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Found 5 results

  1. So I'm currently writing WIP science fiction novels (Links in my sig), and I know some of you guys are too, So what scifi do you guys write? Post here, and we can get something of an archive going maybe, like the fan works library
  2. Hey Guys, I'm currently reading Downbelow Station by C J Cherryh, and I thought it would be fun to recreate the titular space station in KSP. There is, however, a problem I'm running into. In the book, all of the docking ports on this space station are on the ring, not the hub. Given the diameter of the station and how fast it would have to spin to generate 1g, the surface of the ring is moving by at about 73 meters per second, way too fast to even hope to perform a successful docking. So to anyone here who has read the book or is even just familiar with the story, what am I missi
  3. Hey guys! I am new to the kerbal community and really hoping y'all can help me out! I am writing a novel about life among the clouds of Venus and I need help figuring out some basic science about how people would do it. I have done quite a bit of research online but there still remains a number of questions I can't seem to answer. They are as follows: 1. What is the range of atmospheric pressure above Venus in the range of 20-50 Km? I understand that near the top would be about 1 bar. 2. What would the temperature range be like in this 20-50 km area? I have heard wildly different es
  4. KSP is more or less about the exploration of space as is Star Trek which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary - a TV series which led to the invention of automatic doors and the mobile phone and I always assumed everybody on this forum had seen at least one episode of that franchise, but a few days ago I was taught wrong. Which led me to the question what are your favorite science fiction films (and why?), which do you consider 'must see' and which films are still on your personal to do list? So here's my selection: Contact - nice exploration of the 'what if they answered the cal
  5. I think he was the best written and the most smartest character in entire star trek series, yes he was also most annoying character, aside Wesley Crusher of of course But i wonder why Q not intervened when Jean-Luc Piccard nephew died in the fire (In Star Trek: The Next Generation motion picture) he might save they boy, and would be also nice cameo appearance of Q in the movie
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