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Found 1 result

  1. Hmmmmmm I need a plot device to start this off......... Year 3, day 239. Tracking station, KSC. Bob Kerman was looking over the latest astrometry read-outs on the jool system, while he was observing the orbital resonances, he noticed something anomalous between Laythe and Tylo, something defiantly out of the ordinary, disrupting the orbits of both of the planet-moons in a very regular fashion, causing a very interesting orbital resonance of both of the moons, eyes widening, he knew exactly what was happening, another planet-moon, orbiting between Laythe and Tylo, he rushed to the mission control room (during their coffee break), and they agreed to the mission, although bob personally thought that Wherner, and Gene agreed to just shut him up, so they could finish their coffee break in peace. The VAB team started work on a latest pod design, named (very colorfully) Eggshell 2, no one, AND I MEAN NO ONE, shall ever speak of Eggshell 1 since it`s last few test flights. With the rocket put together with ample amounts of superglue, duct tape, and coffee, it was rolled out to the launch pad on a Eggshell booster. After a beautiful lift-off from launchpad K-19, it began its graceful gravity turn, into Kerbin`s summer clouds After a successful launch (the first one since the cursed Eggshell-1), they proceeded to test out the crafts maneuverability in orbit, and it`s OMS engine And with much bickering about Bob`s mustache distracting bill, they prepared for re-entry Then as they felt the gees from re-entry slowly creep up, They continued bickering, but did not realize one very, very important thing..... They forgot a parachute! So, Bill being Bill, he decided to channel his inner para-trooper, and jump out <CLASSIFIED> <REMOVED FROM TEXT> <NO!> After a very long fall, both bob, and bill survived, bob being the lucky one, he survived with only a very wet mustache as a injury... Bill, on the other hand had to be carted away in a charter boat that the kerbals use for recovery. And this, was the end of the first (mainly successful) test flight of Eggshell-1