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Found 3 results

  1. Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but here goes. This morning (I've been sleeping during the day lately) I ended a marathon play session of collecting science and surface scanning on Mun with a new rover I designed, worked well except for hitting the odd random bump while driving. I took a break to watch Netflix, came back an hour later to continue and found that my save couldn't be loaded. I don't remember if I exited to the main menu before closing KSP, or if the game was saving when I did so, not that it should matter if the game keeps a backup save while the save operation is finishing like it should be doing. At least I have Autoupload turned on and I only have to go back to yesterday morning's save. Still lost a lot of science and surface scans, not to mention all those hours. What I'm wondering is how the game loads save files. Is it loaded from the save named "persistent" within each playthrough, or is it the save with the most recent timestamp? I'm thinking if it's the former, a workaround could be to allow players to load something other than "persistent" in the event that that save is corrupt, such as a quicksave or other manually named save file. Maybe the persistent save is the foundation and the other saves build on it, like a differential backup.
  2. I'm editing an SFS file to recreate the orbit of 1I/╩╗Oumuamua in KSP and need some help with positing the asteroid in time. Here is the orbit info: ORBIT { SMA = -9810152184.3379135 ECC = 1.199340431517006 INC = 122.6811009854535 LPE = 241.6912942989328 LAN = 341.59948540862757 MNA = 45.352545166989543 EPH = 2458005.9891368006 REF = 0 } I now EPH is the Ephoch of the orbit but I can't figure out how to move the asteroid back on it's orbit so that it's incoming to the Kerbal system, currently I have it leaving at a hight rate of travel ~11Km/s I've run the UT clock forward ten years to get some room to work in, but setting the EPH down to 1 for e.g. doesn't move the object.
  3. hi i frequently alt+F5 for safety of operations, but when i want to load the saves oppening them by alt+F9 makes my game freez for about 3-5 mins i tought it was a number of saves that causes this so i tried to delate them one by one, but delating one is also resulting on a freez for few mins, delate them all would take me 2 hours is this safe to delate the saves directly from the folder ? ( i seen a lot of threads with corrupted saves, dont want to corrupt mines by doing this ) will this solve my issue ? my mods : KerbalEngineerRedux,TransferWindowPlanner, KerbalAlarmClock, Chatterer