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Found 2 results

  1. The Dusken Rebillion Video

    Heres a short trailer of the shows I'm working on its unfinished atm.
  2. Special Mission Projects

    Welcome to S.M.P ( Special Mission Projects ) I'll be using this post to show off and share some of my SMP stuff along with some videos & screens of projects, now you may be wondering what SMP is. What is S.M.P ? S.M.P means Special Mission Projects that are rocket's & projects that are tests to see if they work, SMP in KPS is easier then the model's i use to make and i'll tell ya they wore hard to fly sometimes. How is got its name? S.M.P started back in 1998 wend I first built a test rocket back wend I was a model rocketeer I no longer fly model rockets anymore and have moved my rocket ideas into KSP were I restarted the SMP projects ones agen, I'm not the bust out there so I'll do my bust to keep it simple please forgive me is I make any errors. "Jeb how are we going to enplane to Bill what happened to his truck wend he gets back to Karben?" I hope you all enjoy this.