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Found 1 result

  1. Alright. I have a Dres spacecraft which I want to go to Dres. Since I am using a mod that rearranges the planets, I can't us a delta-v map. But with TWP, I have calculated the transfer windows and stuff. I have USI life-support, so that means life-support is in the picture. Here are some of the numbers to run. With my current recycling abilities, I can reduce supplies per kerbal to 2.3 daily. There are 4 kerbals on-board the spacecraft. That means 12.8 supplies daily. The mission is set to be about 700 days long, and therefore I want 50 extra day's worth of supplies for margin's sake. That is a total 750 days of supplies. 750 days worth of supplies at 12.8 supplies daily is 9,600 supplies. I'll bump that up to 10,000 supplies so now I have an ample margin of error. For the delta-v side of things, I need 3,000 m/s to arrive from Kerbin orbit to Dres orbit. It then takes another 3,000 m/s back to Kerbin. But the ejection burn from Dres to Kerbin is half of the delta-v meaning that if I throw away the spacecraft, I could use a smaller one. Or just do a bunch or areo-braking, which I am fine with. I will be coming out with new numbers as soon as I can. The reason I am doing this is so people can see my work and critic it so I could have a better spacecraft to visit Dres with, and to prevent my kerbs from dying. Also here is a pic of it so far. The transfer stage is missing presently. I do have a poodle for orbital maneuvers, but that will go soon. Happy Explosions!