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Found 40 results

  1. I only have 8 gigabytes of RAM, and KSP uses up 7.5 gigabytes normally. Whenever I build big ships or go into high physics warp, it starts having to swap about 1 gigabyte, which really lags the game. Are there any settings in KSP that I can adjust that could potentially decrease the RAM usage? I have one mod, Restock. Edit: P.S. I am on macOS.
  2. I'm doing a KSP cinematic that requires a framerate of 24 frames per second. Can I get this framerate by editing the config file? Also, using capture software doesn't apply because I have a motion blur mod installed, and the blur will look wrong if the framerate is too high.
  3. I'm doing a cinematic that required 24 frames per second, and I have a motion blur mod installed. The blur is therefore too "short" when capturing the game running at a higher framerate. Is it possible to set the limit this low?
  4. So, I've got the 1.8 update fresh. I've landed on the Mun and not been able to see any difference. Anyone know how I get to the new textures? One more thing: My altimeter is completely broken. It's not displaying a thing. I've had to track my altitudes from the map screen, but it gets pretty darn annoying after a bit.
  5. Hi. I recently bought game in Steam and i have problem - my graphic settings not saved. I restart the game and the settings go wrong. How to fix it? Version
  6. HI, this is starting to really get on my nerves as I am trying to learn interplanetary transfers now. Is there a setting I am missing or mod maybe that can hide all the useless text when I am trying to plan a maneuver?!? I feel like I got to be missing something really obvious. Thanks in advance.
  7. My kerbals don't wear their helmets in IVA, and I wonder if there is a way to fix that.
  8. Better Specialization Settings v0.0.4 @ 2019-05-22 This mod provides a bunch of settings to allow finer customization of gameplay revolving around crew specializations (i.e. Pilot, Engineer, Scientist). The bulk of its functionality is focused on making crew specializations more relevant and meaningful in sandbox and science sandbox play. There are also settings to allow customization of the level requirements needed to perform certain tasks in career mode. Oversimplified tl;dr: Make autopilot/SAS require a pilot in science/sandbox Make wheel/leg repairs require an engineer in science/sandbox Allow adjusting engineer level required for wheel/leg repairs in career Make parachute repacking require an engineer in science/sandbox Allow adjusting engineer level required for parachute repacking in career ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Preface: stock KSP settings In stock KSP, the primary setting affecting gameplay behavior related to crew specializations is the "Enable Kerbal Experience" setting found under "Advanced" in the difficulty options for new games: In Career mode, this setting is turned on by default, which means that kerbals need to gain experience in order to level up and unlock more abilities, such as different SAS stability modes for pilots, or wheel repair skills for engineers. In the Science or Sandbox modes, it is turned off by default, and all kerbals start with their level already maxed out. This option can be changed at the start of a new game (but not for existing saves), which means it is actually possible to play a Career game without having to level up your kerbals, or play Science or Sandbox modes with the experience system turned on. However, this setting is very coarse-grained and has other side effects. Consider: When the setting is on, certain tasks can only be performed by specialized kerbals of a particular skill level, e.g. a pilot of particular skill level is needed to access various SAS stability modes like normal/anti-normal and radial/anti-radial. But with the setting turned off, many of these tasks can suddenly be performed by all kerbals regardless of specialization. Scientists and engineers can fly vessels with full SAS and all stability mode options. Pilots and scientists can repack parachutes and perform repairs. You can do almost everything with just a scientist, etc. This behavior cheapens the specializations, so the specialization type of a crew member does not matter as much anymore. And because this is the default setting for Science and Sandbox games, it can contribute to the gameplay in those modes feeling more shallow. Now, I'm not actually opposed to having an "easy mode" option where the skill levels and specializations do not matter very much. The real problem here is that there is a lack of a middle ground between the "on" and "off" settings. Why can't we have a setting where we don't have to deal with the XP and leveling up aspects, but where the different specializations are still meaningful in terms of needing certain types of crew to fill different roles and do different tasks? This mod was born to address that flaw. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Autopilot/SAS For players with mods that add other crew specialization types: when "pilot" is mentioned here, it includes any modded crew specialization that has the "Autopilot" skill. Stock behavior: If Enable Kerbal Experience is on, SAS and the stability modes available to a vessel depends on having a command module with a pilot of adequate skill level for crewed vessels. For uncrewed probes, a part with the required SAS service level is needed. (SAS service level is analogous to pilot experience level: cheaper, simpler probe cores have lower level than the more expensive and advanced models. For example, the QBE is equivalent to a Level 0 pilot and only has stability assist, whereas an OKTO2 is equal to a Level 2 pilot.) For KSP versions before KSP 1.6, if experience system is turned off, then none of the above crew skill requirements and part SAS service level requirements are respected. SAS and all stability modes are available with any type of crewmember in a command module, or any probe core. This actually makes it pointless to use more expensive, "better" probe cores when a cheaper one would still give full SAS. To fix the issue, since KSP 1.6+ an additional option called "All SAS Modes on all probes" is available in the "Advanced" tab of the difficulty options when the game mode is Science or Sandbox: If the option is turned on, the behavior is the same as having experience system turned off in earlier versions, as already described above. If it is turned off, then the intended behavior is for any type of crewmember to be able to provide all SAS stability modes on crewed vessels, but uncrewed probes would still need to have a part with the required SAS service level. However, testing has shown that when "All SAS Modes on all probes" is off, SAS availability for crewed vessels actually depends on having a crewmember with either Autopilot Skill, Repair Skill, or Science Skill, i.e. these are being used as a proxy to test if there is a Pilot, Engineer, or Scientist on board the vessel. This works for stock KSP, but if you use any mod that adds crew specialization types that don't have any of these skills, then it is no longer true that "any crewmember" is able to give full SAS control. What this mod provides: If "Enable Kerbal Experience" is on, stock behavior as described in the previous section will be used. Full requirements are imposed for SAS availability. If "Enable Kerbal Experience" is off, but "All SAS Modes on all probes" is on, stock behavior will be used: none of the SAS requirements are imposed. For backwards compatibility, this mod adds the "All SAS Modes on all probes" option to older KSP versions before KSP 1.6. This option is located under the "Better Specialization Settings" tab of difficulty settings dialog, rather than under the stock "Advanced" tab. If both "Enable Kerbal Experience" and "All SAS Modes on all probes" settings are off, then custom behavior of this mod will be used. This is governed by a setting called "Require pilot for SAS": (KSP 1.6+) (KSP < 1.6) When "Require pilot for SAS" is on, SAS and the stability modes available to a crewed vessel will depend on having a command module with a pilot. Crew level is irrelevant as it is always maxed out. Other crew types will not be able to provide SAS. Uncrewed probes will need to have a part with the required SAS service level. If the setting is off, then any type of crewmember will be able to provide all SAS stability modes on crewed vessels. Uncrewed probes will still need to have a part with the required SAS service level. This is a bugfixed version of the KSP 1.6+ behavior when "All SAS Modes on all probes" is off, in that truly (almost) all crew types will provide SAS. (Tourists, and the modded specialization type "Civilian" don't count.) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Wheel/leg repair For players with mods that add other crew specialization types: when "engineer" is mentioned here, it includes any modded crew specialization that has the "Repair" skill. Stock behavior: If Enable Kerbal Experience is on, an engineer of level 3 or above will be required to repair damaged wheels and landing legs. Much, much older versions of KSP needed only level 2 to repair legs, but that has not been the case since around KSP 1.1 when the old ModuleWheel, ModuleLandingLeg and ModuleLandingGear were replaced by ModuleWheelBase and its submodules. If Enable Kerbal Experience is off, any type of crewmember can perform repairs. What this mod provides: If Enable Kerbal Experience is off, an option "Require engineer to repair legs/wheels" is available. When this option is on, it will limit the ability to perform repairs to engineers only. Turning this option off will cause stock behavior to be used instead. If Enable Kerbal Experience is on, an option is provided to override the engineer level required to perform repairs. If this option is not used, then the stock reqirement of level 3 will be followed. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Parachute repacking For players with mods that add other crew specialization types: when "engineer" is mentioned here, it includes any modded crew specialization that has the "Repair" skill. Stock behavior: If Enable Kerbal Experience is on, an engineer of level 1 or above will be required to repack parachutes. If Enable Kerbal Experience is off, any type of crewmember can repack parachutes. What this mod provides: If Enable Kerbal Experience is off, an option "Require engineer to repack parachutes" is available. When this option is on, it will limit the ability to repack parachutes to engineers only. Turning this option off will cause stock behavior to be used instead. If Enable Kerbal Experience is on, an option is provided to override the engineer level required to repack parachutes. If this option is not used, then the stock reqirement of level 1 will be followed. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ License All rights reserved. Download Better Specialization Settings v0.0.4 for KSP 1.7.x (backward compatible with KSP 1.6.x - 1.3.x) Caution: Dev build. Backup your saves before proceeding. Requires Module Manager (please obtain separately.) Download includes the Harmony library, version See this comment for explanation. Installation: Delete older version, if any. Place contents of GameData into your installation's GameData folder. Source: GitHub Changelog: v0.0.4 ~ 2019-05-22 ~ KSP 1.7.x - 1.3.x Dev Build - Harmony included Add restrict parachute repacking to engineers Add adjust level requirement for parachute repacking Fix bug in engineer (repair skill) requirement check for wheel repair v0.0.3 ~ 2019-05-13 ~ KSP 1.7.x - 1.3.x Dev Build - Harmony included - Add restrict wheel/leg repair to engineers - Add adjust level requirement for wheel/leg repair - Rename mod due to feature for career mode - Refactored code v0.0.2 ~ 2019-04-17 ~ KSP 1.7.x - 1.3.x Dev Build - Harmony included - Refactored code, improved robustness, optimizations - Backward compatibility for KSP < 1.6.x v0.0.1 ~ 2019-04-15 ~ KSP 1.7.x - 1.6.x Dev Build - Harmony included - Prototype autopilot/SAS restricted to pilots
  9. Can someone link the RAPIER settings? I was messing around and messed up the gimbal range and I don't know how to exactly did it.
  10. In my Orbit world [production], I currently have 283 flights in progress. The quicksaves are taking longer (naturally) and I have to monitor memory (only ~8GB) and restart KSP when memory usage heads toward swap territory (running KSP 1.3.1 on Linux Mint 18.2). Switching between vessels seems to be what grows memory -- not so much operating them. What I'd really like to know is: what's the practical upper limit to # of flights one can have (depending upon memory available) what's the biggest number anyone has running? I'm simply doing some forward planning here. Will I eventually need to ration flights? My (old) motherboard has its max memory already so, clearly, a new computer (yay!) is in the future. I note that the debris clean-up limit goes up to 10,000: can this mean that 10K vessels is actually a possibility??
  11. Well, once again my install of KSP corrupted... The physics are whacked again and all craft pull to the right for no reason. A fresh install solved the problem (again) and it continues to work fine after putting my mods back (again). But now I've gotta redo all my game bindings and various settings. I have multiple installs of the game and was wondering which file(s) I might be able to copy across to the new install to bring back all of my graphics, game, joystick, and key binding settings? Anyone know which file(s) I would need to copy across?
  12. I'm seeing the Woomerang Launch Site even tho "Allow other Launchsites" is off. Also getting a comm net signal from there even tho "Enable Extra Groundstations" is off. I might try removing my mods and see if it's still happens. Don't have anything that touches comms tho I think. Just wondering if anyone else noticed it. A quick google search turned up nothing. Career game, KSP version with Making History dlc
  13. Does checkboxes' clicking in the Difficulty settings send some GameEvents ? I move some code (which doesn't need to be updated every tick) from LateUpdate() to the functions, called by events, and it almost works with OnGameSettingsApplied() and some flight-scene-events. But I noticed, what if you open difficulty settings while in the flight-scene, and then click some checkboxes, LateUpdate() on-the-fly take this new values, so I need GameEvents for this (something like OnGameSettingsChanges(), but it isn't there) or how to limit flight-scene to take only saved settings, after OnGameSettingsApplied event (I am using HighLogic.CurrentGame.Parameters.CustomParams<modSettings>().setting_name, and they are taken on-the-fly)
  14. Hi all. I'have been playing a lot this game (1000+ hours) and i'm having a lot of fun, i already reached almost all the planets apart from moho and eloo and downloaded a crapton of mods. However a week ago i have probably messed up something in the settings and now i can't see the distance to the target and stuff like that, and that's make docking very hard, especially on the dark side of the planets ( and it's even harder with eve+scatterer) where you can't see anything. Especially where is the other ship that you are trying to dock with ( lukly right now thanks to Kerbal Alarm Clock i can set very accurate rendezvous up t0 5 meters of distance). My question is; what is the setting that i have to change to have the distance back? Because i can't seem to find it Thanks to everyone who will help
  15. Looking through the settings.cfg I spotted two items I'm not clear on the function of... } TOGGLE_SPACENAV_FLIGHT_CONTROL { primary = ScrollLock secondary = None group = 0 modeMask = -1 modeMaskSec = -1 } TOGGLE_SPACENAV_ROLL_LOCK { primary = None secondary = None group = 0 modeMask = -1 modeMaskSec = -1 } What are these? (I'm guessing I already know but am not making the right mental connection somehow...)
  16. If I try to change my graphics settings from the normal ones, it doesn't work. The "Apply" and "Accept" buttons don't respond to any clicks. If I click "Cancel" and go back into the graphics settings, they'll still be the default ones Yes, I have seen the other forum posts about this. Seemingly, their solution doesn't work. Maybe I'm doing it wrong...? Here's the output log: Thanks for any help!
  17. Hi.. i want to change my graphics setting in in KSP but it will not apply. i can click the accept and apply button but noting happens. i am using KSP version 1.3.1 without any mods and i have also recently re-installed windows 10 on my PC. Also, i can't find settings.cfg in my game file. here is the output_log Thanks in advance!
  18. I change BypassEntryPurchaseAfterResearch to false in the save_file and parts from new-opened Tech tree node are unpurchased as expected. How make all old parts unpurchased too? There is that unpurchased/purchased params for every part at save-file?
  19. Game: I want to know if you can rebind the stage lock key (default on windows is alt+L) since it is to close to win + L and I wish to configure it to be on my joystick. Cannot find it in the settings menu, does the option exist?
  20. Hey all, just a quick question. I notice that for the Materials Bay & Materials Bay Jr, and as well those small 'materials' packages (sorry, not at my home PC and no notes, but I think Aeronomy, Engineering, Meteorology, and a 4th) that you need to return them for complete science. I don't remember this from 1.12 (my last long play), and figured it was part of 1.22. I can justify it in my mind, for proper analysis of the materials being exposed you need to see them in a lab, so I was cool with it. However, I just orbited that Optical Observation Satellite, that has the shutters that open and the camera lens scans back and forth (sorry I don't have the exact name again), and was shocked to find that it wants it Returned to the surface for analysis before you can get Any science. At this I think, "what gives, its only Pixels of data." And; "Its a telescope, why would it be a Single Use (needs to be reset by a scientist) item?" So, is this functioning the way it is supposed to, or is there a settings tab I missed somewhere that is preventing any transmitted science from this part? Or, is it Kerbalism that is causing it, which is providing the pop-up messages which tell me that no data can be transmitted? If anyone knows off the top of their heads, I'd be pleased to see their reply. If my complete mod-list would be needed, then I will have to re-post my querry on the weekend. - Cheers!
  21. Hey all, So I have a logitech G940 HOTAS I have been trying to set up for days now, google searches and forum searches have revealed no answers. When I launch KSP and go into settings, I can assign pitch and roll to my G940 and click accept. I checked the settings.cfg and it saved properly: But I also have this entry in the settings.cfg file: What should be shown under input devices? I can bind the joystick properly in the settings but in game the joystick does nothing according to the pitch/roll/yaw indicators on the HUD.
  22. I have an older tv that can't adjust aspect ratio so the only way I can't cant tell is issue is by changing the aspect ratio of the HUD in game, there's only UI scale which doesn't help, and there's no visible aspect ratio settings anywhere! Help or please add, I really would like to play this game.
  23. I run KSP on linux mint/cinnamon In my performance settings Mono heap & Mono heap used remain at 0 (zero) I have never seen them have a value. What are they for? Are they actually being used? Could someone explain to me why they remain at zero?
  24. So I've got an older tv that cant change it's aspect ratios. This usually isn't an issue as most games allow you to change the screen borders, but you cant in KSP and every single button on the edge is covered up. So may I present to to a new addition for console KSP, the ability to change the games borders. I mainly play on PC, but I recently file shared with my friend who had KSP on console and I wanted to try it out, only to be stopped in my tracks because I couldn't see any buttons on the border of the screen.
  25. I'm having some odd UI bugs. I wood have thought if other people were seeing these, they would be all over this forum. I'm running 1.2, updated from 1.1.3 via steam, on 64bit windows 10. These issues were first encountered in a modded install, but easily replicated in my stock directory (i have a couple custom flags in gamedata, that's it). These may be totally and completely unrelated for all I know. Issue 1. Enter any save game, I hit Esc, go to settings. Scroll down. Every setting button and slider after 'conic patch limit' simply says "no function". Issue 2. After the steps in issue 1, I click Close. The Esc menu returns but the settings window remains open, regardless of wether I click apply/accept/close, the window is stuck open until a scene change and doesn't appear to apply any settings - whether they claim "no function" or not. Issue 3. Any time I have a Mun encounter (other bodies untested, haven't got a vessel that can reach them), and the Mun is not in focus, I.e. screen is centered on my craft or Kerbin or anything outside Mun SOI, in map view, Mun periapsis and Mun escape makers appear in the exact same spot as my ship. Hovering over them displays all the usual mouseover info for all these nodes and my craft. It appears to move normally and encounter the Mun as expected, but these nodes are misplaced from the Mun fly-by prediction and located on my craft. Issue 4, or at least a clue maybe: alt+f12 debug console is constantly spamming "Exception: IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range." All the other debug console pages appear to be functional. Setback: the desktop this is occurring on has no internet connection (I had to pack it up and take it to family's house to use their internet to update to 1.2) so I'm currently unable to provide logs, save file, or so much as a screenshot. Nor do what I would normally do right off the bat: make a backup, delete the KSP directory under steam, and have it re-download a fresh install. Anyone have a clue what might be the issue and how to maybe possibly fix it without internet?