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Found 26 results

  1. I would greatly appreciate an SAS mode that holds the navball orientation at the horizon, perhaps locking all remaining degrees of freedom (like roll and rotation along the horizon). This would allow aircraft to fly long distances across the planet without player intervention, which would be especially useful for long flights to contract related sites, e.g. on Kerbin. I do think it is reasonably simplistic to warrant being an SAS feature.
  2. Hi, I've got a vessel stuck in low Kerbin orbit which desperately needs a Level 1 or better pilot to re-enter safely. The re-entry module was badly designed and it wants to tip over the wrong way (heat shield up, Mk1 command pod down) in the atmosphere; I've tried (many times) and failed to re-enter it manually without hitting the ground too hard. However, when I fly the same craft with Jebediah Kerman (who's currently at Level 1) on board, he can keep it stable all the way down with the "hold retrograde" SAS option. :-) The stranded vessel has three tourists on board, so all it has is an OKTO probe's SAS, which doesn't support "hold retrograde". The usual rescue options are precluded because 1) it doesn't have a docking port, 2) tourists can't EVA, and 3) there are no empty seats for me to EVA a pilot into. So I had an idea "what if I could use Remote Pilot Assist to transfer a Level 1 pilot's skills to it". I'm having some trouble getting this to work, though. As a preliminary test, I built a simple craft which has a Mk1-2 (3 man) command pod, two HG-5 (relay) antennas, a stack of batteries on top, and a token engine (not enough to get it off the ground) so that I can "launch" the thing and get the MET clock going without actually moving it anywhere. I then attempted to use it to control an unmanned probe (OKTO-based) which I already have up in keosynchronous orbit with visibility of the launch pad. However, it's not working. Even with two level 1 pilots on board the ground craft, both craft's antennas extended (they are both equipped with HG-5's), the orbiting probe still has only the OKTO's basic SAS (stability assist only) and the status bar at the top of the screen indicates it's being controlled from KSC, not the remote craft. In map view on the ground control pod, when I set it to "vessel links" it shows a faint green line from the ground control pod to the orbiting probe, so they do have a line-of-sight link. But still...the piloting skills are not being transferred. Am I missing something? Some requirement that's not met one one or other of the craft? Some button I need to press to activate the Remote Pilot Assist? Or does Remote Pilot Assist only kick in when the "normal" DSN link to KSC is occluded/too weak? Or does it not like the fact that the control craft is landed on Kerbin? (Should that even matter, since I did "launch" the thing and the mission clock is counting up like it should?) Thanks...any ideas are appreciated. :-)
  3. Not sure if i am doing something wrong but when i do an EVA it is not acting the way it used to. When i do an EVA the kerbal just spins out of control even with the RCS switched on he is always slowly rotating, meaning constant corrections and usually over corrections. Turning on the SAS also has no stabilising effect to the Kerbal. I've noticed that the navball on the screen does not link to the Kerbal either. It seems to still just show the reading for the ship i just got out of. Spinning the Kerbal around does not move the navball at all. It did used to. This is all made worse by not having a camera angle that locks you to the kerbal. The camera is always pointing in one direction and he is just spining on the screen, making it incredibly difficult to use RCS to bring him to a halt because he is rotating on all three axis so it is very difficult to work out which way to thrust to get him to stabilise if you are currently looking at him from an odd angle, not directly at his back. I have installed some mods lately, previously using stock i do not remember having these issues. EVA's were always quite easy. Is anyone aware of a mod that has caused these issues previously? I'm using 1.2.2. It seems to be Navball related as both the direction heading and SAS found on the Navball are just not tying to the Kerbal. The only Navball mod i use is Draggable Navball. Any ideas appreciated. Daniel
  4. Hey guys, quick question here. BTW, I tried my best to search for an answer, but couldn't seem to find one, so I apologize if it's been asked before. Are there hotkeys for the SAS hold buttons? I especially use the 'hold prograde' throughout a lot of the ascent of my rockets. I'm visually impaired, so it's been a thing where I have to pause the game to give me time to find and click the button, and it's kind of getting old. Might there be a mod that allows me to assign these SAS holds to action-groups? Thanks!
  5. Do you hate it when your craft is tugging along on SAS and you want to correct the course a bit? You touch pitch controls and it gets all wobbly. There is a simple solution to your problem: SAS should not control the control input, but work via the TRIM settings. You control input would be combined with the TRIM and you would have perfect controls even with SAS activated. Better yet: Allow the TRIM settings to be kept when leaving SAS (maybe with a modifier key or so) and move your craft from SAS to full manual control without even the slightest bump. Why we should do this? Because usually it is done like that. Your input is combined with stabilisation/trim. If it is still unclear what I mean exactly, move down three posts. User OHARA does explain it better!
  6. In my experience (1000+ hrs) SAS has always had a really difficult time negating steady-state error. As I understand it, SAS uses a PID controller to maintain a constant heading, and the wiki confirms this. However, the integral gain must be set to zero (a PD controller), because the system simply does not respond to steady-state error. You can see this yourself with any spacecraft where the thrust vector doesn't intersect the CoM. Setting the SAS and engaging the engines causes the craft to slew. The SAS will stop the slew after a few degrees (depending on the strength of your control schema), but it doesnt even try to get the heading back to the original state, even if the control axes are not pegged. It seems like the directional holds are slightly better at countering error but this may be blind optimism. If anyone has any insight into why this may be it would be greatly appreciated.
  7. KSP This sporadic bug has been driving me crazy. It mostly seems to occur when launching spaceplanes - 15 to 20 minutes after takeoff, SAS silently stops making inputs to correct the flight path, right when you actually start to need it since you're getting out of the atmosphere. Quitting the game and reloading from a save seems to fix it. This image sequence shows what happens. We're set to prograde and the nose is down and to the right of Prograde, and moving further in that direction. However, SAS is not applying any control inputs to correct this As you can see we have electrical charge, reaction wheels are enabled and set normal, and i'm stabbing alt + x for all it's worth. SAS still does not feel the need to correct. As we pitch past 90 deg nose down, it abruptly wakes up. But not to pitch. Instead it gives a hard bootful of left rudder. As we swap ends, the nose goes past the radial out position. It starts feeding in opposite rudder to kill the yaw. Job done ! SAS appears happy with its work, and leaves our nose pointing this way. Not quite prograde is it though? What about my circularisation burn? In this example at least, it seems SAS stopped monitoring Pitch altogether. When we went past 90 degrees nose down, the yaw angle display would have reversed, so it tried to fix that - and nothing else. I have mods (stock visual enhancements), so i guess i have to post in this forum. Does any long time player really play this game 100% stock? I uninstalled mechjeb and kerbal engineer, in case they were causing it. Due to the sporadic nature of the fault, it looked as though it might help, only to recur a few hours later.
  8. I did a search and couldn't find anything, but I was wondering if/when this one is getting addressed? It's about the most frustrating thing for me right now, I don't want to suffer from it in campaign so I just stay in the sandbox which makes me feel like I'm missing out on something.
  9. SO I played the game last in 1.1 and sas was fine no problem worked as it should and kept my rockets flying straight. When after many months I come into 1.2 and decide to launch a rocket I turn on sas and launch. And the rocket has no sas on or so it seems. before sas kept the rocket stable stopped the spinning worked all round as expected. now it acts like nothing is happening, doesn't correct (or if it does it's not helping) wont stop spinning rolling or anything of the sorts and makes the rocket give the ground an unpleasant explosive kiss.
  10. Anyone else noticed a hyperactive roll on their ships? It's like the SAS can't find a sweet spot or dead zone and goes too far and has to correct over and over. My kerbals have all made claims for sea sickness and sold all their rocking chairs.
  11. Reaction wheels that are turned on use power when in timewarp, right? (e.g. when you have SAS set to "stabilize" or "follow target") After having them drain all my power a few times, I got in the habit a while back of always turning off SAS when I leave a ship (e.g. when I return to Space Center / Tracking Station). I'm wondering, is there a way to hibernate them similar to command modules? Could hibernate capability be added via CFG edits?
  12. Somethin I would like to see would be an SAS mode where the SAS tries its hardest to stay pointed at the angle it was facing in when enabled. Even if the player provides input, on release the craft would try to re-orient back to its initial angle. To actually change the craft's angle you would need to change the SAS mode or switch off the SAS, which can easily be done quickly with the F button. I think this would be useful for those crafts where you want to stay pointing in one direction, but the SAS slowly creeps away and you have to keep correcting it, leading to a loss of efficiency.
  13. I'm curious about this. I've tried doing some research and find lots of info about wobble in large builds, but that has to do with the various parts of the ship flexing. This is not related to that, as my craft is only a small handful of parts. So, I've built a small, two-stage, sub-orbital probe using Procedural Parts fuel tanks, with a pair of reaction wheels (one 1.25m on stage one, and one .625m on stage two with the probe core). Stage one is a Swivel engine, stage two is a Terrier. Stage one launches nicely, and it flies quite well. This is actually the first design I've made that I have successfully executed a gravity turn with. I have to play with the throttle all the way up, otherwise it will go unstable and start flipping at around 25,000m. The problem comes in stage 2. For some reason, the SAS causes the craft to wobble endlessly, and I don't know why. It's wasting my electric charge from all the constant control inputs. If I turn off the reaction wheel, the craft just floats wildly out of control because the probe core doesn't have a built-in reaction wheel. I've had this problem before, but it was usually associated with having multiple active reaction wheels or RCS thrusters that were interfering with each other. This time, I have only the one reaction wheel active. Any ideas?
  14. The way stability assist seems to work at the moment is it holds your position based on some universal plane; while this is great for orbiting celestial bodies, it is a pain in the atmosphere. I suggest changing the plane of reference when surface mode is engaged to lock onto the current angle and orientation of the navball. If you wish to hold 20° vertically while travelling east, face east and aim at 20° then engage stability assist in surface mode. When the navball is changed to orbital mode then change the plane of reference back to its normal behavior (the way stability assist works now).
  15. SAS kraken

    hi. today i wanted to go for dres and back. i think you know, that it is pretty easy to re-entry in kerbin's atmosphere with just SAS turned off. but stuff happens, and SAS kraken attacks. again... idk what to do, because my orbit speed is 5k m/s, and no fuel left. when i tried to aim retrograde, i always fail (because of ridiculous re-entry speed). does someone knows how to fix this?
  16. If I set a docking port as target and turn SAS on target tracking, then go to orient the other craft to orient and come back the first one goes back to the default SAS mode. Can we have the SAS working on both and track each other so we just have to align 1 craft instead of going back and forth?
  17. Hi, I've found a bug most likely caused by remotetech, after the recent 1.1.3 ksp update I found I couldn't launch an unmammed rocket. The main problems are "T" and the space bar don't work, these actions couldn't be clicked on either, has anyone come across anything like this? also I've deleted my add ons and isolated it to remotetech, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Hi All, Experiencing a strange bug where on some (not all) of my vessels, I suddenly cannot toggle SAS (i.e. I could yesterday). When I hit T it goes on for a fraction of a second, thats it. Doesn't change if I hold down the key. I'm using RemoteTech which I feel might be relevant here. Anyone experienced this before?
  19. Since the update/upgrade, any attempts I make to use SAS and target markers [retro, prograde, radial,...] the nav ball targets jitter, the craft wobbles erratically making those features totally unusable for me. I have to click a marker on the left of the nav ball, wait until it comes almost locked, then disengage SAS and re-engage it, make manual adjustments [WASD] to get aligned. HELP!??
  20. So this will happen I turn on SAS after flying a super light, long distance glider plane completely straight and horizontal. The wings are slightly curved dihedral, which provides some balancing. They're also mounted above the center of mass to take advatage of additional balancing advantage from the keel effect. SAS doesn't care, it starts gently turning the rudder elevon more and more to the right. Also I chose elevons for tail wings to save mass. It shouldn't make it particularly manoeuvrable, but this is a glider so manoeuvrability should not be an issue. Either way, elevons are not a great choice for lift purposes, but I think the wing placement relative to center of mass should compensate for the lack of that. Either way, I don't think it should affect my vector in SAS. So what is going on here? What could I do to fix it? Craft file: Note: The landing gear are a bit poorly placed, but with reaction control it should be easy enough to prevent it from tipping during takeoff.
  21. I would like to see a toggle in the tweakables of every command module, to set how SAS should handle RCS if RCS is available. In the current version, SAS overuses RCS to a huge extent and causes a lot of problems with docking. So much so that you often need to make sure that one or the other is always off. So I would really prefer to be able to set a tweakable to either completely prevent SAS from using RCS, or to have the SAS system rely much more heavily on gyro stabilizers, even if the RCS system is turned on. PS. Oh, and things like Mk2 fuel tanks should mass slightly less than the equivalent Mk1 tanks. They are supposed to be higher tech, so there should be a benefit (besides a little lift) from using them (and going to all the effort to unlock them) -- you shouldn't be punished for it.
  22. Hi, I've been playing KSP for a few weeks now, and I'm new to these forums. Forgive me if this issue might have been discussed before, but I couldn't find it in the first 10 pages or so. When the craft is rotating when you activate time warp, it suddenly stops rotating (only doing an apparent rotation relative to the body you're orbiting because the absolute attitude remains the same). I admit I often use this glitch to cheat a little bit on craft that don't have a lot of attitude control (start rotation to desired attitude and then press "." and "," to instantly stop the rotation) but it kind of feels wrong. Maybe there's a good technical reason for this, but if at all possible, it would be nice if this could be changed. Also, SAS does not work during time warp but it DOES contiue to use energy! I have often found myself with dead batteries after timewarping through the solar system with SAS accidentally left on. It should either be officially off (and not use energy) or actually work if it does remain on. Right now it's the worst of both worlds, draining energy while not working. Also, some kind of warning or auto-off feature would be welcome for SAS. It's really easy to time warp through a multi-month solar system excursion and then realise that you just completely drained your batteries. Can trash an entire mission in a few seconds of inattention. Thanks, Michel
  23. When I started using SAS, I was a bit surprised how poorly it hunts for the intended target, often overshooting it, especially on craft with poor attitude control. I often have to help it and actually counteract its inputs, slowing it down as it approaches the target while SAS is still trying to accelerate towards it. It looks like the system's gains are tuned for high performance attitude control (working well using vectored engine thrust, with RCS or on very light craft with sufficiently large reaction wheels) but are woefully wrong when control is more limited. I can see it continue to accelerate towards the target while it's totally obvious it's going to overshoot and it ought to be slowing down. It would be nice if SAS would take the available torque into account so it stopped accelerating towards the target and started decelerating a lot earlier to avoid overshooting.
  24. I recently launched a ship carrying multiple unmanned probes. The main ship is able to target orbital vectors without issue, but the probes will not do this once separated. Here is a screenshot to give some idea of what's happening. Here I have selected the prograde vector in the SAS menu. The probe has power, RCS thrusters and monopropellant, but will not face prograde without manual repositioning. Instead it "jiggles" slightly in what can best be described as a less fuel efficient alternative to stability assist. I have not found a solution to this so far and any help would be greatly appreciated.
  25. Maybe already suggested (search function in forum have actually many issues), about manned spacecraft, assuming it's possible to maintain SAS (only stability function, if available and enabled) during EVAs, of course as long as a Kerbal pilot is staying in command pod (doesn't applicable for Mk1 like pods, for example). EVAs are really a pain, especially while the ship is rotating. IRL I've never seen, in NASA documentaries, the (real) Space Shuttle to rotate during astronaut EVAs (SSO seems stable).