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Found 3 results

  1. I cannot use my Saitek HOTAS in KSP because of the horrible input lag it introduces. There is about half a second delay for all axes, making precise flight infeasible. Some said the problem is common for other Unity games aswell, but surely there must already be a workaround for it. Other people reported success with vJoy but that bypasses the Saitek drivers which I definitely don't want to, as I rely on their programming suite where I have over a dozen complex profiles for aircraft in another simulator called DCS. I've tried Advanced Fly-By-Wire aswell, with updated .dlls, but it changes absolutely nothing on my game. The lag is there in space aswell as in atmo. Windows 10 Pro N, tested both 32bit and 64bit game versions
  2. After much research and consideration into Ace’s KSP controller setup, Ace has found a Stick + Control pad combo that has a lot of potential. The first requirements were; (3 axis flight stick + throttle) & (3 axis Joy stick + key pad) = :-) The setup also had to fit on my desk and be of reasonable quality. I must have looked at all the Joystick and throttle combos available and even looked into creating custom controllers. I settled on the Saitek AV8R flight stick. For a Saitek product it is a good solid build and mine works just fine. It is good for lefties and righties. The throttle is on the front, easy to reach and out of the way. There are lots of programmable buttons and a four-way hat. You don’t have to use the Saitek software, I don’t. Best of all it comes with stickers :-) Cons; the stick is kind of big. People say I have big, beautiful hands, tremendous hands but this thing makes my hands feel small. That makes for a long throw and you may have to hold the base down. The base is a good size. For the Joy stick and key pad I wanted some thing like the Saitek Farm Sim control pad. It had a lot of cons; it is reportedly a poor build and big. It hangs off the desk edge and that is against the requirements. I was pretty close to purchasing. I found the IP Desktop from CH Products, it is an awesome find! It has a 3 axis joy stick, with a 2 button top, perfect for switching docking mode. It also has 12, yes, 12 programmable buttons I haven’t been able to use them all. It is compact, good for lefties and righties. The stick is short-throw the foot print is small and the palm rest holds it place for good control. It shows up in the control panel as a regular game controller so it has potential with other games. It makes docking and rover steering really fun. Cons; CH Products makes game controllers this is not one of them. The IP Desktop is an enterprise product used for controlling PTZ security cameras. You may not be able to purchase it directly and it is expensive if you find it new, around $400. I was able to find a floor model and haggled with the seller. Ace is having lots of fun with the setup, good luck with yours!
  3. I've been waiting for the 1.1 release, hoping it will fix the bugs with the joystick mapping for Saitek users (or as far as I know, any joystick which uses 2 different USB [throttle and stick, for example]). I was very happy to see the game recogniced joystick0 and joystick1, but when I try to map one of the axis, It always binds it to the joystick0, despite recognising both of them. I made a quick video to show what I'm talking about. Windows 7 64bits that recognise both devices as separated ones. In the config.ini it only recognises one of them: INPUT_DEVICES { Saitek Pro Flight X-55 R. = 0 } But as you can see, when I try to map the axis to my stick, it recognises the joy1.1, but then it binds it to joy0.1 (axis 1 of my throttle). This doesn't look right at all. More information: Button mapping works. It recognises 2 joysticks as joysticks 1 and 2, and they appear like this "joystick1button0" and "joystick2button0" in the config.ini, and works as intended. Thanks for the help