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Found 6 results

  1. The Jet-of-the-Day Collaboration A collaboration between NorthAmericanAviation and Servo Recently, @NorthAmericanAviation and I have been working on replicating every U.S. military jet, from the first P-59 Airacomet to the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. We will be posting one a day, in the order that they entered service, along with photos, information about the plane, and of course, a download link. June 1943 - Bell P-59 Airacomet The Bell P-59 Airacomet was the first U.S. Jet fighter to see production. It was first flown in 1942, and the first production models were delivered in June of the following year. Test pilots, including Chuck Yeager, flew the P-59 and found it to be unsatisfactorily slow, though they noted that it flew very smoothly. Ultimately, the P-59 never saw service due to the multitude of problems the design faced, including slow engine response time (accurately modeled by the Juno engines on the replication) and lateral instability. In order to disguise the P-59 from aerial reconnaissance, a plywood propeller was used to prevent spies from realizing that the P-59 was a jet fighter. Despite these shortcomings, the P-59 was a pioneering jet in many aspects. It was the first jet to integrate the engines and intakes into the fuselage - prior ones such as the Gloster Meteor and the Me 262 carried their engines in nacelles under or on the wing. Additionally, the experience the U.S. gained with turbojet design would be shown in later fighters, such as the F-59's immediate successor, the P-80 Shooting Star, and later, the F-86 Sabre. Replica Stats: Builder: Servo Service Ceiling: 10km Part count: 71 Crew: 1 Mass: 9.5 tons Powerplant: 4x Juno Top Speed: 140m/s Dimensions: 4m x 11.7m x 10.2 m The P-59 flies pretty well, though like the original, it is a bit clunky. Due to the engine position, it is slow to respond to pitch controls. Additionally, the rear landing gear are almost directly above the center of mass, so landings have to be really gentle. Apart from that, the P-59 is really easy to fly, stable without SAS (given a little bit of trim), and at high time warp without too much trouble. Download Link: Tomorrow's craft: Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star Find the spreadsheet with all craft here
  2. Howdy all! Here is my first official post for a series I'm trying to start. I'm not fully set on the name yet, but I figured it sounded at least slightly cool for the time being. This post won't be too much stuff in game, but will give the main back story (also still quite fluid on that also) to everything in the series' universe. I'm also currently referring to Kerbals as if they are humans (more or less) so if there is any confusion with that just let me know. As I stated in my first post related to this topic all of this is still up for debate as I'm not still not sure where I want to go with it: Feel free to leave comments and feedback (critical or not) and I look forward to hopefully continuing this series. I will hopefully have a new post by tomorrow that won't be back story and will actually be the official, official start. I've been sick and have had a huge amount of school work so stuff has been slow. I'm also getting my wisdom teeth (all four!) pulled on Thursday so I'll either have a lot of time to post more content, or I'll be lying in bed taking as many ibuprofen as humanly possible without liver failure. Anyways, here is what I have so far: In the year 2041 a great war broke out among Kerbalkind; A third world war. Over the years the United States had continued growing in military size and force. Nations began to fear the U.S. more and more. A coalition of nations that the U.S. deemed a threat eventually formed called the People’s Liberation Republic (PLR). They promised to protect each other if America were to ever invade. These nations themselves, although originally were peacefully adding nations to their ranks, began to force countries to join their them through threat of military force. Most of Asia joined the PLR with the exception of Japan and South Korea. The PLR continued their expansion into the middle east and they were soon at the Europe’s front door. When the PLR requested that the EU joined, they refused. Eight months later a chemical weapons attack now known as “The Kerbal Event” was carried out by the PLR. New York, D.C., London, Brussels, Hamburg, Berlin, Moscow, Seoul, Tokyo, and other major cities of nations that had not become a part of the PLR were all hit with these chemical weapons. The death toll was estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands. The free world was now at war with the PLR. Russia, America, Canada, Mexico, Australia, South Korea, and nations from the EU, and South and Central America allied themselves just mere hours after the attacks. That night the PLR conducted a massive invasion of Africa and nearly overnight took over the entire continent with little resistance. Fighting began three days later as the allied nations took the fight to the PLR. Japan, Australia, South Korea, and Russia became major battlegrounds as they were the most isolated. Despite the best support efforts of the U.S., in December of 2042 both Japan and South Korea fell into PLR control. Although nuclear weapons were considered as a deterrent, the allied nations knew that it would only cause nuclear retaliation from the PLR and massive amounts of people would be killed. Early the following year the PLR was pressing up against Europe and were at the gates of Moscow. By summer of 2043, they had stormed into South America and made it as far up as Panama by year’s end. 2044 came and went as the PLR gained more and more of a foothold as Canada was majorly under control by PLR forces. America seemed to be the only nation left that was holding its own against the enemy. The allied nations were on the brink of collapse and everyone knew that the U.S. would also eventually fall into PLR hands if something was not done. America had no choice but to resort to nuclear weapons. February 17th, 2045 at 5:36 UTC the order was given. The USOC (United States Orbital Command) released almost 3,000 megatons of nuclear weapons from their various orbital platforms. America braced for their response as each weapon detonated on its target. About 70% made it past missile defenses and struck their targets. 22 minutes later the PLR fired their own ground based nuclear response. America’s missile defense systems were able to take down about 60% of the missiles before they hit, but they still caused massive destruction. Almost 35% of the American population was estimated to have died that day. With most of the PLR chain of command killed, they began to lose control and what few people survived in other nations began to rebel against them. Two months later the PLR surrendered. The small amount of people remaining made there way to America if they could and they began to rebuild. The war had claimed over 8 billion lives and only an estimated 700 million people remained on the planet. Many more would die in the next few centuries from the effects of the nuclear winter. From the ashes, the Orbital States of America were born. Their eyes were turned skyward in hopes of finding salvation in space. It is now the year 2424 and an effort has been to made to prepare to leave the planet and find a new home for Kerbalkind among the stars. That's it for now. Again let me know what you think! Cheers, Taylor
  3. Howdy everyone! I figured I'd make a quick post to talk about some new, fun, sci-fi KSP stuff I've been working on. I've adding a lot of different mods and editing a lot of .cfg files to create one of the closest things I can get to a sci-fi/futuristic version of KSP. Keep in mind I'm not talking about futuristic as in what we will see in a hundred or so years, I'm talking about stuff straight out of games like Halo, Titanfall, and Star Citizen. Super efficient engines, FTL capability, giant flying boxes that can somehow fly inside the atmosphere. You know what I'm talking about, and if you're anything like me then you absolutely love all that fake, fun, nerdy, sci-fi stuff. Anyways... I was thinking about the possibility of doing a sort of series out of it all and posting stories relatively regularly here. It would force me to become a little more active here on the forums and make me play a little more KSP than I do currently(both things which I should really be doing). I have no idea where I'm going to go with this or if I will even keep up with it, but I figured I'd make this post just to let the community know about this and hopefully get some feedback. Feel free to ask any questions you have and please, please, please don't hesitate to give me suggestions for literally anything! I'd love to know what you think! I'll post some pictures below of different spacecraft I've developed for it just for a reference for the kind of stuff I could be posting. Here are some RRODD (Rapid Response Orbital Deployment Defense) troopers dropping from orbit. They're basically ODSTs from Halo, but I didn't want to steal the name. Here is an S23 Pelican flying away from an old colony ship. Here we have a Black Tip-Class Littoral Combat Ship preparing to warp out of Eeloo orbit. And here is a Constellation Andromeda-class Guided Missile Destroyer flying into LKO. It has a crew capacity of about 300, is approximately 120 meters long, and weighs a whole heck of a lot. Here it is preparing to warp out of the Kerbin System. Here we have a Retribution-class Orbital Battleship warping to the nearby star Plapau (I use the mod "To Boldly Go" which allows you to create relatively customizable star and planetary systems. Check it out if you haven't already because it's really cool.) Here we see an S23 Pelican inspecting a derelict Draco-class carrier scheduled for decomissioning in LKO. Draco-class carriers are just shy of 600 meters in length (I forget the exact weight of it, but I believe it is in the millions of tons). This large fighter aircraft is the ADF-101 Falcon. It is a dual-purpose space/air fighter (hence the wings). So far all of my spacecraft are capable of atmospheric flight (including the capital ships). Only the smaller spacecraft are capable of landing. I plan on making some very small one person and drone controlled, carrier based spacecraft that are meant purely for space combat. This will allow me to make them super small and sleek. Here is the Warlock X5. It fills a similar role to the ADF-101, but is intended primarily for space combat. Hence why it is a little sleeker and has less wing to it. It performs fine in atmosphere though, however the way the control surfaces are mounted it doesn't have a large amount of yaw control. That's about it for right now. I have a few more spacecraft not pictured here and plenty more under construction. Sorry for this not being quite as short of a post as I had hoped it to be. I got a little ahead of myself. Yet again, let me know if you have any suggestions for anything at all and of course let me know what your thoughts are on this whole idea. I do appreciate any feedback (critical or not) from you guys and look forward to what this might become. At the very least I have a pretty awesome version of KSP to mess around with. Cheers, Taylor
  4. Hey everyone! I have been a fan of Kerbal Space Program for the longest time, but never really got to play enough of it in earlier versions. I recently decided that it would be the perfect game to make a new series on for my channel, since I love the game so much. I would really appreciate if you guys could check me out and give me some feedback, and maybe even a like if you enjoyed. My channel is pretty new and small, so every little bit counts and I know how great the Kerbal Space Program community is, so I know you guys will help me out! Thanks everyone for reading this and helping me out! Come join me as I play career mode for the first time and probably look like a complete idiot! At least come laugh at me!
  5. This is a new career series, from a novice/rookie youtuber. In fact, these are my first youtube videos ever. It took me quite a long time to learn to edit these, but I think I'm getting the hang of it. Two videos are up now, with another on the way, and lots, lots more to come. Special hat tip and thanks to Scott Manley for the inspiration. Any advice, tips, or suggestions are welcome! (both for KSP and video). Enjoy! Mission Logs for Entering the Cosmos!
  6. Hello hello, I am Hyper. Let's get straight to business. I enjoy KSP, video making and editing. Due to time, other games, and life in general I can't make videos at the rate that I want, and due to my low end computer I can't play the games I want to. But I love KSP faaaar too much to just not make videos. Kerbal Zone is the love child of those 3 pastimes of mine. Basically Kerbal Zone is a cinematic/drama series I'll be doing for the next ____ months/years. It will have an overarching storyline, character development, immersive cinematics, plot twists and anything you've come to expect from a good television show. I'm going to at for the 1 video per month mark, sometimes I will be early other times I will be late, just know that I will try. This thread is for me and (hopefully) many of you to converse on it, such as discuss events, characters, enhancements to make it better, and generally anything related to my little show. I'll post spoilers one here (hidden of course) and other details related to Kerbal Zone, in hopes of really making this a thing. I'll most likely be doing this with or without input on here, but this is the KSP forum, so i figured "Where else should this go?" Anyway enough rambling, thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy anything I do on KR, and I hope this is fun for all. As of this post I haven't uploaded anything for Kerbal Zone, but maybe you'll enjoy my old videos Link to my channel Side note. Kerbal's Republic has absolutely nothing to do with Kerbal Zone, Kerbal's Republic is a failed attempt at a similar idea. I ran into an issue and many thing were lost, and i just couldn't pick back up where it stopped. I now realize this is the wrong place. woops.