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Found 2 results

  1. Please read: Just so we're clear, I'm going to make this as accurate as possible. But come on, it's an alien civilization in the LMC, there's going to be inaccuracies. I'm still writing TCBW, don't worry. And please keep in mind this is the first draft, a lot will be rewritten in the published version if I can get it published. So here goes; Over 300 years from now, the crew of the Infinitum travels through a Wormhole to create a new life for themselves but find themselves in the middle of an Interstellar conflict between three powerful Alien civilizations trying to lead a galactic alliance in the Large Magellanic Cloud. So... Tell me what you guys think below, btw, this isn't going to be just a bunch of logs, but there will be some from time to time Chapter 1 (Will be integrated into a chapter in the middle of the book in the second draft)
  2. I got the idea from this video; So now I have a second book, along with short stories with daniel l. So this will be good practice for when I have lots of homework in the future Since I'm still thinking about the idea, the first chapter will take awhile, but there will be a Gas Giant about 8 Jupiter masses in the habitable zone that captured a habitable planet between the size of Earth and Mars as it migrated, and towed along a Mars sized moon, and the Gas Giant orbits a K type main sequence. Here's the basic plot; A primitive medieval civilization, an early space faring civilization, two Moons, two civilizations, what would happen if they made contact? Several years after an Asteroid hits a city, and kills millions, a scientist convinces his government to fund a space program, several years after it starts up, they find that the nearby Moon they call 'The Twin' hosts an Avian civilization a few hundred years of development behind them, realizing that the civilization may teach them more about their early development, they start a mission to make contact, and bring both of their civilizations to the golden age. @Atlas2342 @Findthepin1 Want to help with this one as well?