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Found 1 result

  1. Hi. Year2200 is an all-encompassing mod that allows you to build a nuclear future. It handles power generation, propulsion and new resources to manage. The objective is a simple, integrated mod that balances gameplay options with realistic accuracy and minimal set-up. Teaser Album: Features: Five nuclear reactors producing two types of output. Four multi-mode engines. New ISRU units and reworked resource converters. Three nuclear resources and two fuels resources. Resource switching for all Ore and Fuel tanks. Integrated Rocket-Building. Requires: Module Manager Tweakscale Recommended: Real Solar System Thermal Monitor Downloads SpaceDock. Dropbox. Completed: Engine parameters. Reactor resources and initial balancing. Resource switching and converters. Resource extraction and scanning. Tech tree and costs In development: Stock power level .cfg file. Planned: Stock power level .cfg file. Test for compatibility with other mods. Create tutorial. Changelog: v6: Part placement on tech tree. Increased engine thrust and power consumption. v5: Test release. v4: Finished up resource side: ISURU/MiniISRU now replaced by AdvancedIRSU, with separate LF/Ox/MP/LH converters. Second round of temperature behavior balancing. Increased reactor power density by about 2-3x. Disclaimers: This mod contains part models and textures from KSPI-Extended and Near Future Propulsion, so thanks to @FreeThinker and @Nertea for creating them This mod contains plugins from InterstellarFuelSwitch and ExtraplanetaryLaunchpads, so thanks to @FreeThinker and @taniwha for providing them. This work is Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.