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Found 2 results

  1. Hi. Year2200 is an all-encompassing mod that allows you to build a nuclear future. It handles power generation, propulsion and new resources to manage. The objective is a simple, integrated mod that balances gameplay options with realistic accuracy and minimal set-up. Teaser Album: Features: Five nuclear reactors producing two types of output. Four multi-mode engines. New ISRU units and reworked resource converters. Three nuclear resources and two fuels resources. Resource switching for all Ore and Fuel tanks. Integrated Rocket-Building. Requires: Module Manager Tweakscale Recommended: Real Solar System Thermal Monitor Downloads SpaceDock. Dropbox. Completed: Engine parameters. Reactor resources and initial balancing. Resource switching and converters. Resource extraction and scanning. Tech tree and costs In development: Stock power level .cfg file. Planned: Stock power level .cfg file. Test for compatibility with other mods. Create tutorial. Changelog: v6: Part placement on tech tree. Increased engine thrust and power consumption. v5: Test release. v4: Finished up resource side: ISURU/MiniISRU now replaced by AdvancedIRSU, with separate LF/Ox/MP/LH converters. Second round of temperature behavior balancing. Increased reactor power density by about 2-3x. Disclaimers: This mod contains part models and textures from KSPI-Extended and Near Future Propulsion, so thanks to @FreeThinker and @Nertea for creating them This mod contains plugins from InterstellarFuelSwitch and ExtraplanetaryLaunchpads, so thanks to @FreeThinker and @taniwha for providing them. This work is Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  2. Hi! Here, I will document the escape of a meager crew of ten Kerbals and their pieced-together spaceship from the chaos of the inner planets. They leave of the Saturn Escape, a small 470 ton craft made to bear the hopes of an entire species. Year 2200 Day 1 to Year 2200 Day 124 Year 2200 Day 134 to Year 2200 Day 139 Year 2200 Day 139 to Year 2200 Day 157 This is an RSS Extended playthrough, showcasing the three mods in my signature: SimpleConstruction, SimpleLife and Year220.