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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, forums! I'm running several mods, but up until recently, I could go into Mission Control and look at my mission archives to see completed, failed, etc. missions. They are now all missing. The most recent mods I added were the full Interstellar Fuel Switch and the Surface Experiment Pack, but I've also updated a couple others, as well. I can still see the missions to accept, and the missions I currently have, but once I complete something, it just disappears from the list rather than becoming a completed contract. I've checked my recycle bin, and there's nothing other than the old version mod files from updating. Current mod list: [x]Science Toolbar Community Tech Tree Orbital Science IFS KIS/KAS EngineerRedux Mk2 Plane Expansion OSE Workshop (haven't used it yet) A few USI part mods MKS, but haven't started Kolonization and have only used MKS as much as saving Kolony Kerbals VesselViewer Raster Prop Monitor Universal Storage Final Frontier Planetary Base Systems Kerbal Alarm Clock SCANSat and Pathfinder Where in my game folder can I find the relevant files, or does anyone know something that could help? I've checked the various mod threads and through this one, but it seems to be a new problem. ETA: On more playing, completed contracts are going into the list again. All the old ones were purged, but it seems to be working again. Still curious what may have happened, but it's not much of a problem anymore.
  2. Oh boy, this has been driving me mad for the past three hours. I play KSP on version 1.1.2 with (quite) a few mods. (These mods being Aviator Arsenal, BDArmory, BD Vessel Switcher, Camera Tools, Dark Multiplayer, Destruction Effects, Firespitter, KAS, KAX, Hyperedit, Kerbinside, KIS, MechJeb, North Kerbin, Tweakscale, Texture Replacer, and Vessel Mover) How this Kraken attack goes: Load up the game, everything is normal, but music is off even though music is set to on. Press "Start Game" and "Load Save" and it shows a blank screen. I press cancel and open up "Load Save" again, thinking it was a one-time bug, the "Load Save" button stops working. To test something I make a new save and re-open KSP. Surprise surprise, the save is gone. I did some investigating and opened up my saves folder to be caught off guard by seeing all my saves still existing, but unplayable. Anyone know what is going on here? I'm assuming I just need to reinstall, but I don't know what caused it and if it will happen again due to my mods.
  3. Hi everyone! I'm trying to work out how to adjust alignment/rotation of two modules currently docked together in space. I presume this must be possible to do within the save files. As you can see, the handle things are ever so slightly off, I don't think I could have got them more precisely aligned, given the circumstances (detachable rcs on orange tank - I've no idea why I chose to dock the orange tank to the command module rather than the other way round - also the orange tank is empty). So, does anyone know what I'm looking for in the save files to adjust? Will it be a simple case of finding the docking port attached to the orange tank and rotating that or will I need to rotate the port, the tank and everything else with it? It needs to be aligned perfectly, for reasons.. Thanks everyone! P.S just in case the insert media link didn't work...
  4. Yes i know there are other threads on this, however they all seem to be dead. For the record, i had this issue back in 0.90, but it was mod-related, while this is a relatively clean install. The only mod i used was FMRS, but the plugin was deactivated for the entire session where the issue occurred, so i doubt it was the cause. The save was made only a few days ago, and nothing i can think of has changed that might have caused this. Basically what it says on the tin. I started 4(3 sets of 2, and 1 set of four) tourist contracts for visits to LKO, and launched several two-kerbal ships, however after landing them all, and heading to the tracking station to recover, i noticed that the contracts had disappeared. The contracts where definitely there when i started. I loaded the quick-save i made before de-orbiting any of the capsules, but the problem was still present. I looked at the save file using a text editor, and all of the contracts are still present, but do not appear in-game. This gives me some hope that i can salvage this situation. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as i sunk a lot of funds into these missions hoping for a big payout My persistent file, with ships still in orbit, and contracts that exist but do not appear: Log file: