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Found 9 results

  1. Ok so i've been trying to figure out where the code part for the blueprints are at in the save file. I have edited a save file before from the game Trimps, but i used a save editor which is meant for the game Trimps. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it also here is the save file. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LLgz3BWfXzfWC3WywH0MInOa56UoasEWEQLvo2Ixv8s/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Have a sandbox save from IDK which version offhand. Been playing through the new latest and greatest with no issues and a few smaller mods. I'd like to give the new launch site(s) a try. Any ideas on how to modify save file to be able to gain access to them? Made new Sandbox test save and it has them. Comparing the 2 sandbox files has the only difference being gameplay items (ships / records / crew) and a different seed. Can post my save file if anyone wants to take a look.
  3. So Ive been an avid player for months on this game - been playing almost a year, and i love the game so much. Now I wanna say this will be it and I'm done if this is unfixable but alas no, this isnt the first time this has happened and unfortunately I still come crawling back to the game. So this might be the third time now where this has happened, I've made loads of awesome rockets on sandbox but suddenly *poof* its all gone. Why do my save files keep dissappearing and can I recover one?? Yours truly, A broken Kerbonaut. EDIT: As an
  4. So I've been working on a pretty basic f-22 lookalike, but I used a large fuel tank in the center of the fuselage at first, now I want to simply switch it out for the cargo bay of the exact same dimensions (mk2 liquid fuel fuselage -> mk2 cargo bay crg-08). Is there any way to do that using the save files? any help would be appreciated, if you need craft files I can post them later. thanks in advance
  5. I don't know how other people's sandbox games look, but I keep designing prototype craft, and when they succesfully reach their destination, loose interest and switch back to space centre to build something else. As a result, everyone ends up abandoned on a prototype craft somewhere because it's crash landed, doesn't have enough fuel, or i simply cannot or will not plot a return journey. When I run out of Kerbals , I start a new save. Would it be a fun thing to share our defunct saves so people can have a go at rescuing the abandoned Kerbals? You'd be picking up someon
  6. Hello, forums! I'm running several mods, but up until recently, I could go into Mission Control and look at my mission archives to see completed, failed, etc. missions. They are now all missing. The most recent mods I added were the full Interstellar Fuel Switch and the Surface Experiment Pack, but I've also updated a couple others, as well. I can still see the missions to accept, and the missions I currently have, but once I complete something, it just disappears from the list rather than becoming a completed contract. I've checked my recycle bin, and there's nothing other than the o
  7. Oh boy, this has been driving me mad for the past three hours. I play KSP on version 1.1.2 with (quite) a few mods. (These mods being Aviator Arsenal, BDArmory, BD Vessel Switcher, Camera Tools, Dark Multiplayer, Destruction Effects, Firespitter, KAS, KAX, Hyperedit, Kerbinside, KIS, MechJeb, North Kerbin, Tweakscale, Texture Replacer, and Vessel Mover) How this Kraken attack goes: Load up the game, everything is normal, but music is off even though music is set to on. Press "Start Game" and "Load Save" and it shows a blank screen. I press cancel and open up "Load
  8. Hi everyone! I'm trying to work out how to adjust alignment/rotation of two modules currently docked together in space. I presume this must be possible to do within the save files. As you can see, the handle things are ever so slightly off, I don't think I could have got them more precisely aligned, given the circumstances (detachable rcs on orange tank - I've no idea why I chose to dock the orange tank to the command module rather than the other way round - also the orange tank is empty). So, does anyone know what I'm looking for in the save files to adjust? Will it be a simple
  9. Yes i know there are other threads on this, however they all seem to be dead. For the record, i had this issue back in 0.90, but it was mod-related, while this is a relatively clean install. The only mod i used was FMRS, but the plugin was deactivated for the entire session where the issue occurred, so i doubt it was the cause. The save was made only a few days ago, and nothing i can think of has changed that might have caused this. Basically what it says on the tin. I started 4(3 sets of 2, and 1 set of four) tourist contracts for visits to LKO, and launched several two-kerbal ships, h
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