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Found 36 results

  1. KTech Download at the bottom of this post. This mod adds a few weapons and items from Star Trek and Star Wars, as well as a couple of new and original SciFi weapons like a Space missile and a super powerful Rail gun. Some of these parts are super OP, and are meant for pure unadulterated fun and destruction! Star Trek: Photon Torpedo - Functions like the HE-KV-1. It is radar guided with built in RCS, it can maneuver in a vacuum and has a 1000km range. Federation Phaser Turret NX Class Phaser Cannon Klingon Phaser Cannon Star Wars: R2D2 - Advanced probe core with MechJeb capability, and full BDAc weapon manager! Turbo Laser Cannon Light Laser and Medium Laser (Star Wars theme... not actually in Star Wars) Turbo Laser Turret (almost too OP, may change) This is not copied from another mod, the cfg and sound is original. I did however get the idea from @Aerolfos, creator of Future Weapons The following 3 weapons are also from SpannerMonkey(smce) X10 Laser X10b Laser X10 Double Laser Halo: M808 Scorpion tank and 2 turrets. Original: Rail Gun Turret - Three skins available Stock, Canadian CADPAT (replica), Snake and Dragon Scales (with texture switching provided by SM Industries), this is an extremely powerful Tank style/turret mounted rail gun, with a muzzle velocity of 5km/sec and a range of 150km!! Truly Devastating!! S1 Space Missile - Three color options (if SM Industries is installed) Functions like the HE-KV-1, it's a radar guided space missile with built in RCS, can maneuver in a vacuum, has a 1000km range, and can survive re-entry! Upgraded Target Cam with 200km range! Upgraded Rover wheels... limited production, test of product viability. Space Radar - *Most important part!! This is needed for super long range targeting in space, has a 1000km range, and will only function in a vacuum or in extremely thin atmosphere above 27,000m. Dependencies: BDArmory Continued or higher. Optional Dependencies: For S1 Space missile M808, and Rail Gun texture switching, you will require SM Industries For R2D2 MechJeb functionality, you will need MechJeb2 For the tracks on the included .craft, you will need SM_AFVs and the above mentioned SM Industries. Model creators: @SpannerMonkey(smce) - The Two Phaser Turrets, Photon Torpedo, Modifications to R2D2, RailGun Turret, S1 Space Weapon, TL Cannon, and the line of X10 Laser Cannons. @BahamutoD - Original creator of BDArmory. BDAc Models used in: Space Radar, KE Round Box, Klingon Phaser Cannon, and the Turbo Laser Turret. @Devo - R2D2 Model. Special Thanks: @DoctorDavinci For your work on the Space Radar plugin (now part of BDAc) and for answing so many of my questions! @jrodriguez, @Papa_Joe, @gomker @Eidahlil for implementing every single fix and tweak I have asked for (especially the radar modification)... you guys are truly spoiling me! Cheers guys! This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Source files Change Log: NOTE: Only for BDAc or higher! Github Dropbox SpaceDock
  2. Skunkworks Presents: The Mitchell-Hyundai SA 23 StarFury Yes we have released the StarFury for your enjoyment. Check it out at the Spacedock! StinkyAce
  3. The Raging Sandwich

    Raging Sandwich's Book Collection

    I'm chock-full of ideas for stories and novels. Most of them sci-fi, but some aren't. Here's a list of my ideas and the order I'll be doing them: Here's my books already being written: (Warning: Violent and potentially offensive) And the books I have completed: As I get started on more ideas, I'll be posting the links to their individual threads above. As I get more ideas, I'll be putting them down in the comments below. If you have any suggestions, please put them here!
  4. I had an idea for a mod that would give you a TARDIS that could actually teleport, complete with blue flashing and fading away. I know there's a TARDIS mod already out there, but it just accelerates really fast. Is there a way one could make a teleportation feature based on the hyperedit plugin? To clarify, teleportation in the game would work like this: The TARDIS' teleporter would be controlled with a UI similar to Hyperedit. After picking the coordinates, be it an orbit or on the surface, and hitting the teleport button, the TARDIS would do its trademark fade from the first location until it becomes invisible, then the camera switches to the target location and the TARDIS fades in. I'm not a coder, though. Just an idea I'd love to see.
  5. StinkyAce

    Skunk Works Presents

    Skunk Works Presents: STAR TREK SHUTTLES. Boldy going........ Trek Shuttles
  6. StinkyAce

    Skunk Works products

    Seen flying over Kerbin, the Skunk Works SA 23 StarFury. Now available at spacedock. These two are custom skinned, "Omega 1 and Scallywag"
  7. StinkyAce

    Cr 90 Corvette

    The CR 90(a) Is now ready for all your defense needs. Check it out here Engineer Corporation CR 90 Corvette Skunk_Works. A Special thanks to our senior test pilot, Blackent1.
  8. StinkyAce

    The Romulans

    Skunk Works Presents, The Romulan Star Navy (Sort of) 3 Models released for tinkering.. They are the V7 Whitewind Star Navy V7 the V30 Winged Defender Star Navy V30 and the V32 Killerhawk. Star Navy V 32 Check em out.
  9. StinkyAce

    The Cardassians

    The Cardassians have arrived, No not Kim and Khloe, The Galor class cruiser Navy
  10. Coming soon from skunk works... USS Kerbin departs Alexandria Station.
  11. Well here it is.... The Uss Nimitz and Several variant DryDocks Nimitz and Drydock?ga=%3CGame+3102+%27Kerbal+Space+Program%27%3E
  12. StinkyAce


    Getting tired of the Same old Enterprise? Wishing for more than a Miranda? Heres your Solution. The USS ARIZONA Excelsior Class Battleship. Arizona
  13. We are hoping to get this available to the people asap. We can't figure out how to make it a spawn point. Drydock
  14. The Strike Fighter from Star Trek Strike Fighter
  15. Greetings one an all, We are currently seeking test pilots. We have openings is our alpha team which primarily tests Star Trek equipment. No qualifications required as we are seeking input on how to make them better. To apply, PM me. Thank you Skunk Works command.
  16. StinkyAce

    USS Rio Grande

    The Runabout is ready for delivery. Class Runabout?ga=%3CGame+3102+%27Kerbal+Space+Program%27%3E Enjoy
  17. StinkyAce

    A legality question

    I have a question concerning skunk works creations, perhaps you as a community can help. Replication of star wars vehicles, I have painstakingly recreated star wars models, but I am wondering where the copy write laws apply? This is our next planned release. The SWTOR line. Ideas?
  18. StinkyAce

    Skunk works

    High over Kerbin...
  19. The Yt1300 Mynock on approach to Typhon Station which orbits Kerbin at 900000
  20. StinkyAce

    Shuttlecraft Type F

    Let this serve as a place for questions concerning the Federation TYPE F Galileo 7 Shuttlecraft. Check it out and tell me what ya think....
  21. StinkyAce

    STAR WARS Set 1

    This is the Discussion Thread for the Skunk Works Release. Now Available This set is a set of Several ships, all are completely flyable and break all the laws of physics. there are the following craft in this file. A wing, B wing, Y Wing, X wing, X34 Land Speeder, Tie Fighter, and a YT 1300 Millennium Falcon. Follow the instructions. and have fun. Leave questions and comments here. Download WARS Set 1
  22. StinkyAce

    Build a YT1300

    This is the Page where we discuss the Famed YT1300 and its Mods. Post images and show off your SHIP!
  23. Just how sci fi are you? This ship is the.....?? (I know)
  24. Was fiddling around with this model, and turns out I had a need as station Kevin was hit by debris killing 4 out of 17 crew. Rescue operation. So I through this at the problem, the moon bus from 2001 a space odessey, it holds 10 passengers plus 2 crew. Pictured is Gateway Kerbin II with 4 bus vehicles docked and a sat maintenance version.
  25. StinkyAce


    This is the post area for all Skunk_Works related questions. The X34 Land speeder is out. This model cheats the laws of physics, but is very fun and the fastest rover available. NOW RELEASED The Xwing (T65b) The Ywing The A wing The B wing The Standard Tie Fighter Coming Soon And a Build a YT 1300 toy box. Stay tuned, I will check here from time to time. Download link WARS