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Found 3 results

  1. For the next 24 hours, all parts in KSP will be half off! Including all mods! The Black Friday sale ends at midnight (12:00am EST) 25 November 2018. Just drop the BlackFriday folder into your GameData and enjoy all parts HALF OFF! (some users may experience sales lasting much longer than 24 hours, especially if they don't delete the Black Friday folder.) Requires: Module Manager (included) Black Friday 2018 is live! DOWNLOAD HERE! License: open-domain
  2. The Steam Sale has launched, great deals for the next 6 days (ends on the 29th). What are YOU buying?
  3. Steam winter sale is on yet again. Bit of a change this year - there are no "dailies" or "flash" sales going on. One sale price, for the whole two weeks, on every sale item. This makes choosing a time to buy a little easier, but also makes searching for good deals harder - because the search functionality leaves a lot to be desired. And with more than 10,000 sale items just looking for random good deals is darn near worthless. So, we need to make suggestions to help each other out. I'll start: KSP is again 40% off ($24) Terraria is $3.40. All the Lego games are on sale too. There are a whole bunch, and they're all fun. Any suggestions for what I should look for?