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Found 6 results

  1. The challenge objective is to build a stable space station around all the planets in the solar system Rules: Modules may not contain more than 10 parts (Excluding 2 Docking ports) Crew modules must contain life support for at least 30 days with maximum crew You maybe only use mods that have build in RO configs Modules must only contain RO Required, Suggested, and Recommended mods Only send up one module at a time Any modules most have at least 350 m/s of rendezvous dV If you send up a shuttle, you, and only you, are responsible for landing it Let at least 2 people go before you go again. Orbital Parameters of Earth Station: Inclination: 51.6 degrees Altitude: 500x500 km Docking ports: NASA Docking system, Apollo Docking system Launched from CCAFS Upload saves to here:
  2. Hi, I want to know if there is any way to make RSS look better (Atmospheric effects etc) Cause right now it just looks like this. It'd be way better if it had atmospheric effects (An atmosphere looking thing) etc
  3. Hi guys So because we are SOOOOO close to Cassinis GRAND FINALE i thought why not do a replica in KSP and why dont do it in RSS with RO to make things cooler (and Harder) So the plans for my replica are today Make the craft and the lunch vehicle Tomorrow make the mission And now some Pics of the probe that i spend 1H making And some of the lunch vehicle: The mision:coming tomorrow Special thanks to: @SQUADFor KSP @NathanKellfor RSS ALL RO dev For RO @DMagic for making my job esier with the magnetometer And finally NASA for making this mision
  4. So I was interested in who else plays Realistic Progression Zero? 1. What are your goals? What do you want to do? 2. What have you done so far? 3. Do you have any special mods? (like colonization mods or interstellar stuff) 4. Did you catch the 1969 moon landing? Concerning me, my goals are to send crewed missions to Venus, Mars and later Jupiter. I also want to land on many moons. I am using mostly part mods, but I installed the Uranus moons from RSS Expanded. No, i did not catch it. I decided to go for better SRB's first, then I had not enough time to research the landing stuff with all its requirements.