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Found 6 results

  1. I made a quick ModuleManager patch that adds two resources, NuclearFuel and SpentFuel, and modifies the ModuleGenerator in the RTG to use NuclearFuel and produce EC and SpentFuel. Code: RESOURCE_DEFINITION { name = NuclearFuel displayName = NuclearFuel abbreviation = NF density = 0.0075 unitCost = 5 hsp = 920 flowMode = NO_FLOW transfer = NONE isTweakable = false volume = 5 RESOURCE_DRAIN_DEFINITION { isDrainable = false showDrainFX = false } } RESOURCE_DEFINITION { name = SpentFuel displayName = SpentFuel abbreviation = SpF density = 0.0075 unitCost = 5 hsp = 920 flowMode = NO_FLOW transfer = NONE isTweakable = false volume = 5 RESOURCE_DRAIN_DEFINITION { isDrainable = false showDrainFX = false } } @PART[rtg] { RESOURCE { name = NuclearFuel amount = 100 maxAmount = 100 } RESOURCE { name = SpentFuel amount = 0 maxAmount = 100 } @MODULE[ModuleGenerator] { INPUT_RESOURCE { name = NuclearFuel rate = 0.000001 } OUTPUT_RESOURCE { name = SpentFuel rate = 0.000001 } } } Edit: I made the fuel and spent fuel massless, since the generator is heavy enough already.
  2. It turns out that, while absolutely nothing happens most of the time, RTGs have a tendency to occasionally run away with heat generation when you store them too densely and isolated with no cooling. This pseudo-reactor is simply a cargo bay with 48 RTGs stacked in them. This is in a Dres orbit so there's no atmosphere to cause the heat; It was from the RTGs themselves. Kerbal Engineer gives some information under "THERMAL". Simply opening the bay luckily solved the problem. It's kinda weird and probably caused by some bug but definitely interesting. Love to hear your thoughts.
  3. This little thing should not be a cheaty gizmo that it is today. We have at least one mod that changes this (JDiminishingRTG, Near future electrical) in more than one way. It would be an extremely simple change to make it drop in output. One radioisotope is enough. I think it should be a stock behaviour.
  4. I'm buidling a deep space probe to Saturn and Jupiter, but the core overheats (on Earth and space) after a few minutes in flight.I'm using an RTG to power it and some radiators to cool it down,but they don't seem to be powerful enough or even to work.I noticed that I produce way too much electricty than I actually need and maybe this is the cause of the overheat. This is the message I get and a picture of the probe for comparsion: So yeah , any solutions?Maybe less power?I really have no idea.
  5. I'm working on a mod that goes on top of Nertea's DecayingRTGs add-on from Near Future Electrical. It adds three new types of RTGs with different decay rates and power ratings. - Polarium RTG (red) gives a staggering 190 ec/s, but decays with a half life of 0.03 years. (real-life analog: Polonium-210) - Kerbium RTG (blue) gives only 0.15 ec/s, but decays with a half life of 40 years. (real-life analog: Americium-241) - Boppium RTG (green) is cheaper than other RTGs, but has a half-life of 2.5 years and only gives 0.60 ec/s. (real-life analog: Strontium-90) - For reference, the regular Blutonium RTGs give 0.75 ec/s and have a half-life of 8 years. (real-life analog: Plutonium-238) These RTGs are just crude recolors of the stock model. Download on CurseForge Any comments questions are of course welcome!
  6. It's deep in the middle of the Cold War, The Republic of Kolonia and the Katax Union are in a nuclear faceoff. Weapons of mass destruction stand at a minute's notice. But one Kerbal had a few to many shots, and decided: "-burp- I'l-I'll make a -hiccup- cuuute-r-r one" Thus, the Radioisotope Thermal Grenade Launcher was born, code-named the Gravy Sockett. My challenge for you guys! Recreate the Davy Crockett in Kerbal Space Program! The Davy Crockett was a nuclear "grenade launcher" that shot M-388 tactical nuclear warheads. In this challenge, your M-388s will be stock RTGs. The RTG can be the ONLY thing that is launched, via the exhaust of the ground based launcher. No Engine or Fuel Tank mods are allowed. Structural ones, yes, and No BD Armory or Weapons ones. Feel free to use KIS/KAS fro reloading. The engines to launch it have to only be 0.625! Try to use 0.625 or structural parts! The point grading system is as such: Distance in meters+[Likeness to the Davy Crockett (my call) x10]+[Gravity of planet (in Gs) x100]+[Altitude of planet's atmosphere/100]=Points The likeness to the Davy Crockett will be out of 10, and this will be my call. The reason for the atmosphere thing is well, you know, Drag. So, my example would be: (Roughly) 100+05+100+70=275 Leaderboard: Here are some examples of the Davy Crockett below! I'd love to see some Jeep based designs, or ACPs or such! An informative video if you want to learn the history: Enjoy guys!