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Found 4 results

  1. Hi. I have a game with more than 250 hours of the original game in career mode. If I install Breaking Ground can I continue the game with the new additions of the expansion? I have not found information about it. PD: I'm sorry for my English.
  2. Hi All, yesterday i did install the DMP mod for see how is the multiplayer, and today when i tried to play my career, just gone, i still have the files, but dunno how to fix it... somebody can help me> Thx!
  3. Hi everyone! I have two computers on distinct locations in my house with an identical setup on mods for each KSP installation. Now I would like to share at least one save game between these two computers, So I copied one of the save games onto my NAS and placed a link in the local KSP folder. But KSP does not treat the link as a folder or doesn't follow its path, Does anybody have a clue ob how to setup KSP to read & write on a NAS? (I am running Window 10 / 64 bit and use a Synology NAS)
  4. I am recreating all of NASA's Flights (And a few important ones that came before) in one save game. You will be able to fly any chosen craft, and complete the mission like it was meant to. This is gonna take forever... This will be all stock, no mods required (As much as it pains me... I will not use tweak scale). Starting from the Explorer 1, the first US satellite to orbit the earth, all the way to the present. Oh crap I am going to have to do 100+ space shuttle missions This is still heavily a work in progress. I will release a save to the public when I feel as I have
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