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Found 2 results

  1. I"m in need of some help installing making history add-on. I"m running Linux mint on a Quad core Asus motherboard I built. the basic program runs great, so i decided to buy the Making history Add-on. I"ve unzipped the files to a folder on my desktop. But the instructions tell me to run a script called dlc-mhe-[lang]. command. I"ve got no clue how to run this in the Command terminal. after i open the terminal I get this:( ray@ray-quadcore:~$ ) can anyone with some linux experience help me out? Thanks for any help Ray Gott
  2. I Recently downloaded KOS and I kind of have an idea of what I want to do. I want to script multiple scripts to achieve an Apollo style Landing on the moon and to do this I have decided on the scripts I want to make.. The first one is the auto-launch program where the craft goes up to 5 - 10 km then preforms a gravity turn and is put on a heading until the objective altitude is reached then it coasts to Apogee then makes the circularization burn I also want it to script the if negative vertical velocity to trigger the abort action group and switch to a file that contains procedures for the abort to jettison the les and to deploy the parachutes. I need a program that will execute maneuver nodes, a lunar landing Descent and Liftoff, a reentry autopilot for displaying heat shield integrity and action groups. I will also need a few micro managing programs that I think I can code my self and some of this I may be able to do since I do not fully understand the Kerbal computing language.