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Found 172 results

  1. History of Spaceflight Contract Pack for Stock/RSS/RO/RP-0/RP-1 This mod aims to basically transcribe the entire NASA Master Catalog into missions for Stock/RO/RP-0/RP-1. This project initially started as an expansion pack to Whitecat106's popular Historic Missions contract pack, but after he quit I decided to rewrite the entire mod from start to finish. This mod will feature and expanded 1942-1958 contract set of sounding rockets from all over the world. Plus complete mission sets (including failures) of every spaceflight launched to date(when completed). It also has more accurate orbital specifications for you to reach including historical Apogee, Perigee, and Inclination(RSS Version). Since there will most likely be two version of Realistic Progression, RP-0 and RP-1. I will be making a version of this mod for both RP-0 and RP-1. Currently playing through the beta of RP-1 and collecting historical rocket costs and rollout costs to balance RP-1. The main balancing and release of the RP-1 version won't be until after an official RP-1 version has been released. Currently this mod contains 670 contracts for RSS/RP-0. and 622 contracts for Stock. It contains every mission (might be missing a few but still adding) from the time frames 1942-1967, basically the first 25 years of spaceflight, and contains: - 53 Pre-Sputnik sounding rocket and ballistic missile contracts including but not limited to : A-Series, Aerobee series, Deacon, Corporal, Hermes 1-3, Kappa 1-6, Veronique, X-17, Cajun, Wasserfall, RTV-A-2/ RTV-A-3, Terrapin, Nike series, Eole, Deacon, Skylark-1, R-Series, Thor, Redstone, Atlas, Jupiter and more. NASA Master Catalog USA Missions 1942 to 1967 Ats (3) OGO (2) Gemini (17) MISC (32) Biosatellite (3) OSO (2) Mercury (10) Midas (10) ERS (3) Pegasus (3) Missile Tests (7) Samos (11) Explorer (41) Pioneer (11) DMSP (6) Ferret (7) GGSE (3) Ranger (9) Echo (3) Corona (17) Lunar Orbiter (2) Solrad (7) Intelsat (2) Discoverer (39) Mariner (4) SECOR (8) LES (4) GambitKH7 (36) Vanguard (11) Surveyor (2) Syncom (3) GambitKH8 (9) Transit (22) Vela (3) Telstar (2) Tiros (10) launcher tests (15) ESSA (6) Soviet Missions Sputnik (3) Vostok/Korabl-Sputnik (11) Kosmos (123) Missile Tests (7) Elektron (3) Polyot (2) Zond (3) Marsnik (2) Luna (21) Mars (2) Molniya (4) Proton (3) Venera (6) Voskhod (3) China Missions Dongfeng-1 (3)S (5)RSS Dongfeng-2 (3)S (5)RSS Dongfeng-3 (3)S (5) RSS Dongfeng-4 (3)S (5) RSS Canada Italy United Kingdom Japan Alouette (2) San Marcos (1) Ariel (2) Lambda (2) Blue Water (1) Kappa (6) More info and screenshots to follow. Currently testing and balancing what is done right now and Version 1.0 will be released once that is complete. Should take a few more weeks to finish that off barring any unforeseen catastrophes. How to install History of Spaceflight: 1. unzip contract packs to a new folder 2. Choose which version you want to play. Either RSS/RP-0 mod or Stock 3. Copy the HistoryofSpaceflight folder into your KSP game directory under GameData/ContractPacks 4. When updating to a new version it's best to delete the previously installed HistoryofSpaceflight as well as ModuleManager.ConfigCache, and ModuleManager.ConfigSHA from your GameData folder to make sure it loads the new contracts that were added. License: This pack and associated plugin is Licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0. The beta for Stock/RO/RP-0 is available here- GitHub Also Spacedock, and Curse Report Issues Here Requires: Thanks to @Whitecat106 for his hard work on Historical Contracts. A few of his contracts were helpful in understanding the bugs in my own for the early parts of writing this mod. This is my first attempt at a mod and my coding skills are pretty basic. I'm learning as I'm going. I do have a lot of free time though as I am disabled and unable to work a job. So expect a lot of work coming out in the next few months as my condition permits. Websites referenced to make this mod: Encyclopedia Astronautica Gunter's Space Page Spacecraft Encyclopedia National Space Science Data Center Spacecraft Search Wikipedia
  2. Hey all, I'm trying to do a crewed lunar flyby in RSS, and I don't really have the tech yet to build a crewed lunar orbiter yet. I was planning to use the science I got from the flyby to unlock better engines and allow a follow up orbital mission. I was planning to do a nice free return trajectory, but I seem to be having serious problems plotting what I am after. Ideally, I want a free return trajectory with the lowest possible perilune (for the science), that is less than 15 days from launch to reentry (life support), and especially a posigrade reentry. I've learned the hard way that even a lunar rated heat shield is generally not enough protection for a retrograde lunar return reentry. Delta-V is not really a barrier, as I have around 4 km/s in the transfer stage. I keep either getting retrograde reentry trajectories, or trajectories that barely enter lunar SOI and take 13+ days to complete. I guess I don't really understand how free returns actually work. I am also curious about the Apollo 13 trajectory, and specifically how the "PC+2" burn (that shortened flight time) worked. Thanks!
  3. Here is the video showing the problem: The wheels are so bumpy and I really do think there are some problems with the wheel settings rather than my landing skills. Not sure if it is the RSS causing this, but I have the following mods installed: RSS+RSSVE FAR AJE B9 KS3P RealFuel RealPlume Tweakscale (not used in this plane) WorldStabilizer Really appreciate if anyone can help.
  4. New RSS thread for continued versioning and support by the RO team. Currently includes the old original post text, a rework will be done in the next few weeks. This mod will turn the Kerbol system into the (Real) Solar System. It is highly recommended to play using the Realism Overhaul suite. Also, check out the RSS Wiki, especially the FAQ!. RSS DOES NOT INCLUDE LAUNCH SITE SWITCHING ITSELF. Launch site switching (KSCSwitcher) is a mod by regex which prior to v10 was included in RSS's dll. Flyby finder for RSS by PLAD -- check it out, it's great! Alternate size solar systems (since people expect to find the list here) Note that they are all independent mods and do not depend on RSS. Small Scale Solarsystem (1/10th, i.e. Kerbin-scale, real solar system) KScale2 (2x Kerbin) Kerbin 365 (3.2x planets, 6.4x orbital distances) 64K (6.4x Kerbin) 10x Kerbol system README: This mod will convert the Kerbol System into the (Real) Solar System. Thanks to asmi for kicking me into to doing this and offering so much help along the way; to ferram for aeronautics and orbital help (and FAR, which is essential), and for countless time spent helping others get the most from this mod (and me the most from my modding); to ZRM for many ideas and info; to yargnit and MedievalNerd for playtesting extraordinaire; to everyone else who offered suggestions, code, help, cool screenshots... Supreme thanks to all who helped make RSS possible! regex for code, and dimonnomid and SpacedInvader for incredible art for RSS, and pingopete for his work on RSS - EVE interoperability and atmosphere work for RSS, and KillAshley for making RSS so much better (and prettier!). RSS would not look or perform the way it does (or have gotten released!) without their amazing contributions. Thanks to stratochief and grayduster and Thomas P. for wonderful help in converting to Kopernicus and adding the new bodies--with their help RSS has entered a new era! License: CC-BY-NC-SA Includes code by Majiir (CompatibilityChecker, licensed as per source). Includes artwork by dimonnomid and SpacedInvader and Dr. Walther and KillAshley in addition to NathanKell. Includes biomes by Felger and grayduster and KellanHiggins and KillAshley. Some planetary imagery is derived from work by Steve Albers and NASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and some from the Celestia Motherlode (itself in the main sourced from JPL). Used by permission of the licenses for non-commercial release. Also included: Module Manager (by sarbian, swamp_ig, and ialdabaoth). See thread for details, license, and source. Kopernicus (by teknoman, bryce, Thomas P., and NathanKell). See thread for details, license, and source. A configuration for Custom Asteriods by Starstrider42. INSTALLATION: 1. Delete any prior RSS install 2. Extract zip to KSP/GameData. You should have one dll (Module Manager) in the root of GameData, and two folders: Kopernicus and RealSolarSystem. However, you are NOT DONE YET. You need to install textures! TEXTURE INSTALLATION: Now, you must select a texture resolution. Download a premade pack (8192, 4096, or 2048) and then, if desired, selectively replace with different-resolution texutres. Note that 8192 is dangerous: it will not work at all on some Macs and you may easily run out of memory in a 32bit KSP environment. Now that all clients support 64bit, if you have a 64bit system it's worth trying. You can get the textures from: the texture repository. Grab one of the resolution packs, then (optionally) get replacements from the repo itself). NOTE: the path is NOT the same as the old (RSS v8 and below) path, and the textures are different. Clean out your old textures and install fresh. FINAL NOTE: You really should play with the recommended mods. See the Realism Overhaul thread for details. ====================== Changelog License CC-BY-NC-SA Download Plugin (by clicking here I certify I have read, and will follow, the installation instructions above) See TEXTURES above for the other downloads Github If you like my work, and want to send something my way, I'm now accepting donations. SUPPORT If you have an issue with the mod (crash, planets aren't rescaled, etc.) please follow the steps in this post. If you do not, I will ask you to do so before providing support. Gaemplay questions, however, are obviously not affected; this is for "your mod broked!!!". Screenshots: The Earth The Real KSC Suborbital trajectory Earth and the other orbits (X-Y plane is the equator; notice how tilted we are from the ecliptic) The New Planets
  5. RSS but stock size mod?

    So we all know RSS. It makes the planets realistic size, and retextures them as real life planets. I am searching for the opposite. Is there a mod that retextures them, but keeps them the same size? I would like to use Kerbin for presentations (not those official ones) and i would like to have an earth retexture. Is there a mod like this? it doesnt have to be all planets, only for kerbin. Thanks
  6. I'm basically just learning KSP 1.3.1 with RO RSS. Meaning, I had some issues getting it all to work together (a couple posts here), but with help from here I finally got the game to work. :-) I've been fiddling around in sandbox mode and decided I wanted to go to the moon. So by now I've followed Mark Tuggle's "Building and Landing a Rocket on the Moon in KSP RO/RSS" video at (put a www. in front of it if you want to see it...I didn't want to clog up the post with large videos!) and have been able to land a couple of his landers on the moon, within 20km of each other actually. That accomplished, I felt like experimenting with getting Jeb to the moon and back, and stumbled upon Kyle Laskowski's "FASA Saturn V Assembly 1.0.5" video at I've finally managed to pause the video about 1000 times to figure out what part he's grabbing, and have built the rocket. Now the questions begin! Staging and LEM: I did the best I could with pausing and rewinding and replaying the sometimes 1 second clips of the staging, and I can burn all the way through the 3rd stage. But from there, I'm confused. Can somebody help me understand how to stage the ascent and descent parts of the LEM, the service module, and the Spacecraft Module Lunar Adapter - long base? Also, how (and where) to put the service module stage so I can undock it, flip it around and dock with the LEM ascent? There's probably a file I can upload that somebody could look at and tell me how to re-arrange stuff, but I don't know what that file if you want to look at it, please tell me what to upload. :-) Anyway, I know this is probably old hat for most here, but it's new to me and I'm enjoying it a lot. Thanks in advance for your help!
  7. So i am working on an engine pack. And i configured an engine and i tried to add RealPlume to it. It didn't work! I tried everithing!!!! And i couldn't put costum sounds on it but the engine works just fine! Please help!
  8. I've installed RO and RSS following Scott Manley's tutorial. It's great fun except for one annoying issue; all RCS thrusters/blocks add at least 100kg to the spacecraft's mass when added in the VAB. I've already gone into the .cfg file for the RCS thrusters and made the mass 100x smaller, but this made no difference. Any idea what I need to do to get the correct part mass in-game? Thanks in advance!
  9. When I go to select a category in RO, it works fine. But when I do it again, it stays on the category I selected before.
  10. Failure is not an option - these words, the most famous quote from Gene Kranz, one of NASA's first Flight Director and probably the most famous Flight Director to ever live... January 31st 1967. "Spaceflight is terribly unforgiving, of perelesness, incapacity for neglect, I don't know what the Thompson committee will find as the cause of this accident. But i know what i find, we were the cause: the simulators weren't ready, our software in mission control didn't function. Procedures weren't complete nothing we did had any shelf life and no one stood up and said stop. Now from this day forward, mission control will be known by two words: tough and competent, tough meaning we will never again shirk from our responsibility because we are forever accountable for what we do or what we fail to do. Competent, we will never take anything for granted - we will never stop learning - when you leave here today you will write these two words on your blackboard, tough and competent and they will never be erased. They will serve as a constant reminder to the sacrificial of Grissom, White and Chaffee. That's all" - Gene Kranz Flight: Plane Crew: Jebediah Result: The plane took flight after Jebediah accidently took the gear down, as it couldnt take off it was recovered RP-0 you may want to fix the first flight objectives! anyways thats it for now, a very humerous start to the program with a switch only not a rocket or an engine, a switch and some wheels!
  11. Hello KSP fans! I have recently installed a full RSS, RO, RP-0 version of KSP (just like scott manleys instruction video) since I really admire the realism of it and the challenges it brings. I am now working on the first sattelite to safely re-enter from orbit, but of course it explodes in style during reentry. The thing is I don't know why and it might actually be a bug, or I am just missing something. I hope you guys can help me! the problem: For reentry I aim the periapsis at about 65-70 km height, I have a probe body (able avionics package) and some science experiments all with a heatshield attached and a parachute. Even though everything is definitely behind the heatshield during reentry, first the two antennas kind off on the side of the shield start to heat up and eventually explode. Weird, but I don't care about that. Later however, when the G forces really start to pile up, my probebody starts to heat up! It will then eventually explode and since it is a structural part of the vessel that means game over. I don't understand since the body is not directly behind the heatshield, it is in the middle and it is one size smaller than the shield. I have tried this with multiple reentry trajectories but it always happens. I hope you guys can help me! Here is a screenshot of the situation just before explosion, notice that all other parts (including wider ones) are fine: Bloody image does not want to insert, it's here:
  12. Hi everyone, I've been having some issues trying to re-enter earth's atmosphere in RO. I have a small orbital science craft that i've been trying to return to earth from LEO (about 200km). I've tried setting my perigee to anywhere between 80km to 40km. The issue is that the probe (and everything directly behind the heat shield) is heating up and exploding, in some cases, even before the shield starts ablating. My first thought is that the shield heats up and the heat is transferred to whatever is touching it, so I've experimented with putting different things between the probe and the shield but I still get the same result. The probe heats up and explodes, due to it's much lower heat tolerance. I'm not an engineer or anything but it would seem to me that a heat shield is supposed to, you know, shield things from heat? I'm I missing something?
  13. RP-0 lag

    My old RP-0 save got so laggy and buggy it was unplayable. I started a new career but it seems I have already slowed down to 2:1 on a basic barely orbital rocket. Any suggestions or should I just reinstall? I felt like I managed to get Moon orbit or landing by the time the yellow timer started to appear.
  14. I'm sure that plenty of you have heard of the Apollo Applications Programme, and what it aimed to accomplish. That's all well and good, but I'd like to take it a step crazier with a little idea that I call The Mercury Applications Project The idea of this challenge is to build an 'Advanced Mercury' spacecraft capable of remaining in Low Earth Orbit for seven days in proper RSS, with Realism Overhaul and TAC LS or Kerbalism (or any equivalent). Advanced Mercury specifications: Crew: 1 Minimum endurance: 7 days Power: Battery or Fuel Cells (no solar or RTG power) Minimum onboard Delta Vee: 300m/s I've left those specifications deliberately loose, and any craft that fulfills those is welcome. (They're subject to change at any time.) The Challenge: To complete a category, complete everything within it. Easy(ish): 1. Make a crewed proving flight, remaining in Low Earth Orbit for at least 7 days. 2. Perform a rendezvous between two Advanced Mercurys in Low Earth Orbit. 3. Dock an Advanced Mercury to an uncrewed target and remain docked for two days. During this time, the combined spacecraft must raise its apoapsis by at least 50km. Hard(er): 1. Make a crewed proving flight, remaining in Low Earth Orbit for at least 7 days. 2. Perform a rendezvous between two Advanced Mercurys in Low Earth Orbit. 3. Dock an Advanced Mercury to an uncrewed target and remain docked for two days. During this time, the combined spacecraft must raise its apoapsis by at least 50km. 4. Launch a two-crew space station and deliver two Kerbals to the station using your Advanced Mercury spacecraft. You do not necessarily have to dock, do it your own way. The crew must remain on the station for at least 50 days before returning safely to Earth. You have too much time on your hands: 1. Make a crewed proving flight, remaining in Low Earth Orbit for at least 7 days. 2. Perform a rendezvous between two Advanced Mercurys in Low Earth Orbit. 3. Dock an Advanced Mercury to an uncrewed target and remain docked for two days. During this time, the combined spacecraft must raise its apoapsis by at least 50km. 4. Launch a two-crew space station and deliver two Kerbals to the station using your Advanced Mercury spacecraft. You do not necessarily have to dock, do it your own way. The crew must remain on the station for at least 50 days before returning safely to Earth. 5. Crewed Lunar landing. Self-explanatory. You're allowed to modify your spacecraft somewhat for this, and you can do it in whatever style you want, but the electricity rule still stands. NOTE: Vostok style spacecraft are totally allowed. Good luck everyone.
  15. Simple RSS Patch RSS Patch [1.2.x] [1.3.x] download from SpaceDock latest version: v1.4 (11-12-2017) This patch is aimed at the stock KSP players, or lazy players like myself, that want an introduction to the huge scale of the Real Solar System (RSS) but who find extra mod packs like RO/Smurff too daunting for now. Simply install RSS, add this patch and you are good-to-go with the stock parts and other parts mods you have already installed. Fly around the massive Earth, explore the real planets and moons. A super simple patch that tunes engine thrust and ISP so that you can use stock parts in a bare install of Real Solar System without needing Realism Overhaul or other complicated setups. This does not re-scale your rockets to actual real-world size like RO does, but keeps all components as they are out of the box. note: SSTU is highly recommended to get a wide variety of engines and modular fuel tanks that scale up to anything you could need in RSS. SSRSS Patch [1.2.x] [1.3.x] Download file [v1.2 13-06-2017] * still fine-tuning this A simple patch for SSRSS to balance thrust/ISP so that you will need to build larger, more realistic, ships to do the things you would normally do. This will get rid of the short, chubby, gumby-looking ships in stock game play and requires you to use larger tanks and thus get more realistic looking rockets. Best used in combination with SSTU. Can be modified to run with stock system as well by removing the NEEDS[SSRSS] part.
  16. Dragonfly mission to the ocean moon Titan Your mission is to create as realistically as possible the upcoming proposed Dragonfly mission to Titan, the ocean moon of Saturn. You can read about it here, its really cool. Basically, you have to fly to Titan (Laythe if playing stock), and set up a self sustaining base with explorer quadcopters that can go out and take samples and readings, then return to the main base. Categories are full Stock (visual and info mods only, nothing that modifies parts or physics in any way) or Modded ( I recommend Firespitter for excellent rotors, although your quadcopters will be large) as much as you like. Basically your job is to recreate the mission as close to real life as possible, either in Stock or Modded. I'll accept pretty much any entry, but if you need rules, then the rules are as follows: You must fly the mission, no cheats of any kind, although quicksave/quickload may be used as needed. Be careful loading/saving too much in atmo, parts can do strange things especially offsets You must leave Earth/Kerbin, fly to Saturn/Jool. Next you must make an entry with a heat shield and parachutes to Titan/Laythe, land and set up your base. Your base must be self-sustaining - if playing stock this will require an ISRU to allow multiple quadcopter missions. Your exploration vehicles must be VTOL, preferably as close to a quadcopter as you can make it. You may use jets or rockets since there aren't working electrical props in stock. They must be powered by RTG (like in real life). They must be able to fly 10-100km, take a sample, and return with it. There should be at least a conceptual way to refuel them, although I won't require a demo if the piloting is insane (landing on a docking port, etc). Lots of pictures! We are recreating a real mission, make it look cool!!! Scoring may evolve as new entries come in, since I likely haven't thought of everything, but for now it's as follows: Quadcopter points: Real Weight: 100 points if close to 450kg, subtract points for anything over (10 points/ton) Honest Quad: 25 points if 4 engines VTOL Real Science: 25 points if you recreate sample collection and analysis, seismological studies, meteorological monitoring, and local microscopic imaging using LED illuminators Reusable: 50 points if you show a full round trip copter sampling mission, and are prepped for another More Copters!: 25 points for each additional quadcopter up to total of 4 Mission points: Low Mass: 100 points if launch mass is under 100 tons, subtract 10 points for each 50 tons over weight. Orbital Genius: 25 points for each clever maneuver - aerobraking, gravity slingshots, anything that lowers dV and looks cool. Phone Home: 10 points per relay set up in system for a max of 30 points, it's nice to be able to call home. I will also award an arbitrary number of points for general realism, including but not limited to: Using Real Solar System Accurate models of rockets Making the spacecraft look and function as realistically as possible Finding something cool about the mission that I don't know about, and including it. Have fun! If you are ready to get technical, Here is more detail in a pdf
  17. Hello everyone! I have been playing KSP quite some time now and I've just been getting into RSS. I really like the mod but the rockets I make don't lift off the launchpad anymore. They worked fine, but not anymore. I think that it has something to do with the second stage. If I build a rocket without a second stage it works perfectly fine but the second I add a second stage it doesn't lift off and is stuck "hovering " in the air. I can fire up my engines and even do flips but it just won't move further up into the air. It's like this for every rocket that I build. Has anyone had this problem? Can someone help me? P.S.: I wanted to attach a picture but I don't know how.
  18. I am running ksp real solar system with kolonization mod USI Life Support with all the mods it recommend realism over haul and so on. The problem i have is the screen that shows the amounts of food and water you have never goes down. When I open the life support window it shows how much time you have and counts down and you kerbal dies like it is intended to do. I want to know if anyone else has this problem or know how to fix it. I am running version 1.2.2 and running ksp x64. On a side note I had this problem when the only mod I had installed was kolonization.
  19. Hello everyone! Recently I've been messing around with HalfRSS mod (best decision ever!) and, of course, tried to recreate Flacon 9, both 1st and 2nd stage.I've found this sheet With pretty reasonable info about falcons parameters. I've scaled them down to be suitable, for HRSS, taking total delta-V as my base. Parameter | Falcon 9 | HRSS | Mine Total dV | 9380 | ~7200 | 7038 1st st dV | 3076 | ~2371 | 2369 2nd st dV | 6388 | ~4925 | 4669 With all this, i struggle to reach orbit. it seems that my 2nd stage has not nearly enough TWR to push craft to orbit. separation occurs somewhere between 40 - 50 km high (AP at 95-100km), and 2nd sdtage starts its burn right away. sadly no matter what pitch I set, 2nd stage doesn't even burn through half of its dV, until it falls back to atmosphere. What might be the reason for this? Is Falcon9 data I based inaccurate? or its HRRS fault (longer to reach AP in RSS than in HRSS?), or maybe my gravity turn is made badly? Cheers
  20. im wanting to go to mars in rss using nervas is there any patch i could have with real fuels to stop boil off
  21. No Words, Just RSS

    Hello. This is where I will post albums of missions, maneuvers and designs I design and fly in a custom Real Solar System install. To keep things clean, simple and to do things a bit differently than other mission reports, the albums will be wordless. All details will be shown through the HUD. There are no characters, no story or overarching objective, but I will respond to questions and engage in discuss after each report. Report 1:
  22. I finded old tool for just RemoteTech. Adding another antennas and bodies not a problem - problem that this tool use 'standard' model, but RO use 'root' model of RT calc.
  23. So today I found a cool mod by the name of RSS Planets and Moons, a mod that adds new planets and moons to RSS, and I really wanted to play it. I saw that you needed KSP 1.0.5 for the mod to work. So I thought that it would be no problem. So I went to Steam, pulled up the Properties window for KSP, went to Betas, and selected 1.0.5. Easy. But when I went back to my Steam library, instead of seeing "Kerbal Space Program - [previous 1.0.5]", I saw "Kerbal Space Program - [previous]". I didn't really care about it so I got RSS and the RSS extension into my GameData folder and started the game. The game told me it was updating so I waited until it was done. Then, I clicked "KSP (64 Bit version)", and started the game. What I saw on the title screen wasn't Earth like it should of been, It was still Kerbin. I thought that was weird so I checked the version of the game. it said that I was on 1.3.1 even though I updated to 1.0.5. So I thought that it was because of the fact that I was using the 64 bit version so I exited the game, and start the normal version. The game was loading normally up until it stopped at Squad/Parts/Aero/fairings/fairingSize1/fairingSize1. It's not frozen because the yellow sentences (I don't know what they are called), were still changing to different puns and references to the game. It's still loading as I am typing this. Please help!
  24. I'm not a programmer but I'm interested in alternate history scenarios. Having been born in Chile I was wondering if anyone knew how to create a launch site from Easter Island? Using the launch site cfg I came up with this but I don't want to break the game by putting it into the folder. Sections with '??' means I don't know what to put there. The site altitude is 40 meters. Any help would be appreciated! Oscar @KSCSWITCHER:AFTER[RealSolarSystem] { @LaunchSites { Site { name = cl_easterisland displayName = CL - Easter Island description = The Easter Island launch site for the Chilean Space Program (Spanish = Programa Espacial de Chile) a fantasy space agency. PQSCity { KEYname = KSC latitude = -27.119328 longitude = -109.354889 repositionRadiusOffset = ?? repositionToSphereSurface = ?? lodvisibleRangeMult = ?? reorientFinalAngle = ?? } PQSMod_MapDecalTangent { radius = ?? heightMapDeformity = ?? absoluteOffset = ?? absolute = ?? latitude = -27.119328 longitude = -109.354889 } }