced Inline Stabilizer Rover v2 has Advanced Inline Stabilizer so I can spin it back up. Rover v2 winner!
  4. Download via the USI Catalog Page This modpack is a repackaging of the PackRat Rover as well as new parts geared towards planetary exploration. Contents: The Pack-Rat Rover. A modular heavy-duty Rover for all of your planetary exploration needs. Easy to assemble Durable Balanced No twiddly surface attachment - everything snaps in place Integrated RTG and batteries Integrated headlights Glow-in-the-dark tape, for when you forget to turn the lights on... Handles like a dream - Munar speeds up to 20m/s Includes experiment storage lockers Includes a new science component (a data camera) Six customizable equipment slots (demo includes four science crates, a seat, and a data camera] Includes a Rover Delivery System - a cage framework with plenty of surface attachment space, and nodes for both the Rover and stack attachment in a 2.5m form factor (though a 3.75 fits the entire wheelbase of the Rover cleanly) Oh... And it can be completely assembled in the field using KAS... If you are assembling this as a sub-assembly in the VAB, start with the roll cage (it has a spare attachment node on top) If you are assembling this via KAS, start with the Front (and surface attach it to a pylon or something so your Rover does not fly away on minmus or something) The Advanced Extravehicular Suit (AES) What started out as a hardened EVA pod soon transformed into an assortment of small parts to extend it's functionality. Parts included: The AES Commad Pod - Tiny, with full glass IVA Micro SAS Micro RCS thrusters and mini tanks Micro decoupler (so handy!) Electric ducted fan motor (atmo only) - Nifty in that it ties to both the RCS and Engine systems FireSpitter and ModuleRCSFx are both required and included. Requires the Community Resource Pack (resources only, no ORS maps) as well as various USI DLLs (all included). Configuration files and code are licensed under the GPL v3 license. Assets, including Models (*.mu) and Textures *.png/*.dds) are All Rights Reserved. If you wish to use any of these assets in your project, just ask nicely Additional Modules: This package redistributes FireSpitter This package redistribures Module Manager Download on GitHub: Changelog: 0.2.5 - 2014.11.01 [LIST] [*]Reorganized folder structure to better support package managers [*]Included complete CRP [*]Replaced TGAs with PNGs [*]Increased maintenance pod range to 5m [*]Thanks to FrancoisH, fixed several broken welded parts [*]Thanks to Deadpan110 for surface attachable packrat wheels [*]Merged in the Safety Light, and made it KAS-attachable [*]Updated FireSpitter DLL [/LIST] 0.2.2 - 2014.10.07 [LIST] [*]KSP 0.25 Support [*]DRE/ATM support for the HERP command pod and jumpseat [*]Fixed typo in Jumpseat name/description [*]Minor update to HERP IVA [*]Added in HERP lights [*]New maintenance pod and various crates for resource transfer [*]Bundled KERT for EVA Transfer support [/LIST] 0.2.1 - 2014.09.28 [LIST] [*]Synced ORSX/CRP changes [*]Added the HERP command bubble and Jumpseat pods! [*]FAR/NEAR support [*]Engine tweaks for the ducted fan engines [*]DRE support [*]ATM support [*]Better packrat wheels! [*]FireSpitter Hover Mode! [*]Corrected model for ducted fan (transform issues) [*]Switched to latest USI DLLs [*]Switched to ORSX and new CRP [*]The PackRat has been adjusted again - be careful, old ones may have bees. [*]Updated RDS cage (3.75m) with matching fairings [*]Ducted fans have attachment nodes and should play symmetry better [/LIST] 0.1.3 - 2014.09.12 Bundled ORS 0.1.2 - 2014.09.12 [LIST] [*]Small update to the duct fan model - beware this may cause your ships to look weird as some transforms changed. [*]Slight boost to RCS power, texture size reduction, some model updates. [*]CRP Integration [*]USI Tools Refresh [*]Internals tweaks [*]Fixed bug where IVA caused a transparent pod [/LIST]
  5. The stock game does not have parts to fully enclose a rover and encapsulate a rover during descent. Most people will use the fairings, but the issue is the fairing base will be stuck under your rover and your landings to Mars will not be authentic. There is an outdated mod that did this, but the author has ceased to kerbal. I now will maintain this concept and bring even more parts to the game. In this release I have issued 3 parts to your VAB. This is phase 1 which means I will roll out more parts during which will follow a time-line of events. I think these 3 parts are a good starting compromise. Here is a breakdown of the 4 phases. HIghlighted in red is what phase we are currently on. PHASE 1 = Aeroshell, Cruise stage, Heatshield . All basic parts. Player will need to mount their own chutes and radial engines if need be. PHASE 2 (1970's) = Viking lander is a possibility. Vintige version of the aeroshell design. More texture choices. Radial monoprop engines for the cruise stage. (RO version will use REAL FUELS by NathanKell) PHASE 3 (Late 90's early 2000's) = MER rovers (Spirit, Opportunity) . EDL system such as the terahedron and airbags. PHASE 4 (Present) = Curiousity Rover. EDL system such as the skyscrane You get 3 parts in phase 1 of this pack. There are configs included for realscaled parts to use for RO. Aeroshell "backshell" Includes RSC attitude control thrusters and texture changing so you can use the JPL logo. Parachute not included! know , to protect from atmosphere devils Cruise stage which includes texture changing for JPL logo, solar panels that will recharge your EC, and has built it fuel tank. You provide the engines of choice*. SPECIAL FEATURES! Aeroshell can thrust jet in flight as seen here: Mars Science Laboratory only requires: 1. Firespitter and Texture Changer - To change the logos 2. Tweakscale if you want more freedom of payload sizes CHANGELOG: 1.0.4 [12-27-2016] *Changed RCS module to the newer stock supported ModuleRSCfx -MeCripp *Collision boxes re-done -MeCripp Cruise stage is in a more appropriate menu category and now acts as a pod -MeCripp *Heathshield is moved to Thermal category -MeCripp *Small rebalancing of some parts 1.0.3 [12-18-16] -Inline-patched to clean up cloned configs and to recognize when player has RO installed -Stock now has attitude jets for backshell -Fixed decoupling when going through strong aero forces, however player must angle craft a bit before ejection to prevent "back splash" of heatshield and/or backshell. The real Curiosity mission had to do this same manuever. -Fixed stock cruise stage to now have resource monoprop. 1.0.2 [12-16-2016] -Fixed issue where VAB crashes when placing cruise stage which was the fault of the RO configs overridding the stock ones when player did not have RF or RO installed. Licence: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License I WANT I WANT !!! SPACEDOCK LINK Science Labratory *This is my first parts mod, there might be bugs. If you report a bug please be patient as it takes a few days for me to have time to tackle the issue.* Credits: MeCripp - Collision work, Fixed Unity pass, Module Improvements JPL - reasons NASA - reasons Yogui87 -Textures from old mod
  6. ===> SpaceDock main download. <=== Instance on will not updated anymore. Those cursed Twitch-lovers enraged me by their demands. If something bad happens to SpaceDock - I will make a release mirror on GitHub. ===> Available in CKAN. <=== Dev thread here Pics Here (Damn you, Imgur!): Album a/jt9GPDr will appear when post is submitted (Damn you TWICE, Imgur. You've blocked all accounts from my mail provider and I had to use another service for new pics.) Video review by Kottabos: Video review by GrunfWorks (fresher one): Languages: ,,, For other languages - commit to GitHub instance of ChopShop (/GameData/ChopShop/Localization). Other mods support: ModuleManager - ChopShop can work without it, but you will have no support for other mods. Connected Living Space Community Tech Tree Engeneering Tech Tree (as a temporary patch until it's GitHub source is updated) F.A.R. is supported. (Hopefully... haven't checked it for years.) JSI Advanced Transparent Pods Modular Fuel Tanks or Real Fuels. RealFuels is recommended. RasterPropMonitor RemoteTech Textures Unlimited (NEW) TweakScale Is supported by other mods: ModuleSolarTracking - should automatically make SSP right-click menus less confusing. SETI Techtree and Balance mods Parts are mostly self-explaining - either in Imgur album or in game. But here is what you're generally getting: Deployable skycrane in two sizes. Easy to use modular parachute system. Double-axis solar panels. Multistage Lander tank systems. Tiny electric impeller for atmospheric drones. Family of rovers - both manned and unmanned. Also a fix for stock rover body orientation. Mk2 spaceplane extension parts - mostly butts and some noses. Primitive unmanned soil sampler. Real worls CubeSat double-dipole antenna replica. 2.5m hubs. Aerodynamic blisters. Opening heatshield, allowing protection for your bottom docking port. Small tweakable weight to finely balance your tiny probes. Changelog: Troubleshooting: It's GNU GPL 3.0 until I find something more CopyLeft-ish. Now I have a proper place on GitHub, so grab Unity Package from here and feel free to make commits. Comments, bug reports and ideas for further development are welcome.
  7. Double decker Rover!
  8. Running the following on MacOS: Kerbal Making History 1.91 Breaking Ground 1.41 I'm reasonably advanced in the Tech tree - I have unlocked the bits necessary to build a rover, but I'm struggling to come up with a reliable way of getting a rover to my destination. My lander shown below, will land me on the Mun or Minimus, and allow me to leave the base of the lander behind (with a scientist), and return the science I collect back to Kerbin. My rover is secured via a docking port, and whilst I can get to my final descent quite happily (politely ignoring the slight plume impingement on my rover if I manoeuvre the wrong way). I've tried slowing my descent to single figure ms at low heights <50m, or even landing and then undocking the rover, but the undocking is so energetic my rover is flung to the floor and explodes, or tips my lander over (on Minimus) if I release whilst landed. There must be a more elegant way of getting a rover down safely., but I can't see how I would release it - should I be looking at using hinges to make doors/ramps to a space in my lander where the rover sits until I'm landed, or should I be building rovers as landers in their own right? Thanks Paul
  9. While playing KSP I have recently been getting into unmanned missions with rovers and satellite probes, what are some of your most impressive/fun unmanned missions you have accomplished in KSP? Photos are welcome as well as mission logs.
  10. I built a rover powered by a panther engine but it is very unstable can anybody help me with that theres a video on my channel link
  11. So......after chatting with @Triop on this subject, I have decided to throw my hat into the preverbal ring and drive around Kerbin within 80 days. How hard could it be? Driving is easy.....boring but easy, right? WRONG!! Kerbin is one of the toughest places to drive a rover, truck, dune buggy, race car, etc. Whatever you drive, you're driving on a planet that has some of the most varied, roughest and unforgiving terrain in the KSP universe. Add it's rather strong gravity, and you have a challenge. Some other planets have rough terrain, but most of them have lower gravity (with exceptions of course). So you're rover/buggy/truck has to be well built, tough as nails, your driving must be razor sharp, and you have to pay attention the entire time you're driving. Your speed must be well regulated because wheel blowouts are the least of your problems (they can be fixed). Go too fast, don't pay attention to what's coming up ahead of you and BLAMO!! you're careening off a cliff, going end over end and most likely killing your intrepid but less than experienced pilot and engineer if you managed to drag one with you, probably kicking and screaming. So...... DAY ONE Early morning. The MEGA Truck is finally ready. Our most experienced pilot and navigator extreme GDJ Kerman (yeah for real) is ready to take the wheel with a few somewhat willing crew. Kerbal Foundries was generous enough to supply a high powered APU unit for the truck's power source which a claimed 17 units of electrical charging per second and a fuel consumption of no more than 0.03 units per second. With additional fuel (1250-odd units) the frame of the truck was creaking with it's total weight of 20.4 tonnes. This was no ordinary 2019 Kerbal Star truck. This was a custom made Tri-Drive Tandem steer unit with a extended cab for two other occupants. Nearly 10 metres long, almost 2 metres wide, this was a beast of a truck with the power of the Kraken. After firing up the APU, a quick test was done and a plume of exhaust shot up in the air nearly as high as the VAB. Everybody smiled. Yeah baby! After KSC gave everybody in the truck their best wishes for success, the intrepid 4 nutcases were off and running. The truck spun around from the runway, sprinted north at a pace that was nearly dangerous on level ground. GDJ Kerman looked at the speedometer: 41 metres per second. After leaving the level grounds surrounding KSC the most experienced pilot in KSC history remembered some advise from his mentor and former teacher Gene Kerman: "Less is more. Don't push your luck and risk everything. This is not a race. Nobody has done this before, and the only other one crazy enough to do it @Triop is still out there. Take your time. Besides, the truck is brand new and bloody expensive." Time to slow things down. 30 to 35 m/s would be sufficient. The plan was to travel to Kerman Lake on the first day. Kerman Lake was roughly north east and had a small airport for smaller regional aircraft. Most of the terrain was not really rough until one got to within 20 km of Kerman Lake, then it was a lot more challenging. Bill Kerman was the chief engineer, Jebediah Kerman was backup pilot, and a newbie Scientist that was still wet behind her ears was in charge of ......the science stuff. For the most part, the day went off without a hitch. A few times the truck was airborne for a few seconds, but the robust suspension handled the abuse like a dream. Bill did some adjusting to the steering parameters as the drive progressed and made the high speed handling a little less....hazardous. The APU sipped at the LF, keeping all 1600 units of battery power charged at 99.5% and only went full blast when driving up hills. The brakes were equally impressive. Kerbal Star equipped the truck with 10 Krembo disc brakes and all together was able to stop the 20 tonne monster to a halt within 150 metres, give or take a bit. After a few hours and in dwindling daylight the crew arrived at Kerman Lake, tired but not too badly shaken (thank you air-ride seats!) and decided to plan out the next days trip in a nice hotel. SUMMARY FOR DAY ONE
  12. I'd love to see rovers that people have built that can be transported by 2.5m service bays.
  13. So i have been thinking about sending a rover to duna but what is the ideal design? should i use a skycrane or should i land it entirely by parachutes? Also should i use Solar panels or RTGs
  14. I realize I might be a little too excited about the RoveMate rotation fix, but this has been such a thorn in my side for so long that I just *had* to endanger the lives of Kerbals for their, your, and my entertainment to celebrate this occasion. Oh yeah, the other changes are nifty too. Thanks, Squad. Music: "Hero Theme", "Evening Melodrama", "Discovery Hit", "Greta Sting", "Also Sprach Zarathustra", "Guess Who", "Plain Loafer", "Gustav Sting", "Pump", "B-Roll" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
  15. So this here is set up to show off race cars made by you guys! Here's what you're going to have to do. 1) Show the car off. (Show pictures of the side (Either side is fine), and the top. You can choose to add a third pic, but no more than 4.) 2) Tell it's features (i.e. RCS, Fins, etc.) And the part count. 3) (Optional) Take it around the test track provided here. (You can make your own track (Just make sure to include a pic or the map) 4) If possible, could you please let me know the setup on the car? This includes wing angles, spring/damper settings, friction control, etc. 5) Have fun! Here's the first car; the AS-1A, a fast, sleek open wheeled car with a tested top speed of 52 m/s with some speed ability still left. (I had to slow down for turn 1. I'll try to get a video of it doing a test lap up asap.
  16. Hi all, The following post is related to suggestions regarding more/better rover ideas. I have been wanting to design rover in Kerbal Space Program ever since I heard of it (which was before I even purchased it). I see now that it is very hard to create rovers in KSP. I can build better rovers now, but when I was a beginner trying to figure out how to get to Duna with a rover name Kuriosity, I found out quite quickly that building a rover in KSP is extremely difficult. I do understand that there is the Probodobodyne RoveMate™, but it is still hard to build rovers. I would really value a tutorial implemented in a further update that walks a new user through making a rover. I understand that with the Making History Expansion that Missions can be downloaded, but not everybody has the DLC required to use the Missions. And although there are mods made by the Community (Some especially good ones from SQUAD member RoverDude ), some people like to use a stock KSP.Perhaps some new rover parts can be added alongside a new tutorial? Thank you for considering this, Skywalket Kerbal Enthusiast and Elon fan
  17. As an addition to my Mun base I attempted to design a fuel transportation and long range exploration rover. I tested all my designs with hacked gravity to simulate a Munar environment, and all of my designs, regardless of centre of mass or wheel base would flip over when they turned, I had no reaction wheels on board to prevent the WASD keys from changing the attitude. Was this a mistake? Should I have SAS enabled? Please send help
  18. Hello, So I am pretty new to KSP, and I have watched a few tutorials on rovers which I am keen to start using. While learning KSP I have been alternating between building my own stuff and using some of the prebuilt rockets and aircraft. I've landed and returned from the Mun and Minmus and stranded a Kerbal on Moho, so now I am keen to explore more. But one thing I do not at all understand: how do you take a rover, whether built by me or one of the stock ones, and do anything with it? Once we get into multiple vehicles I am lost. 1. How do I attach it to a rocket? Do I need to make it a sub assembly? Do I always need some sort of decoupler? 2. Just to see what I could do, I was trying to get a stock Prospector rover into the cargo bay of the stock Mallard. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this. I opened the Rover, saved it as a subassembly and then opened the Mallard. I could not place the Rover in the Mallard in any way that did involve fusing it to the plane. Can't you just roll the thing up the ramp and secure it like you would a real jeep in a C5A? I've pasted some pictures below. 3. Testing the same rover just on the Kerbal runway, I get a message that it has no remote control or manned command modules. But it has two seats for Kerbals, and yet I cannot fill these. What is required that I am missing? 4. I was also playing with the stock Rover and Skycrane. Once I detach the rover from the skycrane I no longer have any control over the skycrane. Is there any way to retain that? What if I want to safely land the skycrane or send it back up to a mother ship? 5. Totally unrelated to the posted topic, but is there anyway to toggle Kerbal Engineer off or just hide the window when you are not using it? It's an amazing mod, but occasionally I'd like to be able to turn it off. You can see in the pictures how it is kind of in the way at the moment. Thanks for helping out a newbie
  19. So I’ve landed kerbals on the mun and I’ve decided that the best “next step” for my space program would be to send a rover to the muns poles or somewhere else but then I realised. What’s the point? Will it give me more science or money or what. Apart from being realistic what is the point of rovers on ksp if you arnt using them for base building/maintenance. Please tell me what you think rovers are good for. Also mods if if this isn’t in the right place,then please move it to the right forum.
  20. Rovers are cool : they are complex to build, launch and land (and crash). But they are useless. Biomes are simply too big to be explored by rovers and biome-hopping is much easier anyway. Moving kerbals with a rover is pointless when they can simply fly with a jetpack. I have almot never used rovers in my games because I never found any use for them. I think there should be some reward for using rovers, something you couldn't do with a simple lander or a Kerbal. Why not using terrain scatters ? They have no use neither (and that's a bit sad too) - There could be some experiments that need to be done next to a rock, and maybe multiple rock types, each type yielding different science, like the biomes. - There could have ressources in it : using a drill on a rock could give much more ore, but il would deplete like asteroids, so you have to move to get more. These are just suggestions, but I think rovers need some love too. (Sorry if that was already suggested before, I did search and found nothing)
  21. How do I navigate when on the ground, like when I'm driving a rover? Does it help to put the nav ball on surface? How do I know which way I'm going? I tried putting a node on a previous landing site and then setting that as a target, but when I use the autopilot to set it to target, it tends to pull the rover off it's wheels. It seemed happiest when I was driving away from the target even though I'd selected target. Mind you it wasn't 180 degree to the target that I was traveling. It was some other odd angle. I probably should mention I'm at the bottom of Minimus as best I can tell. The south pole. Not the center, but near it. I left my pilot in the rover after breaking off all the solar and running out of electricity and that thing kept picking up speed. It was going about 24 M/sec just before it had some kind of catastrophic problem. This is just on wheel idling power. How do they explain this in a simulator. You've got some kind magic force that propels you across an entire planet with no fuel being used. I dont think it was going downhill. I don't believe that any vehicle would handle as bad as a KSP vehicle on one of these planets. The main question - I landed near a previous landing site. I thought I'd visit the pilot and maybe switch with her and see her rover. I couldn't figure out how to get there. It was only about 5 km. I thought of some complicated, inaccurate ways involving the sun or my current trajectory, but it seems like there should be some simpler way of finding old space wrecks. The rovers behave oddly on the moons. What is the best way to tame this beast? Did I mention that the other day I landed a 100 meter tall rocket on Minimus and it slowly fell over but stayed intact? I then detached the rover and moved it out of the way and eventually got back in the huge rocket and took off from a horizontal position on the surface and made it back to Kerbin. I was close enough to walk to the space center in daylight. The big rocket scraped along and I ran out of gas and had to start up the next stage which gave me a little bit of angle to the ground. Of course on Minimus with a little speed you're going to be airborne for a long time so I got a little more perpendicular and gave it more thrust and pretty soon I was on my way home. I'm going to build a ball shaped cage rover with me and all the vitals on the inside. I'll put wheels all over the outside so that when it hits it'll be partly absorbed by the shocks and I won't have to concern myself with pitch and yaw anymore. If I put more wheels on a rover does it have more horsepower and go faster? Does it have better traction. So far I've been using 4 wheels.
  22. getting no friction or grip with my wheels causing my rovers and space planes to either flip over or just slide around the place and drift... is this a bug with my modded install or 1.3.1 in general? I've put my ksp log up anyway if you need anything else just ask. KSP log:
  23. So I came back, and I bring an idea from two years ago, but improved: Omnidirectional wheels. In addition of other two new: Continuous tracks and Screw drives Omnidirectional wheels: Omnidirectional wheels are wheels and systems that gives the ability of move omnidirectionally without spin to the land vehicle. My idea is basically add these three types of wheel (and variants by company or size, of course): - Omni wheel (little). - Mecanum wheel (small and medium). - Liddiard wheel (medium and big). Omni wheel: Omni wheels are basically primitive omnidirectional wheels. They are common wheels with added little wheels to the edge, in perpendicular to the main wheels. These wheels would be slightly hard to use, possibly would need the use of action groups. However, with this you can make functional omnidirectional vehicles with octagonal, triangular, etc shapes. Mecanum wheels: This type of wheel is a multi-wheel that contains small wheels aligned 45º over the extreme of multi-wheel, and aligned 45º degrees over de radius of multi-wheel. How it works? Small wheels deviate the multi-wheels when these multi-wheels spin each in different direction, this causes a lateral or spin movement of vehicle, much more useful. These wheels would be easier to use than omni wheels, using like controls AWSD, and also Q and E for move to left and right without spin. Basically, vehicles with this type of wheels would have a better maneuverability and bigger left-right speed than the other two types, but it would have a big lack of friction. Liddiard wheels: Liddiard wheels are basically toroidal wheels which inside has rollers and tires has an special rolling system. This type of wheel move like common wheels, but its toroidal tires can spin from inside to outside for move right or left. These wheels, like mecanum wheels, use AWSDQE controls. Basically, vehicles with this type of wheels would have a big friction and traction, however the left-right speed is the lowest of the three types of omnidirectional wheels. Continuous tracks: This is the drive system of tanks and several types of tractors. This drive type would have sizes from small to big. additionally, these could have an special modular building (ie, you can adjust the length of the continous track, longer will cost more expensive and shorter cheaper, obviously). Screw drive: This would have an extremelly big friction, plus the ability of move left and right without spin. Controls are, again, AWSDQE. The problem of the screw drive is its big size and mass. Screw drive in action: What do you think?
  24. I am trying to build a rover with the docking method, only i can't get these two to dock even though the docking ports are right on top of each other. Is this a bug or am i doing something wrong?
  25. Everyone that has developed a rover in KSP knows that testing them is essential; unless you really like to discover you didn’t bring enough EC to transmit your science after you launch. What’s missing for this is a rover test range. What’s a rover test range? Well, in its most simple way it’s just a piece of land that has various hills etc to emulate the surface on other planets. This is especially helpful to test suspension. Like this Apollo-era rover testrange: Or this (rather small) ESA test range: Another example: Cool, what else? Hmm, well, suspension aside, things like “did I bring enough EC to transmit this stuff?” could be answered by testing at night. But that isn’t very handy, so a small garage/shed like building on the test range could help with this (park in the shade / out of the sun so solar panels don’t work). In order for this test range to be helpful you should be able to launch a vehicle from it (no point in having to drive to it). Any other ideas for this would be appreciated.