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Found 12 results

  1. Now onto this weeks Spacecraft Friday... What could be more awesome than a UFO, well a UFO that is also an SSTO. This UFO by @Signo flyies really well and looks great whilst doing so @Azimech has made a giant helicopter. I did attempt to test it but it 500 or so parts wanted to melt my computer. It looks really well designed and quite reliable too. @david50517 has published quite a few cool crafts this week but I think this one is the best. There was no download link so I couldn't try it but it still looks well built and would be useful to clear the debris from the runway @Consentia Aeronautics has made a great dream chaser inspired space plane. It is a bit twitchy to fly but is still easy to land and with the right launcher could get a decent sized payload into orbit @The Optimist has made a really cool recreation of the star ship enterprise. It has quite a low part count and has plenty of fuel tanks. It even comes with a self destruct mode. That's it for this week. Congratulations to all those featured, and to those who where not. Thanks
  2. Ok, for this week's Spacecraft Friday, we have.... Ray/ Ray HS long-range flying wing by Dr Farnsworth Flies like a dream, and looks awesome. Also a pretty sweet range for a decently small plane. 100% Scale Stock Boeing 777-200ER by Gman_builder Didn't testfly this one much due to it's massive part count, but it's just amazing in both size and looks. KRS Persistence N-S II: Single Stage to Anywhere Rocketship by DarkwarriorJ Low part count and easy to fly, overall a good design. Only thing that's missing is Kerbin return capable. Jool-in-the-Crown - Jool 5 craft by Foxter A well designed craft, it flies really smooth and has lots of dV in case you screw up. Swivel VTOL Plane by evader evader didn't release a craft file for this one so I couldn't testfly it, however a stock tilt engine VTOL SSTO is impressive.
  3. Can someone go through all the SCFs and count how many times SCF has been released on a day other than Friday? Because at this point I feel like the above version of the logo (or some variation of it) is more common than the original. Oh well, lamenting on my own lack of timeliness won't solve anything, so here we go, the Spacecraft *insert arbitrary day here* for July 30th, 2016! Fifth Place I've always wondered what Kerbals do in their time between missions, and this craft gives a pretty good answer. It's a small swimming pool, bar, and lounge made by @Malaclypse. Fourth Place This here is a little VTOL fighter equipped with two stock missiles. It looks really sleek, sort of like a Harrier, but still a little different. Made by @ghostbuzzer7. Third Place (Modified) Due to a small mistake on my part this craft was almost excluded from the list, but I have realized where I messed up and am making an attempt to fix it. This is a tandem rotor helicopter built by @Jon144. The cool part about it is that it is 100% stock! Now we've all seen stock helicopters here before, but this one can actually carry cargo a significant distance, which is appalling considering the extreme complications involved in build a stock rotary wing aircraft. Second Place A VTOL SSTO is cool, but making an entire series of them is even more awesome! I haven't actually known of @NSEP for very long, but everything I've seen from him looks like it's been very well done. The Mammoth 4 is claimed to carry 20 tons to LKO, and he has concepts for even larger ones, with payloads of up to 20 tons or more! It may not sound like much, but when the entire vehicle (minus the fuel) can be reused, 20 tons can suddenly become a whole lot larger. First Place Well, it seems like the themes this week have (inadvertently) been versatility and efficiency, and @Frozen_Heart continues it with this mothership. According to it's thread, the mothership can be configured for near infinite range, with an ore converter, a dropship to collect ore, and tanks to store it. For larger mining tasks, it can even equip a full size converter unit to yield more fuel more quickly. It can even use ion engines and giant solar arrays to reach the more remote areas of the Kerbol system, such as Eeloo or Moho. If you happen to be someone who likes to weaponize spacecraft, the Co-113A can even carry missiles or fighters. The sayin "Jack of all trades, master of none" comes to mind here, however I truly believe this craft is a Master of all. Alright, that does it for this week, if you would like to do your own SCF please check out this thread.
  4. And, without further ado, let's begin! @pTrevTrevs's AH-1 Cobra This is a great little craft, compact yet accurate to real life. Also a very nice use of mods on an essentially stock craft. Take it for a "spin" and blow up something! @Krog34's Junk Hunter This thing truly looks like a Star Wars-esque made-out-of-junk ship, but is still useful and good looking. Also a very nice use of 2 of the mk2 inline cockpit. @castille7's Crawfish queen I'm a sucker for KSP boats. And this one is an amazing example! With real lifesaverstm Take a river cruise today! @kapteenipirk's KSS Freedom CV-44 It has a working (modded) elevator and hangar! And it has less than 1000 parts! What more is there to say? @nestor_d's OSP Mk3.1 Firebird This self-refueling SSTA has a beautiful look, with the ached wings and use of modded parts that fit together seamlessly. Alright, that's it for this week, thanks for reading! Congratulations to the showcased, and to those who were not showcased. And a big thanks to @kapteenipirk for doing 3 SCF's in a row!
  5. Here we are, doing another SCF. I guess people just aren't interested in doing these kinds of thing more than once or twice, anyway, it's not like it matters since i've got plenty of time to do these. This time there where some genuenly interesting choices. Anyway, it's getting quite late here, so let's get on with the crafts for this week. Note: I learned from my mistakes. This time they are on a random order. First up we have something that i had quite a fun time testing: It can be quite tricky to get one of those things to work reliably, so seeing one that works perfectly is a nice thing . It's also a nice thing to drive around Kerbin, it's easy to control and is pretty fast, making ferrying Kerbals and cargo to the island airport a fun thing to do. Here are some picks of my test: And it's not half bad looking either. (guess it looks a bit like a banana) Next up we have a true show of originality: I really love the cleverness in it's design , not only does it look like what it's supposed to, it also works as a plane and can even reach space. It might end up being a bit useless tough, but who cares when it's basically a spacebird. And now we have a nice selection of rocket replicas that's only going to grow bigger: Unfortunetly there are no picks of these in action, but im sure they work just fine. Since the one and only rocket that i have currently, is a very similar delta-IV heavy. The launch towers are a nice touch, very low part but still pretty good looking (needs more logos tough). Now let's take a look at something that was created quite a long time ago, but has been updated by quite a bit. Just scroll down the comments and you'll be able to find picks of the new version. It's a really nice looking replica that also seems to works really nice (sorry, didn't have time to do any testing). And here we have something truly amazing: What more can you say about this one, its a god dam stock Rubik's cube that works . And that's it for this weeks SCF. It's a bit rushed, but nothing too bad. So i hope you enjoyed it . I might end up doing these for a while unless somebody gets interested . .
  6. Let's start of this weeks SCF by saying that, i'm not very good with SSTO's, nor am i with rockets so that's why there aren't any of those around. Plus, it's more easy to judge the quality of crafts that i'm familiar with. But with that said, let's get on with the crafts. NOTE: I put these in a random order, so there is no best or worst. On fifth place we have: I don't know that how much power that thing has but dam, i,m really interested to see the potential of that piston engine. Now we are one step closer to making our own UCS (ultimate collector series) WW1 biplanes . But let's hope we wont have to make a tree point landing like this guy . On fourth place we have: It's a very nice and stable VTOL indeed, but it did have some issues flying on normal plane mode. It felt like it was struggling to keep it's altitude. It's also very nice looking . But, since i wanted to see this thing at it's full potential, i did a small 1 minute fix to make it even better. Here are the results of that test. What i did to fix it was, that I put a couple hidden canards on the front where the intakes are, put the authority limit to 150 on the elevators and enabled the inboard flaps for pitch and put the limiter to 150. After those fixes it turned from a jet that struggles to fly, to something that can do a loop de loop no problem. All and all, i had a lot of fun flying around with this thing . On third place we have: A very nice and simple and good looking replica of one of the most famous aircrafts from the pages of aviation history. It's also very, VERY fast. I was able to fly at a speed of 1200 m/s on my test flight . Here is my test of it. I really like the way how he's used a MK-1 cockpit as the "camera" for this one . Let's just hope our living camera doesn't end up puking on the lens, it might ruin the pictures a bit. It is also a pretty nice thing to fly (a little over responsive on roll tough), but it certainly is not a stunt plane. On second place we have something a little different: Now that is what you call impressive , with a mobile launch platform and everything. I know that just how hard these kind of things are to build, with me being a builder of mobile launcher for an 80 ton ICBM. Anyway, that is certainly the way to go if you want to add a bit more style to your mondaying satellite launches. On First place we have the HE-51 from: This thing was a ton of fun to fly Now as much as he said that it's hard to fly (flying it was about as difficult as taking a nap), id say that the problem is over resposivness (starts to loose too much speed when pulling up). the flight was a lot smoother and fun after i put the limiter on all control surfaces to 50. And it's always a plus to have a working ejector seat. It also has a pretty neat looking cockpit interior, shame we don't get to see it without using camera mods. And here is my test flight of it. I have to say that the Kerbal loading system is quite...uum...interesting. It's quite interesting that Jeb was able to survive even tough the entire ejector seat exploded after me jettisoning it 100m off the ground. And there it is for you, this weeks Spacecraft Friday. I hope you enjoyed it .
  7. Its Friday again, and I am bring you the best (in my opinion) of this week's craft! This week is all about terrestrial crafts, or more specifically planes and cars! These are in no particular order, so starting off this week is The Jupiter Star SSTO by @Vaos Human This great cargo SSTO is a pleasure to fly, looks great, and can lift quite a lot! The next craft is The Pallas Cargo Seaplane By @Azimech For such a gigantic plane this craft flies extremely well, oh yea, and is a seaplane! The first rover of this week is The Stock Duna Buggy By @selfish_meme This little buggy is super fun to roll around in, is very simple, and just a plain great rover! The next two crafts are replicas of very different types The Audi R8 Replica by @Mareczex333 This little car looks great and is a true blast to drive around! Last but not least is one of the most creative rovers I have seen in a while, The Dinosaur Rover By @Daeridanii Not the most practical crafts, but fantastic nonetheless, i mean come on, a Dinosaur! I hope you guys have enjoyed this weeks SCF picks, I honestly stayed away from modded craft due to the time of installing them, but I did try to be as fair as possible. Have a great day!
  8. Sorry for the delay folks, time is short and I had trouble finding the time. So, without further ado, and before next Friday, Let's get started! The first craft I have today is @Jon144's Kelaz stock dump truck! "The Kelaz-47 is a heavy dump truck capable of carrying more than twice it's own weight. It's also a 100% stock 280 part Mega-Truck. No mods required!" This amazing truck uses many inventive techniques that give it independent wheels, and a working dump bucket! Great job! The next craft is really, two, @Azimech's Klingon battlecruiser D7 and Motion Picture Enterprise stunt planes! These two little ships look accurate, and even fly in the atmosphere! Awesome craft! Next up is @SnakyLeVrai's KSC crew truck! This cool truck can take your astronauts to the rocket in style! It uses some interesting building techniques to allow the truck to look very authentic. Nice job! The final craft this weeks is @PointySideUp's BZT Speeder craft. This little craft can let you fly around the KSC in style! It's compact, fast, and cool! Great work. Great work to all of the builders this weeks, and I want to apologize again for it being so late. Life just got in the way, I guess. Thanks!
  9. Hi all, time for another SCF! I'm a bit late this time, I forgot. This SCF will focus on proper spacecraft, since it's been a while since we've had one that focused on that. So I give you, in no particular order, the spacecraft of SCF! |Cygnus Recoverable SSTO Rockets| By @Warzouz I tested the RR-100 for this SCF, and it worked well. The margin is very tight, and the payload connection is a bit wobbly (Probably better with KJR) especially when you're almost out of first stage fuel. Reentry is dicey, I lost two airbrakes, mostly due to bad piloting, though. Amazingly, though, I was able recover it before it tipped over, even though I landed it on a huge hill. This is a great idea, and work very well! |JSC Shuttle IIc| By @Speeding Mullet This a great shuttle design proposal, the abort is especially great. It's very easy to fly, with that vector gimbal range. With 1,185 m/s of delta-v from the nuclear rocket engines, I wouldn't be surprised if it could do a Mun flyby. Reentry is a bit tricky. I sent it into a spin at altitude, which it seems to hate, and so I had to abort. |Jimbodiah's NASA rockets| By @Jimbodiah These are a set of very nice modded replicas of NASA craft, future and proposed. I did not test these because of the mods. |Superfluously Rotating Recoverable Boosters| By @selfish_meme These may not be the most useful (I couldn't the wings to lockout) but they are still awesome! My problems with getting it to lockout may be a problem with my save, though. And finally, so it's not just rockets, |The Bristol Boxkite| By @pTrevTrevs Using an awesome @Majorjim strut framework design, now with engines! Honorable mention: |Binary VTOL/SSTO| By @Bubbadevlin I changed my mind on this one folks. This SSTO can actually rotate it's engine nacelles to vertical flight mode, or horizontal flight mode, while still staying part of the same craft. Alright, folks, that's it for this week!
  10. Disclaimer at bottom Ok, its time for another SCF! This week is a collection of craft that happened to catch my eye. It is a little rushed since I didn't know I had been moved up to this week till yesterday. I did find time to do some basic testing of each craft featured though. Anyway enough of my rambling, now for the craft! The Flying Teacup By @waterlubber An interesting little bit of fun. This miniscule craft is great for zipping around the space center. A mere six parts and hilarity and/or frustration will ensue. You will need the Take Command mod to fly this (or add a probe core). Forum Thread B-52 Stratofortress with X-24A Martin Marietta By @sal_vager This craft was amazing to fly! While testing this one I managed to get the Marietta to 35km. The Marietta handles smoothly and can easily touch down on land or in the water. Forum Thread Rolls-Royce Thrust Measuring Rig mk2 By @Majorjim This is a very well done replica. It is a little difficult to fly for the inexperienced (i.e. me). It does respond well to inputs and can even survive a fall from 200m. Forum Thread Nova II - 229 tons to LKO By @Temstar This behemoth of a rocket will throw just about anything you want into LKO. The lifter weighs in at nearly 850 tons and with the proofing payload included in the download tops out at 1065.8 tons. Forum Thread "Bor" - light and cheap spaceplane for 4 kerbonaut/tourists By @Mesklin This small shuttle is superb for those tourist contracts. Capable of reaching LKO, it handles well in the atmosphere. Forum Thread That is it for the featured craft! Congratulations to these builders. Honorable Mentions Alright, that's it for this week. Hope you enjoyed this week's Spacecraft Friday!
  11. OK! It's time for another edition of Space Craft Friday! I decided to skip the standard disclaimer as I think everyone knows what it says. This week was tricky, a lot of showcase threads were added to the SCE due to the Rocket Builders going away, so finding individual craft was a bit of a challenge! Never the less, I pushed on and found a few little goodies hidden around the SCE. Please enjoy! Let's get started! |Mini VTOL - Minute| By castille7 This little VTOL is probably the cutest thing I've seen! The wing design is quite unique and everything else on the plane looks very nice. It kind of looks like a butterfly! LINK TO FORUM THREAD _________________________________________________ |Buran 11F35 Kerbal I| By Speeding Mullet Now, I know there are quite a few NASA Space Shuttle replicas on the forums, but not a lot of replicas of the Buran Shuttle (AFAIK;)). This shuttle is quite beautiful for it's low(ish) part count and it even comes with an Energia launcher! Check out the forum page for more pics and info. Speeding Mullet really went into detail! _________________________________________________ |T-10 Jet Strike Fighter| By ghostbuzzer7 If you're into stock KSP warfare, then this jet's for you. The T-10 is a very nice aircraft both aesthetically and... uh well... (I didn't actually test this)... Anyway! I chose this plane for the SCF because of it's simplicity. We don't see enough simple things on the forums these days, it's all about gears and bearings and really complicated things that I can only dream of building. So I decided to remind everyone of how beautiful simplicity can be. Well done ghostbuzzer7. LINK TO FORUM THREAD _________________________________________________ |Cypher - High Performance Dropship/Prospector| By Cupcake... I don't play with drop ships that much, but this one was just too pretty to ignore. As you may know, Cupcake is well known for his drop ships in KSP, but I didn't think any of his creations had been featured on SCF. This is a very clean and simple design, I just love that cockpit! LINK TO FORUM THREAD _________________________________________________ |WWII Avro Lancaster Replicas| By Columbia These two replicas of the famous WWII bombers are both very nice models. Just look at those wings! These beauties also pack a massive punch in the form of explosives with each plane carrying a massive load of bombs. Time to bust some dams! (I think it's the same plane...) LINK TO FORUM THREAD _________________________________________________ |WWI Medium Bomber| By Azimech To finish off this week's showcase, a remarkable aircraft based on bombers from WWI. Built by Azimech, this amazing aircraft is very well built and uses very clever techniques to produce the final product. If you like flying classic aircraft, then this one's for you! LINK TO FORUM THREAD _________________________________________________ So there we have it. Another excellent week in the Kerbal Spacecraft Exchange. Thankyou for taking the time to read this, and I hope you have enjoyed looking at all the amazing craft showcased here today. Please let me know what you think of this edition, and if there is anything that you think could be improved, please kindly let me know. Thanks to all of the builders who's craft made it here, and to those who may not have made it in. These choices were my personal opinion, and I don't mean to leave anyone out on purpose. Thanks again and HAPPY FLYING! YargJay9991
  12. Shamelessly ripped this banner from pTrevTrevs So for this week's theme, amid the chaos of the forum switchover, sadly I didn't have as much time as I had hoped. So today's theme, Land, Sea, Air & Space. One a pop. There were some good contenders that weren't featured. Again, my criteria were very arbitrary. However these four made me smile and mostly enjoy watching my CPU try and melt itself. My other criteria, I wanted to feature less well-known builders. So my preferences ignored well-known builders. And I was being lazy... So there's the criteria. Now onto the craft. Land andrew123's T-72A: It's a tank. And it's a beautiful piece of work. It looks like a tank, it drives like a tank that those endos, and it spins its turret. I just wanted it to shoot stuff so I can go bombard the eejits that inhabit the VAB building... T-72A Thread link Air Bubbadevlin's F86 Sabre. This is a nice little replica, I had two teeny gripes (nose shape slightly off, and this version has a tailwheel rather than a nosewheel - eh potato potaato), but had so much fun hootling around the KSC that I forgot about them. Sabre thread link Sea EladDv's Pompeii. The missiles this thing carries are just too cute. I love them. Sadly, my FPS was limiting so while I tested it, I can only vouch for how much fun I had mashing the space bar and watching the missiles fly away like cute little missiles. Pompeii thread link Space Bill Zarr's Enterprise: I don't really know what to say about this one. It's the Enterprise, yet in a manageable size. Yes I enjoyed a slideshow, so I didn't try it with the shuttle. But the launch system it came with me was surprisingly easy. Even for a moron like me that hasn't actually been to space in a long time. Heck, I can't even remember how to build a rocket these days... USS Enterprise thread link