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  1. Well, I started a new RSS save, and I figured I'd share it on the fora. Welcome to RSS. Basically, everything is harder. dV map for example: Currently I'm having problems with visual mods beyond the Earth-Moon system, so there likely won't be any adventures to atmospheric planets. If you can't see the photos, just wait a couple seconds; it may take some time to load. If that doesn't work, please post here and tell me what browser and OS you are using. Mods (mostly): All the Near Future mods Cryo Engines + Tanks Vessel Mover FMRS RSS RVE64k Kerbal Reusability Expansion Ablative-Airbrake RealPlume stock config Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux And a lot of informational mods. What's a space program without lifters? Here's the first iteration of a reusable lifter: Liftoff: Beginning gravity turn: Booster separation: We'll be getting back to these. The core continues: Upper stage separation and fairing deployment: Again, we'll get back to the core. The upper stage continues its ascent to orbit: Finally, orbit is achieved: Back to the side boosters. Maneuvering into position for a targeting burn: Burning: Slowdown: Here's a video of the landing: booster landing.mp4?dl=0 It should be previewed in Dropbox, so you don't have to download the entire thing. Now, the core stage: Landing: Landed: For some odd reason the landing legs bounced off the booster, but it still remained upright. Finally, back to the relay. Raising the orbit: Deploying the relay: Circularizing: Done: Now the upper stage deorbits: Atmospheric entry: Beginning the landing burn: Here's a video of the landing: stage landing.mp4?dl=0 And that's all for today! Likely next I'll deploy a couple more relays and maybe build a refueling depot in LEO. Thanks for watching/reading!
  2. R E A L I S M O V E R H A U L [1.7.3-1.8.1] Realism Overhaul v12.8.1 [17 April 2020] License: CC-BY-SA Intention: Realism Overhaul is a mod that makes Kerbal Space Program behave more like real life. If you're interested in seeing what it's like to fly rockets in the real world, this is the mod for you! Realism Overhaul does this by combining and configuring other mods, and mod and stock parts to perform as their real-life equivalents. You can expect things to be a little harder, and rockets to be a bit bigger, but the scenes far more epic, and the accomplishment that much greater. Some of the most signfiicant changes include: Engines have real sizes and performance values, and use real fuels. Most of them have limited ignitions and suffer from ullage. Pods are as large as their real-life counterparts and weigh what they should. Propellant tanks have correct dry mass ratios. Solar panels don't produce massive amounts of energy, but they are lighter. Similarly reaction wheels aren't magically powerful anymore (though they still don't require momentum dumping). _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TOOL SPOTLIGHT Generic Engines - Web Version by PatPL This tool allows you to quickly configure engine configs in the web browser on the fly, choose from over 120 engine models and even assign TestFlight configurations to it. Check it out via the link above. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Contributors to Realism Overhaul: A1Ch1, Raidernick, james3838, camlost, JandCandO, Sarbian, marcelocoelhorodrigues, NathanKell, hattivat, batuhan, Ravenchant, bax-, advice-dawgg, jean400, RedAV8R, jedi95, MedievalNerd, regex, Felger, Temeter, Replica17, veskenapper, ferram4, leudaimon, BevolJ, RezzyD, Agathorn, TheKosmonaut, TheVoid2, Theysen, Phredward, ChrisPBacon, Kibbick, Niemand303, AlimOncul, AjentK, pjf, rocketscience, John-Long-Silver, doktorjet, Ippo343, Dragon01, Probus, BryceSchroeder, Bsd0, asmi, Starman4308, stratochief66, StupidChris, OvidHamburg, awang, winged, rsparkyc, PhineasFreak, Zarbizaure, JoseEduardo, ctiberious, SirKeplan, Schnobs, pap1723, ec429, assassinacc, AntiClockwisePropeller, AlphaMike741, olympic1 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ RealismOverhaul Wiki Mod Overview: Dependencies These mods are required for Realism Overhaul to function correctly. CKAN will automatically install all of these mods for you when you install Realism Overhaul. Advanced Jet Engine Ferram Aerospace Research Continued Module Manager Modular Flight Integrator Solver Engines Plugin Kerbal Joint Reinforcement - Continued Real Chute Real Fuels Community Resource Pack Real Heat Real Plume SmokeScreen-RO Recommendations These mods are recommended, and installed by default in CKAN. They are not required, and you can install all or none of them to your own liking. B9 Procedural Wings Deadly Reentry Hangar Extender MechJeb - featuring advanced ascent guidance Procedural Fairings Procedural Fairings - For Everything! Procedural Parts Real Solar System RSS Textures - Choose your resolution KSC Switcher Remote Tech TAC Life Support Test Flight - Download 'TestFlight - Core' only Textures Unlimited Principia - recommended for axial tilt, realistic n-body physics - Check the installation instruction in the mod's thread / no CKAN Suggestions These mods are supported part packs that make it easier to build rockets. We suggest installing at least a few of these. New Mechanics: ROEngines - Extensive model collection for real life engines Realism Overhaul Craft Files DMagic Orbital Science Kerbal Attachment System SCANsat Part Mods: will be back soon P Installation In the current state of the mod's development and future, accurate and proofed-to-be-working installation instructions can be found here: Installation Guide You can ignore the RP-1 part later on that page, if you do not intend to play a career mode. Support No support is granted without providing logs and easy to follow reproduction steps. Also make sure to drop by the official discord server where active users can provide help! Legacy / Manual Installation (expand) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ D O W N L O A D (1.7.3 through 1.8.1 release version) Source Changelog _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Career Mode - Realistic Progression One: If you are interested to take Realism Overhaul to a whole different level of playing KSP, you might be interested in the accompanying suite of mods. It integrates a completely new career system tailored for an early realistic space race and spreading into the modern ages - all at your own imagination and approach. The working installation instructions can be found on the GitHub wiki page. This mod was created by NathanKell and RedAV8R, Contributions by many others. If you were missed in the contributors list at the top of the post, PM Theysen and he'll add you).
  3. my rss won't load because [LOG 19:21:57.291] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/ArielBiomes [LOG 19:21:57.691] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/ArielColor [LOG 19:21:57.747] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/ArielHeight [LOG 19:21:58.436] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Ariel_NRM [LOG 19:21:58.636] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/CallistoBiomes [LOG 19:21:58.821] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/CallistoColor [LOG 19:21:59.023] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/CallistoHeight [WRN 19:21:59.087] Texture load error in 'D:\KERBAL BG\Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground\GameData\RSS-Textures\' [LOG 19:21:59.090] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Callisto_NRM [LOG 19:21:59.273] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/CeresBiomes [LOG 19:21:59.422] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/CeresColor [LOG 19:21:59.588] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/CeresHeight [LOG 19:22:00.283] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Ceres_NRM [LOG 19:22:00.531] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/CharonBiomes [LOG 19:22:00.661] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/CharonColor [LOG 19:22:01.430] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/CharonHeight [WRN 19:22:01.694] Texture load error in 'D:\KERBAL BG\Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground\GameData\RSS-Textures\' [LOG 19:22:01.697] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Charon_NRM [LOG 19:22:02.351] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/DeimosBiomes [LOG 19:22:02.465] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/DeimosColor [LOG 19:22:02.647] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/DeimosHeight [WRN 19:22:02.667] Texture load error in 'D:\KERBAL BG\Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground\GameData\RSS-Textures\' [LOG 19:22:02.670] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Deimos_NRM [LOG 19:22:02.734] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/DioneBiomes [LOG 19:22:02.853] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/DioneColor [LOG 19:22:03.272] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/EarthBiomes [LOG 19:22:03.662] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/EarthColor [LOG 19:22:04.443] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/EarthHeight [WRN 19:22:04.906] Texture load error in 'D:\KERBAL BG\Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground\GameData\RSS-Textures\' [LOG 19:22:04.909] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/EarthSurface [LOG 19:22:05.721] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Earth_NRM [LOG 19:22:06.362] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/EnceladusBiomes [LOG 19:22:06.455] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/EnceladusColor [LOG 19:22:06.986] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/EuropaBiomes [LOG 19:22:07.101] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/EuropaColor [LOG 19:22:07.913] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/EuropaHeight [WRN 19:22:08.051] Texture load error in 'D:\KERBAL BG\Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground\GameData\RSS-Textures\' [LOG 19:22:08.055] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Europa_NRM [LOG 19:22:09.065] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Flat_NRM [LOG 19:22:09.092] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/GanymedeBiomes [LOG 19:22:09.202] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/GanymedeColor [LOG 19:22:09.375] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/GanymedeHeight [WRN 19:22:09.430] Texture load error in 'D:\KERBAL BG\Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground\GameData\RSS-Textures\' [LOG 19:22:09.433] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Ganymede_NRM [LOG 19:22:09.636] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/IapetusBiomes [LOG 19:22:09.956] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/IapetusColor [LOG 19:22:10.083] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/IoBiomes [LOG 19:22:10.211] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/IoColor [LOG 19:22:10.528] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/IoHeight [WRN 19:22:10.563] Texture load error in 'D:\KERBAL BG\Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground\GameData\RSS-Textures\' [LOG 19:22:10.566] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Io_NRM [LOG 19:22:11.150] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/JupiterBiomes [LOG 19:22:11.261] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/JupiterColor [LOG 19:22:11.779] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/MarsBiomes [LOG 19:22:11.875] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/MarsColor [LOG 19:22:12.264] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/MarsHeight [WRN 19:22:12.499] Texture load error in 'D:\KERBAL BG\Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground\GameData\RSS-Textures\' [LOG 19:22:12.504] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Mars_NRM [LOG 19:22:13.106] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/MercuryBiomes [LOG 19:22:13.239] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/MercuryColor [LOG 19:22:13.466] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/MercuryHeight [WRN 19:22:13.500] Texture load error in 'D:\KERBAL BG\Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground\GameData\RSS-Textures\' [LOG 19:22:13.503] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Mercury_NRM [LOG 19:22:13.706] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/MimasBiomes [LOG 19:22:14.061] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/MimasColor [LOG 19:22:14.181] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/MirandaBiomes [LOG 19:22:14.592] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/MirandaColor [LOG 19:22:14.641] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/MirandaHeight [LOG 19:22:15.529] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Miranda_NRM [LOG 19:22:15.597] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/MoonBiomes [LOG 19:22:15.748] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/MoonColor [LOG 19:22:16.380] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/MoonHeight [WRN 19:22:16.513] Texture load error in 'D:\KERBAL BG\Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground\GameData\RSS-Textures\' [LOG 19:22:16.517] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Moon_NRM [LOG 19:22:17.155] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/NeptuneBiomes [LOG 19:22:17.279] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/NeptuneColor [LOG 19:22:17.403] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/OberonBiomes [LOG 19:22:17.562] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/OberonColor [LOG 19:22:17.622] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/OberonHeight [LOG 19:22:17.949] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Oberon_NRM [LOG 19:22:18.021] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/PhobosBiomes [LOG 19:22:18.069] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/PhobosColor [LOG 19:22:18.108] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/PhobosHeight [WRN 19:22:18.141] Texture load error in 'D:\KERBAL BG\Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground\GameData\RSS-Textures\' [LOG 19:22:18.142] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Phobos_NRM [LOG 19:22:18.196] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/PlutoBiomes [LOG 19:22:18.237] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/PlutoColor [LOG 19:22:18.844] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/PlutoHeight [WRN 19:22:19.112] Texture load error in 'D:\KERBAL BG\Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground\GameData\RSS-Textures\' [LOG 19:22:19.116] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Pluto_NRM [LOG 19:22:19.710] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/RheaBiomes [LOG 19:22:20.056] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/RheaColor [LOG 19:22:20.326] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/SaturnBiomes [LOG 19:22:20.439] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/SaturnColor [LOG 19:22:21.056] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/SaturnRing [LOG 19:22:21.133] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/TethysBiomes [LOG 19:22:21.277] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/TethysColor [LOG 19:22:21.540] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/TitanBiomes [LOG 19:22:21.726] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/TitanColor [LOG 19:22:22.527] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/TitanHeight [WRN 19:22:23.069] Texture load error in 'D:\KERBAL BG\Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground\GameData\RSS-Textures\' [LOG 19:22:23.075] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/TitaniaBiomes [LOG 19:22:23.114] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/TitaniaColor [LOG 19:22:23.139] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/TitaniaHeight [LOG 19:22:23.343] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Titania_NRM [LOG 19:22:23.372] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Titan_NRM [LOG 19:22:24.232] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/TritonBiomes [LOG 19:22:24.328] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/TritonColor [LOG 19:22:24.440] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/UmbrielBiomes [LOG 19:22:24.496] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/UmbrielColor [LOG 19:22:24.510] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/UmbrielHeight [LOG 19:22:24.601] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Umbriel_NRM [LOG 19:22:24.626] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/UranusBiomes [LOG 19:22:24.718] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/UranusColor [LOG 19:22:25.165] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/VenusBiomes [LOG 19:22:25.400] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/VenusColor [LOG 19:22:25.703] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/VenusHeight [WRN 19:22:25.803] Texture load error in 'D:\KERBAL BG\Kerbal Space Program Breaking Ground\GameData\RSS-Textures\' [LOG 19:22:25.807] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Venus_NRM [LOG 19:22:25.937] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/VestaBiomes [LOG 19:22:26.293] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/VestaColor [LOG 19:22:26.340] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/VestaHeight [LOG 19:22:27.021] Load(Texture): RSS-Textures/Vesta_NRM Well, some of the dds. files work, like Ariel and Oberon, but why won't the others? Well, some of the dds. files work, like Ariel and Oberon, but why won't the others?
  4. As RSS, KSRSS is a mod intended to transform the stock solar system into the real solar system, but at stock size, with the objective to let you explore the solar system without many mods necessary in a RSS save. Also, we worked hard to make every body of the system pretty and unique. KSRSS is accompanied by KSRSSVE, a graphic mod which put the best of scatterer and EVE into KSRSS. For example, with KSRSSVE and KSRSS, you can find dust storms on Mars, geysers on Enceladus, snow at pole of the Earth and many other things. Finally, unlike SSRSS, KSRSS is not a rescaling of RSS, we decided to not use Sigma Dimension, so KSRSS is made and tweak especialy for the stock size. KSRSSVE Lite is the scatterer-less version of the visual configurations for KSRSS. It is a version optimized for smaller PCs to ensure a more than correct visual appearance. KSRSSVE High is the scatterer version of the visual configurations for KSRSS made for larger PCs.It is with this one that you will kill your processors, as well as your eyes which will be blinded by a visual aspect of last generation. Moreover, the textures for KSRSSVE are available in Low Res (8k) and High Res (32k). This mainly concerns the clouds of the Earth. Pics DragonFly on Titan by @Zarbon44: Installation and Download KSRSS Configs (KSRSS) : Textures (KSRSS-Textures) : KSRSSVE Configs (KSRSSVE): Textures (KSRSSVE-Textures): Install Kopernicus (only versions above 1.8.1 !) Install KSRSS-Textures (download above, choose your texture resolution) Install KSRSS (download above) If you want clouds and scatterer compatibility, install KSRSSVE (see next column) If you want x2.5 size, install Sigma Dimension. IMPORTANT: Delete the file settings.cfg before launching the game. You only need to do this once. Lite (without scatterer) Install EVE. Install KSRSSVE Lite (download above) Install the textures. Choose the Low Resolution OR the High Resolution (download above). High (with scatterer) Install EVE. Install scatterer. Install KSRSSVE High (download above). Install the textures. Choose the Low Resolution OR the High Resolution (download above). Compatibility KSRSS is fully compatible with : Planetshine, Community Resource Pack, Distant Object Enhancements, FAR and Sigma Dimension. Common Issues The space center terrain is weird with KSRSS 2.5x. Fix : in the settings, choose KSRSS Med for the terrain quality. Hit Apply. If you need help, you can join our discord, we have an English channel. Licenses KSRSS KSRSSVE KK-KSRSS Source code available here. Cfg files are licensed CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0, textures are All Rights Reserved unless otherwise stated and plugin code is LGPLv3 with some licensed CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 (see source files for details). Copyright (c) KSRSS Team - 2020 KSRSS is derived from RSS. A huge thanks to NathanKell and the RO team for creating this mod. (CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0) 67P and Halley are from RSS Expansion by pozine, licensed CC-BY 4.0. The grass and cactus textures are licensed MIT by Avera9eJoe and come from his mod, Spectra. All credit goes to him. SigmaLoadingScreens is included in the download and is covered by its own license. Source code available here. Cfgs and textures are licensed CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 unless otherwise stated. Plugin code is licensed LGPLv3. Aurora texture is from Spectra, licensed MIT by Avera9eJoe (Joseph Hafner). Snow and dust particles and dust map ( are from Sci-Fi Visual Enchancements by panzer1b. Snow map ( comes from Graphics Enhancements Assembly (CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0). Sunflare is from here (CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0). All credits go to Thomassino for this wonderful sunflare. Geysers textures (including and citylights textures come from AVP (CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0). All credits go to themaster01 and Astronomer for these textures. The textures used to make the geysers and the come from the AVP mod. All credist go to themaster01 and Astronomer. Mars, Earth, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Titan, Uranus, Neptune cloud textures, aurora detail texture, UVNoise textures, saturn ring texture and cloud particle textures are taken from RSSVE by KSP RO Team (CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0) : Cloud and city detail textures by Real Visual Enhancements (RVE) Earth cloud and city lights textures by NASA Visible Earth Jupiter texture (used for exporting some basic cloud textures) by Vleider (redistributed by The Celestia Motherlode) Saturn texture (used for exporting some basic cloud textures) by Runar Thorvaldsen, Dr. Fridger Schremmp and Grant Hutchinson (redistributed by The Celestia Motherlode) Saturn ring texture by CICLOPS (Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory For Operations - image preparation by Daren Wilson and Carolyn Porco) Uranus and Neptune textures (used for exporting some basic cloud textures) by JHT's Planetary Pixel Emporium All the others textures were made by the KSRSS Team and are licensed CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0. License : MIT. Changelog & Roadmap Roadmap 0.7 : - Improve reliefs on many bodies with PQS / Heightmap revamps - Add more custom scatters - Add more bodies - Remake all scatterer configs - Implement texture by biome on Earth Changelog 0.6 "More things around rings"
  5. Hi there, and welcome to the Real Enhancements development thread. This mod aims to continue and expand pozine and imkSushi's Real Solar System Expanded mod. I plan to incorperate and restore the majority of objects in the mod My aim is to create a modular experience, so people can download packages based on their interests and their ability. I know this seems ambitious (especially RealStars, that one is going to take a while) RESPOSITORY LINK (outdated): Github: It is recommended to install RealPatch to fix inclinations, other wise the inclinations of newer objects will be broken Discord Server (because Kopernicus won't give me a channel): Requires: Kopernicus ModuleManager ModularFlightIntegrator RealSolarSystem Skybox requires TextureReplacer Catalog: As i said i wanted the mod to be modular, and you will be able to download each package individually. So if you are less experienced with RSS/RO you can download the NEO package, and if you want a challenge you could download Stars or ExtremeTransNeptunian objects Things i want to add (yeah i stole this image from imkSushi's thread) Current Status: Abandoned Credits: Me ("Our Benefactors") for doing something @Xurkitree for help with Kopernicus and RealAftermath @Noah the Smol and @GurrenLagannCWP (if I have the right accounts :P, most of the discussions have been done on discord) for working on RealHypotheticals pozine for making RSS Expanded in the first place imkSushi for restoring RSS Expanded NathanKell for Real Solar System AndrewDraws for RealExoplanets Gregrox for letting me use his sunflare TSMP for Kopernicus Squad for KSP imkSushi's old thread: pozine's old thread: This mod is licensed by the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International -
  6. "Turning KSP into Orbiter since may 24th, 2020" So I'm posting this since some users thought it was really cool and wanted to play with it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Download: (copy-paste everything into the game-data and replace existing files) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Da big list of disclaimers, info and trivia, etc: Requires Module Manager Requires Kerbal Konstructs for the LC39A/B launchpads. RSS-Textures (RSS) should be installed beforehand otherwise it will override the modified heightmap (and make visual glitches!). The mod (custom heightmap) ONLY compatible with the new textures (16bpp). RSS-Textures 18.2+ required! Seems that having KSCSwitcher makes the camera go underground (makes the screen black) - zoom out (scroll wheel) for a temporary "fix". This mod moves the KSC (and us_cape_canaveral in KSCSwitcher) and therefore might conflict with your other KK statics (I think it only affects ungrouped objects). Contains an 8k color & normal maps for the main mesh and 4k color & normal maps for LC39. Textures based off of Google satellite imagery (free for non-commercial use). Install Omega's Stockalike Structures (OSSNTR) to get a real VAB. This mod also contains Uranus rings (separate files, so if you don't want it, just delete it). Shuttle Runway comes with a collider, the rest of the cape does not. It's not 100% complete, and with me being me, it probably won't ever be, therefore it's a release already Cape mesh contains about ~19k manually placed vertices (37k + 2*24k triangles in total). I can't really verify compatibility with RP-0/RP-1 - LC39 should allow practically unlimited mass, size, etc, and cost $0, because balance! I don't know what I'm doing. D: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Video featuring Katniss's Cape Canaveral: Screenshots: (Saturn parts and LUT not included, also featuring "EngineLightRelitKatnissified")
  7. Real Scale Sea Dragon - Parts Pack Realistically scaled Sea Dragon rocket --------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: This is still an alpha/beta development project. New parts are still being added, and things can and will change! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Required Dependencies: Module Manager Hangar Extender Highly Recommended: QuickSearch (you can just type "dragon" to quickly find the parts) Kerbal Joint Reinforcement (big parts = big flexing?) Real Solar System FAR --------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation: Simply copy the "RSSeaDragon" folder into your GameData folder. If upgrading from a previous version, be sure to delete the old one from GameData first (this is the cleanest option). --------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: These rocket parts ARE NOT stock balanced! They're using the real world mass ratios, thrusts, ISPs, dry weights, and so on. They will certainly WORK in stock, just with severe overkill. SECOND NOTE: This is still in alpha/beta development. Parts are still being added, and things can and will change! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Design Notes: Primarily meant for use with RSS or other large scale Kerbins, however you can certainly fly this in an otherwise stock game. In stock, it will be ridiculously overkill, but since it's a bit of an overkill solution anyway, that's part of the fun, right? Known Issue: Fairing "confetti" is rather deadly. KSP 1.1 should allow us to eject it further. Known issue: Steering authority in upper stage is weak. Already artificially inflated though! (should be worse!) Currently doesn't have a set of ballast tanks for water launches. This will be looked into, but it's unclear how well it will work, until experimenting. To-Do List: Ballast tanks for sea launches (works in testing, tank model coming soon). Larger smoke trail for first stage (completed for 0.2). Extending second-stage engine bell. Primary design diagram used: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download From: SpaceDock -or- (soon) -or- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Change Log: 0.3.4 (2016-07-12) - Tweak. - Slightly increased heat tolerance of first stage parts. 0.3.3 (2016-05-11) - Minor hotfix. - Corrected staging problems in sample rockets. 0.3.2 (2016-04-22) - Tweaks. - Added collider setting for procedural fairing base. - Adjusted tech node to play more nicely with Real Scale Boosters. 0.3.1 (2016-04-03) - KSP 1.1 Hotfix (1.0.5 compatible, except for the sample rockets) - Sample rockets were locking up KSP 1.1 when sending to the pad/runway. Updated for 1.1, but are no longer compatible with 1.0.5. - Sample rockets saved with fairing settings to use maximum ejection force, and 4-way clamshells. 0.3 (2016-04-02) - The Sea-Recovery Update. (1.0.5 compatible) - Increased crash tolerance of first stage engine and tank to 150 m/s to support oceanic crash-landing recovery. - Removed stack attachment node from end of skirt extension on second stage tank, and instead added it to second stage engine. - Added inflatable "recovery flare" to the first stage engine, and updated sample rockets to put it on action group 2. 0.2 (2016-03-28) - The Sea-Launch Update. - Increased crash tolerance considerably on all parts, to allow bouncing around in the water. - Added attachment node at bottom of first stage engine to allow attaching the ballast tank. - Extended first stage tank's lower skirt, and removed extraneous attachment node corresponding to it. - Shortened first stage engine length (and updated sample rocket accordingly), after discovering miscalculation. - Reworked colliders for first and second stage main engines, and first stage tank. - Added ballast tank for sea launches. - Added SPH sample rocket with ballast tank. - Updated VAB sample rocket to ignite the verniers at launch in the staging. - Added an animated bell extension for the second stage engine, and updated sample rockets to use it (action group 1). - Added custom smoke trail for first stage engine (known issue: runs regardless of air pressure). - Removed smoke trails from upper-stage engine + verniers (hydrogen burns cleanly). 0.1 (2016-03-25) - First test release. - Mostly complete. Using stock procedural fairing system. No ballast tanks. - Known issue: Fairing "confetti" is rather deadly. - Known issue: Steering authority in upper stage is weak. Already artificially inflated though! (should be worse!)
  8. With a historical launch this year of the Mars Perseverance Rover and the Ingenuity helicopter drone, space nerds have a lot to be excited for. To celebrate this momentous occasion, I'd like to see people's take on replicating this marvel of engineering in KSP. So the challenge is, Replicate the Mars 2020 Rover mission. Rules: No cheating with debug menu or HyperEdit or anything related. DLC is fine, as is MechJeb (for info only), information mods, visual mods and TweakScale. I'll also be allowing Realism Overhaul as well RSS (Real Solar System) for those who want the added challenge of dealing with more Delta V requirements. No other part mods unless part of realism overhaul, and no other physics-altering mods other than RSS allowed. How to win: Create a Duna rover (or Mars rover with RSS) preferably resembling Perseverance, and a drone helicopter resembling Ingenuity (optional). Launch it on a rocket, preferably resembling an Atlas V, and land it on Duna (or Mars for RSS). OPTIONAL: Then, take your helicopter drone for a short flight and land it back on the red surface. Include a video of the mission or pictures of important parts of the mission. Cant wait to see what you all come up with! Also, if anyone wants to make a badge for this, I'll happily give them credit, as I am not much of an artist. Good Luck!
  9. I proudly present to you my latest project. A manned grand tour of the Uranus system. The time has come... The year is 1992, the main goal of the Othrys program - landing humans on the moons of Saturn - has just been accomplished. A new, even more ambitious goal has just been set for NASA. Landing astronauts on each of the 5 moons of Uranus: Miranda, Ariel, Umbriel, Titania, and Oberon. Coelus Program just began... Modlist in the description.
  10. My kopercunicus show my that "not able to load the custom planetary system due to an exception in the loading process", is there anyone that has the similar situation like me? qwq
  11. Hey guys, I changed now to RSS/RO and I like the realistic mechanic BUT I have some problems. First of all the rocketbuilding center. When I want to seset something with "ctrl" and "z" parts remove change their place and also hover in air.... and often the nodepoints disappear. Second I have installed RSSVE but the clouds and citylights are not there. The texture is red see picture: And third when I load a save data while I am in flight veeeeerrry strange things happen im not able to control anymore and the camera view is not avaible anymore. See also Picture the ship is there but in stage settings left many parts are gone..... I use for this Mod KPS version 1.8.1 I hope someone can help me or can somebody give me a good working package to download via drop box or sth else mabye also in a higher KSP version ? Best regards Muddyblack
  12. How i can setup the ascent guidance to orbit on RSS.
  13. It's possible to config the Tantares fuel tanks to rss ?
  14. I don't know why but Kerbal Konstruct don't work in my KSP RSS in 1.8.1... The kerbal konstuct logo show up but when I do Ctrl+K nothings append. Can someone tell me what to do ? I already tried to change KK version but that don't change anythings.
  15. Real Scale Boosters - Parts Pack Realistically scaled rockets, heavily based on real world counterparts, with reasonably accurate stats. --------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: This is still an alpha/beta development project. New parts are still being added, and things can and will change! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Required Dependencies: Module Manager Highly Recommended: Hangar Extender (practically a must-have) QuickSearch (you can just type "atlas" or "delta" or "saturn", for example, to find related parts quickly) Kerbal Joint Reinforcement (big parts = big flexing?) Real Solar System FAR Community Tech Tree (if not playing in Sandbox mode) Currently Supported: SMURFF (as in, we have flags set to keep it from overwriting our engine masses) TweakScale CommunityTechTree and/or SpaceY-Lifters's tech nodes Supported By: Real Fuels + Realism Overhaul (support is provided from their side) --------------------------------------------------------------------- Gallery: --------------------------------------------------------------------- Included Sample Rockets (as of 0.13): Ares I Ariane V Athena Ic Athena IIc Atlas V 401 Atlas V 431 Atlas V 502 Atlas V 532 Atlas V 552 Atlas V HLV Carrack Medium (ETS) Carrack Heavy (ETS) Delta II Delta III Delta IV M+ (4,4) Delta IV M+ (5,4) Delta IV Heavy DIRECT-Jupiter (theoretical) ISRO PSLV ISRO PSLV XL Saturn I Saturn IB Saturn IC (ETS) Saturn V Saturn C-8 (theoretical) Saturn Multibody Heavy H03 (ETS) STS (Space Shuttle) Lifter --------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: These rocket parts ARE NOT stock balanced! They're using the real world mass ratios, thrusts, ISPs, dry weights, and so on. They will certainly WORK in stock, just with severe overkill. SECOND NOTE: This is still in alpha/beta development. Parts are still being added, and things can and will change! --------------------------------------------------------------------- About: This pack is intended for use with "Real Solar System", or otherwise a more realistic scale version of Kerbin (such as 6.4x scale). The parts included will likely be severe overkill in a more normal KSP installation. This pack provides a variety of "Kerbalized" versions of real world boosters. These are not meant to be true replicas. Where we've been able to get decent numbers for the real world counterparts, we have tried to get the sizes, masses, fuel capacities (in terms of mass), thrust, and ISP numbers close to correct. The art assets attempt to capture the overall shape and look of their real counterparts, matching the colors and dimensions, but perhaps not all of the details. Precision wasn't a requirement in building this pack. Rather, it's meant to be closer to the "SpaceY" art style, but functionally replicating real boosters. You will also notice that this pack includes only the boosters, and not the payload portions of these rockets. For example, the Saturn V parts are included from the bottom, up to and including the third stage (and Instrument Unit), but no Apollo spacecraft. The Space Shuttle parts will build you a working LH/LOX tank ("soon") and SRB combo, but does not have an Orbiter. The idea is to build your own payload and use realistically performing analogs to the boosters used in the real world. To that end, some adapters and fairing parts are included so that other KSP parts will function with these boosters. While some parts already have a diameter close to a standard KSP size, they're still slightly different. If it's close enough, I've included a little bit of a rim that will help hide the transition when attaching stock parts. If it's too far off, an adapter is often the better way to go. For instance, the Atlas V's first stage is 3.81m. A simple rim works in this case when attaching a Kerbodyne 3.75m tank. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Usage Notes: * Inside the "Ships" folder, there are several example rockets already assembled. * None of the engines have bottom attachment nodes, or auto-shrouds. Instead, the mod functions more realistically, with interstages that are matched to the stages that use them, and engines can be mixed and matched inside of them (space permitting). Usually you will need to place the engines first, and then snap the appropriate interstage on afterward (whose attachment node may be hidden inside the tank). * Because different rockets historically have had different staging sequences, some of which place ullage motors on the interstages (Saturn V for instance), sometimes the stage's fuel tank has a decoupler node. Attachment nodes for the interstages may be hidden inside the tank butt, and usually are aligned with the exterior fuselage, rather than the end of a bulging dome or tank butt. * Realistic numbers have been used where possible, but sometimes available data online is rounded or imprecise, or have changed over the years so they are inconsistent. Numbers may be tweaked in the future if better information becomes available. Part sizes should be reasonably correct, but sometimes we lose a half meter or more somewhere. * In the available data, SRBs often are described in terms of either peak thrust, or average thrust. In the real world they have a highly variable thrust profile (by design). In KSP they use a single, invariant thrust level. We've opted for using a number somwhere between the average and peak thrusts. You may find the burn times shorter than the real world counterparts as a result, unless you use thrust limiting. * Real world RCS and attitude control thrusters tend to be very weak compared to what we're used to in KSP. For example the thrusters in the Delta IV upper stages are supposed to have less than 0.04 thrust. In KSP that feels almost useless, so we've opted for numbers closer to KSP's usual RCS thrusters. * By default RSB uses the stock LiquidFuel, Oxidizer, and MonoPropellant, but with the correct amounts of mass, so that the performance is consistent with the real rockets. Compatibility patches for Real Fuels (for example) should be forthcoming eventually. * These rockets are reasonably stable under the stock joint strength, and stock aerodynamics, since the part count is low. KJR and FAR are still recommended for a good experience though. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Known Issues: The Atlas V 500-series procedural fairing doesn't want to stretch straight up cylindrically around the Centaur at the correct diameter. It has to widen slightly first. Career-mode costs of parts and their unlocks are all out of whack, and need a balance pass. Wishlist / To-Do: Several generic radial decouplers and Ullage/Retro SRMs. Ariane V - (added in 0.5) - Possibly add ES variant? (maybe) DIRECT-Jupiter (shuttle derivative) - (usable, could use more parts) (maybe) Proton (Russian) (maybe) SLS, CDR version - (would love to, but multiple mods already have this) (maybe) Titan III family (maybe) Falcon 9R - (would love to, but multiple mods already have this) (maybe) Energia (Soviet) (maybe) PSLV/GSLV (Indian) - (PSLV added in 0.6) (maybe) Orbital Antares (maybe) Mercury/Gemini rockets: Redstone, Atlas D, Titan II (maybe) Tsyklon, Cosmos, Vostok (Russian) (maybe) Lambda, Diamant, Viking, Vanguard (maybe) Long March (Chinese) (maybe) H-IIB (Japanese) (maybe) N1 (Soviet) (maybe) Chrysler SERV (SSTO) (maybe) Thunderbolt (Eyes Turned Skyward) (maybe) (new) Juno I/II (maybe) (new) NEXUS more selections of realistic clamshell fairings --------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation: Simply copy the "RealScaleBoosters" folder into your GameData folder. If upgrading from a previous version, be sure to delete the old one from GameData first (this is the cleanest option). Troubleshooting: There's not a whole lot to go wrong in RSB by itself. If you are using the "stockalike" patches, some problems can arise due to either ModuleManager, or CKAN screwing up the installation/removal of various mods (and thus confusing ModuleManager), or maybe there is a new mod interaction that I'm not aware of. Some basic things you can do: Try deleting "ModuleManager.ConfigCache" in GameData. Always try this first. MM's cache can get out of sync and the only way to know that the problems you're having are real is to delete this file, and fire up KSP again, and let it rebuild the cache, and see if you are still having problems. Try completely deleting and reinstalling this mod, and anything else that might be interacting with it, such as mods that make sweeping changes to fuel tanks, fuels, engines, or rescaling. Make sure you have the most up-to-date version of this mod, ModuleManager, and anything else they might be interacting with. If KSP has just recently updated to a new version, some of these mods may be broken at first. If you're using CKAN and have removed any mods with it, recently or at any time in the past, make sure those mods actually are completely 100% removed. You may have to manually delete the folders since CKAN is very inconsistent about properly removing things and cleaning up after itself. Even if a mod's folder is completely empty, the fact that it exists will make ModuleManager believe that the mod is present. If you're loading the included sample rockets, and the size and fuel capacity is all wrong, make sure you're using the right sample rockets. For a regular RSB installed, they all have names that start with "RSB". For the "stockalike" patches, you should only be using the sample rockets that start with "RSBstock". --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download From: SpaceDock -or- -or- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***optional*** RSB Stockalike (stockification rescale patches) ***optional*** SpaceDock -or- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Change Log:
  16. i have recently started playing RO/RSS and wondering if they are any other mods that are not officially supported by RO/RSS but work or have configs.
  17. DOWNLOAD Actual Sites: Airports adds 600 real runway locations. These locations are defined as "Large Airports" from GIS data in the public domain. Each of those little gray boxes on the map is a runway you can launch from and fly to to. No need to switch KSC, you can fly amongst any number of landing strips. Adding all these showed no noticeable affect on performance on my machine. The dataset I used to build this project does not include number of runways or their orientation, so these are generic for now. If people are interested in contributing, I may come up with a form to submit better details for your favorite airports. Currently each airport only has a single runway, at a random heading. There are no other buildings I have built and tested this on KSP v 1.8.1. Required Dependencies Real Solar System (and its dependencies) (Seems to work with KSC Switcher) Kerbal Konstructs Recommended NavUtils Mechjeb TODO Fix graphics on runway Add some variety to airports, tower, hanger, etc. Add missing airports (?) Look into a more comprehensive data set that defines runway (not just "airports") so that all real runways are represented. Add ~3800 "medium" sized airports Add ~4200 "small" airports Use this bulk config generation method to add 100’s of airports on Kerbin, too. Add detailed version of real SPACEports. Generate configs for NavUtils Known issues: Elevations for high altitude locations are messed up. Fix coming soon... Changelog: 0.0.1 - Alpha 1.0.0 - All 600 "Large" airports around the world 1.0.1 - Fixed runway elevation/ground level mismatch (most noticeable at high altitude locations) - Added an empty facility. Currently users will have to turn on the merchant feature themselves, and select a fuel type when they arrive at each airport. Hope to get this working better soon.
  18. After a couple days of research and understanding the Real Solar System files, I've finally figured out how to change the date in RSS DateTimeFormatter. It's not too complicated and just takes a few minutes. The first thing you need to do is go into your Kerbal Space Program file (with your GameData and whatnot) and type into your file explorer's search bar, "persistent.sfs". Depending on how many saved games you already have, there will be the same number of these "persistent" files. Choose any because what this will do is going to affect all your saved games (if you don't want your other games to have a different date, take them out of the KSP saves folder). Once the .sfs file is opened, you need to scroll down until you see "UT" which itself is under "FLIGHTSTATE". Next to UT is a set of numbers. For those that don't understand what these numbers mean, they represent the number of seconds since the start of the game. This is what you need to change to have the save game set to a different date. Now you must figure out the number to replace the current one. Go to this website and, depending if your desired is before or after, put 1/1/1951 (the default date in Real Solar System) in Start Date or End Date. Then put the desired date in the opposite date section. For an example, I will use the beginning of 1942 as the replacement date. Click Calculate Duration and look for the large bolded text saying the number of days in between (3,287 days as per the example year). Now it's time for some quick maths. Multiply the number of days by 4 (as Kerbin days are 1/4 of an Earth day) then multiply that number by 6 and multiply again by 3,600 (found that out here). You now have your replacement number. Go back to your persistent.sfs file and delete the number already in UT and type in the new calculated number (of course not with commas). If your wanted date comes before 1/1/1951, then put a dash in front of it to make it a negative number. When done, save the file and close out of it. There you go. But before you go back in the game, there's one more thing you will need to do. What this is going to do will just make the planets and moons correctly aligned accurately according to the new date. Go into the Real Solar System file that you have in GameData and look for "RSSKopernicusSettings.cfg". Within it, scroll down (but not really because it's close to the top) until you see "Epoch". It will also have a set of numbers next to it. Epoch, in astronomical terms, is a fixed date that is relative to planetary/stellar measurements. The number you will see (-31542641.784) is the epoch for midnight, January 1, 1951. You need to replace this epoch with another that is accurate to your new in-game date. Use this website to find the epoch by typing in the date that you had replace the default earlier (just type in 12:00 A.M. for the time and keep it at GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) as that it the time zone RSS uses) and clicking Human Date to Timestamp. Your epoch replacement (-883612800 for the 1942 example) will be next to Epoch Timestamp. Copy the number (if it has a dash to make it a negative number, keep this) and go back to RSSKopernicusSettings.cfg. Select the epoch number and then paste (Ctrl and V at the same time) to replace it while also deleting it at the same time. Save the .cfg file and close out of it. You've now fully completed the new in-game RSS DateTimeFormatter date. Go to your KSP save game that has the changed date and you can see now that the date is, in fact, changed. Head into the Tracking Station and look to see the different planet alignments. Unless you have a clever eye, and you probably won't be able to tell anyway, but the planets really have moved since you changed the epoch.
  19. I want to make videos of orbits and the ?questionmark? objects are a distraction. Is there any way to prevent these objects from showing up? I'm using the RealSolarSystem mod.
  20. I tried to build a moon rocket but I have a graphics issue I think.. Just look! Sorry but the insert image button doesn't seem to work. Below is my installed mods list: Thank you!!
  21. I love Principia but find it too time consuming to constantly switch around to do 'orbit maintenance' when there is long term precise requirements. Real satellites have a delta-v budget, ion/rcs engine and a team of people dedicated to this. Anyone know of any mods that will maintain my n-body orbits for me (obviously only until my fuel is used up)?
  22. I've been playing KSP for a few months and had a great time with it - only using career mode so far. Having watched a bunch of videos on youtube, I had noticed many of them seemed to not be launching from Kerbin. So after some investigation, I found out about the RealSolarSystem mod and some further investigation - a beginner guide to modding KSP (that has sadly been left to rot and is now no good for specific mods)... long story short... I installed the latest versions I could find of - Kopernicus (1.9.1) Module Manager (4.1.3) Real Solar System (16.4) And the 4k RSS_Texture pack (no version number but updated 4 days ago) After some initial issues with the location of the textures, I finally got a clean load with these mods installed and no errors... noting the textured being loaded during the startup sequence I was excited to start a new career mode in our Solar System. To my dismay... after starting a new save, i was still on Kerbin. I would really appreciate some help with this as I am usually a purest and have never modded any game before this so there may be something simple I have missed. I checked for other threads on this but only found out dated ones that didn't address this particular issue. Thanks
  23. History of Spaceflight Contract Pack for Stock/RSS/RO/RP-0/RP-1 This mod aims to basically transcribe the entire NASA Master Catalog into missions for Stock/RO/RP-0/RP-1. This project initially started as an expansion pack to Whitecat106's popular Historic Missions contract pack, but after he quit I decided to rewrite the entire mod from start to finish. This mod will feature and expanded 1942-1958 contract set of sounding rockets from all over the world. Plus complete mission sets (including failures) of every spaceflight launched to date(when completed). It also has more accurate orbital specifications for you to reach including historical Apogee, Perigee, and Inclination(RSS Version). Since there will most likely be two version of Realistic Progression, RP-0 and RP-1. I will be making a version of this mod for both RP-0 and RP-1. Currently playing through the beta of RP-1 and collecting historical rocket costs and rollout costs to balance RP-1. The main balancing and release of the RP-1 version won't be until after an official RP-1 version has been released. Currently this mod contains 670 contracts for RSS/RP-0. and 622 contracts for Stock. It contains every mission (might be missing a few but still adding) from the time frames 1942-1967, basically the first 25 years of spaceflight, and contains: - 53 Pre-Sputnik sounding rocket and ballistic missile contracts including but not limited to : A-Series, Aerobee series, Deacon, Corporal, Hermes 1-3, Kappa 1-6, Veronique, X-17, Cajun, Wasserfall, RTV-A-2/ RTV-A-3, Terrapin, Nike series, Eole, Deacon, Skylark-1, R-Series, Thor, Redstone, Atlas, Jupiter and more. NASA Master Catalog USA Missions 1942 to 1967 Ats (3) OGO (2) Gemini (17) MISC (32) Biosatellite (3) OSO (2) Mercury (10) Midas (10) ERS (3) Pegasus (3) Missile Tests (7) Samos (11) Explorer (41) Pioneer (11) DMSP (6) Ferret (7) GGSE (3) Ranger (9) Echo (3) Corona (17) Lunar Orbiter (2) Solrad (7) Intelsat (2) Discoverer (39) Mariner (4) SECOR (8) LES (4) GambitKH7 (36) Vanguard (11) Surveyor (2) Syncom (3) GambitKH8 (9) Transit (22) Vela (3) Telstar (2) Tiros (10) launcher tests (15) ESSA (6) Soviet Missions Sputnik (3) Vostok/Korabl-Sputnik (11) Kosmos (123) Missile Tests (7) Elektron (3) Polyot (2) Zond (3) Marsnik (2) Luna (21) Mars (2) Molniya (4) Proton (3) Venera (6) Voskhod (3) China Missions Dongfeng-1 (3)S (5)RSS Dongfeng-2 (3)S (5)RSS Dongfeng-3 (3)S (5) RSS Dongfeng-4 (3)S (5) RSS Canada Italy United Kingdom Japan Alouette (2) San Marcos (1) Ariel (2) Lambda (2) Blue Water (1) Kappa (6) More info and screenshots to follow. Currently testing and balancing what is done right now and Version 1.0 will be released once that is complete. Should take a few more weeks to finish that off barring any unforeseen catastrophes. How to install History of Spaceflight: 1. unzip contract packs to a new folder 2. Choose which version you want to play. Either RSS/RP-0 mod or Stock 3. Copy the HistoryofSpaceflight folder into your KSP game directory under GameData/ContractPacks 4. When updating to a new version it's best to delete the previously installed HistoryofSpaceflight as well as ModuleManager.ConfigCache, and ModuleManager.ConfigSHA from your GameData folder to make sure it loads the new contracts that were added. License: This pack and associated plugin is Licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0. The beta for Stock/RO/RP-0 is available here- GitHub Also Spacedock, and Curse Report Issues Here Incompatible with Kerbalism or any other historical contract pack. Do not install these mods with this History of Spaceflight or you will have issues! Requires: Thanks to @Whitecat106 for his hard work on Historical Contracts. A few of his contracts were helpful in understanding the bugs in my own for the early parts of writing this mod. This is my first attempt at a mod and my coding skills are pretty basic. I'm learning as I'm going. I do have a lot of free time though as I am disabled and unable to work a job. So expect a lot of work coming out in the next few months as my condition permits. Websites referenced to make this mod: Encyclopedia Astronautica Gunter's Space Page Spacecraft Encyclopedia National Space Science Data Center Spacecraft Search Wikipedia
  24. 3 months in the making, I present to you my masterpiece. Hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by! (YT really doesn't like dark scenes btw)
  25. The game starts up after the initial loading screen, however when it gets to the menu, the screen with the planet and floating kerbals, it pauses for about 2-5 seconds, with nothing on-screen clickable, and then closes. I followed the 1.8.1 install instructions for RSS/RP/RO exactly, including the dll for DeadlyRentry and the folder thing for FAR. The only thing that I didn't follow was the Mechjeb Dev install via CKAN's updated repository. I just downloaded the regular one because my computer is having issues loading that and CKAN says it's failing to load it. I also have principia installed, but both Mechjeb and Principia don't affect the install, as removing them doesn't help with the crashing from my testing. I've also tried forcing OpenGL and uninstalling MSI Afterburner with no luck. Log's at the bottom along with some specs _______ Mods installed with their installed versions from CKAN. All the graphics and visual mods from the RSS/RP/RO wiki are running their suggested versions, in case CKAN doesn't match: Player log W10, 64bit, KSP 1.8.1. i7-7700k w/ GTX 1080 To reproduce: load the game and wait for it to reach the menu