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Found 13 results

  1. Right now i have a 110 km orbit, but i have 4 main questions: Where to put the maneuver node, where to aim the periapsis, how high the periapsis should be, and how to calculate with all that to the earth's rotation, and the drag what air makes. I made a test flight earlier on with the shuttle, and then i put the node 90 degrees ahead of the KSC and aimed the periapsis 90 degrees beyond the KSC, but i only used my eye, (just like i read somewhere in wiki) and when i reached the maneuver node, the KSC and the periapsis alligned up just to the right direction, but now, i have no idea how to recreate it again.
  2. Description: - Start and stop within the runway. - Under 10 tons - Under 123 parts - No SRB(Solid Rocket Booster)〜said Jebediah Kerman - Stock parts only - No mod applied (E.g. TweckScale) - No cheats - Impress Jebediah Kerman Let the challenge begin!
  3. So I haven't played in a while and I show up and design a killer new plane, takes off fine, flies great, but then when I go to land it, the instant the nose gear touches down, there's a huge bounce pitch approx. 20° and kicks the rest of the plane approx. 10 meters in the air. Done several tests following scientific method using controls and varying spring strength and damper strength, but I can only make the bounce take longer to hit or make it a little shallower, but it is always there. Starting to worry that my beauty is never going to see glory. I've seen other posts in regards to a more pervasive bounce at standstill and takeoff, but they're mostly older posts (>6 months). These such instances do not report the same symptoms and thus their solutions have not helped. Plane is 2 rear gear (medium retractable) and 1 nose (medium retractable), weight 12 ton, Mk. 2 fuselage with twin panther engines. The cockpit is BD Mk22 but I don't think that should be affecting the landing gear too much. Update: turned the nose gear around 180° and it is marginally more stable, also seeing some weird graphical glitches in the runway. I am aware that they updated the mesh for the runway, but the symptoms still show themselves on the grass. Current best results are max spring strength and much reduced dampers, but still requires very long and level approach.
  4. Flying planes in KSP is rather frustrating. But one of the things that I find most infuriating is that my plane always arrives about 10 feet above the runway, and proceeds to drop down onto it. Invariably, it then bounces on the totally inadequate wheels (I only have the stock basic landing gear at the moment) and explodes. Why does my plane always start so high? I've built it on the floor of the hanger, but it makes not the blindest bit of difference - launch 10 ft off the ground, drop and boom.
  5. The way the runway levels up is very weird. It starts off so bumpy that it is easier and safer to just take off from the grass right next to it. What I'm proposing is that the runway start off very short, and progressively get longer, instead of the runway starting off very bumpy and getting progressively smoother.
  6. Hi, there are certainly some possibilities with this kind of runways, for helping some "resilient" spaceplanes to leave ground, as well as there have been several concepts that use this kind of runway. I suggest aside the stock runway (or wherever), a (or several) custom angled runway may be constructed, may be electrified or not (magnetic takeoff possible)...
  7. So this feels like exactly the sort of thing Kerbals would come up with, plus it would settle the 'is the runway flat' debate forever, and be awesome to actually use:
  8. I have a very frustrating, recurring problem with planes. I cannot get a simple plane down the runway without it losing yaw control and crashing! This has been a problem for me across many versions of KSP. I try tweaking everything I can think of: types/number of wheels, steering on wheels enabled/disabled, wing shape/size/placement, control surfaces size/placement/authority control/deployment, reaction wheels setting/quantity, engine quantity/size/placement, ...and probably more. I've even tried with all three levels of runway; at level 3, the plane seems to take a little longer to start wobbling, but still does long before I reach a speed that will allow take-off. I'm using only stock plane parts (see list of mods below). AAAARRRRGH! I have a Career Mode game with several contracts that require flying around Kerbin, and I can't even get off the %&*@! ground. Specifically, once my plane exceeds ~35 m/s, a yaw wobble begins that only gets worse as my speed increases. Eventually, my SAS cannot halt the swerving, and almost immediately my own keyboard control cannot override the swerving. I swing off the runway and crash. Every. Single. Time. My KSP version is 1.2.1 (updated by Steam), and these are the mods I have: DMagic Orbital Science, Extraplanetary Launchpads, Firespitter (came bundled with USI mods), SCANSat, Tarsier Space Technology, TweakScale, and six USI mods (Asteroid Recycling Tech, Freight Transport Tech, Konstruction, Exploration Pack, Submarine Pack, and Modular Kolonization System). Also, below is a Dropbox link for my most recent plane design if anyone wishes to see it. Plane.craft?dl=0
  9. Hey KSP forum! I have been playing KSP for a couple of years, neatly avoiding the VHB. Building some quiet amazing structures like big space stations and mun base and such.. Well i went and fell in love with SSTO's so i thought okei lets learn to use the VHB. I build a small plane, flies like a dream, then went big and build a massive (mark IV) turbo prop science plane that flies like a dream (but slow though, and only atmospheric): But hey i felt ready to build a SSTO after watching a number of videos. I know i might be ambitious starting out with a mark IV SSTO as these things are massive. However i want it to haul big cargo in orbit so they need to be big. My problem isn't getting in orbit (not yet) my problem is simply creating a plane that doesn't fall apart or blow up before i even start a engine.. I have had serious problems with fuel tanks mounted on the side of my fuselage just falling of like i didn't even use tape to fix it. Even though i used struts! Sometimes in both sides sometimes only one of them.. no matter if the landing gears were mounted on them or the fuselage. Well if i design around this and actually get in the air my wings (one piece with procedural wings now) are flapping like a hummingbird and my elevons are pivoting around there center point around axial direction like its about to be ripped off.. Okei i got so tired of this that i started to try and copy other peoples planes like this one(which is really cool): Thinking okei if i build that without any cargo it should at least stick together and be able to spawn on the runway.. but no. the fuel tanks along the fuselage just drops of as soon as the plane loads to the run way.. Or.... everything just explodes.. WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING WRONG!?? I cant even copy other peoples work.. Will post some pictures of my miserable attempts when i get home. Is there some kind of trick to get the parts to stick together or is there a software problem? or am i simply just plain stupid? Never had these kind of problems with my plain old fashion rockets.. or small planes using only small parts. MODS used: Mark IV MechJeb Kerbal engineer procedual wings Any help much appreciated, almost giving up on KSP completely now..
  10. Here are some bugs for the Xbox One KSP: -Planes on runway are a few degrees to the left -Flaps on planes are "wonky" -Half the wheels on rovers go the wrong way -Objects in Spaceplane Hangar do not snap onto the middle automaticly Thats it! Don't expect these bugs being fixed, or if they even are bugs, but I hope you do your best. Thanks!
  11. The T1 runway is the only runway. The "upgraded" runways are only a graphic effect. They have NO COLLISION. What we are driving on is the same old crappy gravel with the pot holes and little hills, not the smooth flat paved surface we are presented with. Your landing gear is dipping into and over these very large imperfections in the T1 gravel runway, hidden under the paved runway model. That's why it suddenly goes one way or another, and why it seems to go randomly left or right. Temporary workaround until this is fixed: Use the flat ground left of the runway. It's ACTUALLY flat, and will not make your plane suddenly steer left or right on it's own. Don't believe me? Build a little lander probe with landing gear and launch it on the runway. Watch it sink into the runway model and settle on uneven terrain below. Good luck!
  12. I built an MK3 plane that has been rigged as a bomber. However, I am unable to launch it because it keeps yawing left on the runway. Is this a bug or is there some problem in my construction? Megabomber.craft