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Found 4 results

  1. I was looking at amp servers and nobody was ever on there. so I was wondering does no body use dmp? or am I looking at the wrong server.
  2. Hi everyone! I have two computers on distinct locations in my house with an identical setup on mods for each KSP installation. Now I would like to share at least one save game between these two computers, So I copied one of the save games onto my NAS and placed a link in the local KSP folder. But KSP does not treat the link as a folder or doesn't follow its path, Does anybody have a clue ob how to setup KSP to read & write on a NAS? (I am running Window 10 / 64 bit and use a Synology NAS)
  3. Thema: KSP im Multiplayer mit Mods! Hi, mein Name ist Norman ich bin 29 Jahre alt und habe über 2000 Stunden KSP. Ich bin sehr Aktiv und Täglich mehrere Stunden online und erreichbar. Da der Dark Multiplayer derzeit ziemlich gut läuft suche ich mitspieler für meinen KSP server mit Mods! Aktuell habe ich 3 bis 4 Aktive Mitspieler und ein paar Gelgenheitsspieler. Der Server ist seit dem 25.10.2016 online und ist 24/7 erreichbar. Teamspeak3 steht zur verfügung. Nun zu dem Server. Wie bereits geschrieben ist er 24/7 online, Server
  4. HELLOOOO! My name is coolbloxxie, I'm fairly new to this mod "Dark Multiplayer" but I managed to set up a server. It's Western Australian and it'll be up 24/7 unless something happens. Add it to your list (on the mod) by starting your game, clicking "ADD" and entering these details; IP: PORT: 6702 Basic Rules: The only cheats allowed are as followed. Infinite RCS, Infinite Eva, Ignore Max Temp, Hyperedit. Don't have DMP Client? Download it here! http://d-mp.org/downloads/release/latest/DMPClient.zip Want to make a ser
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