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Found 1 result

  1. Please leave comments on your experience! Donate If you like this mod and you want to show your support, you can safely donate via Paypal and make me a happy developer. Description I always wanted to have a real reusable spaaace program in KSP. This was never really possible, because refuelling is very complicated, even when landed at the KSC directly next to the fuel silos. This simple mod allows you to refuel your vessel when landed at the KSC. When landed at the KSC a "Refuel" - button will appear on the screen. When clicking it, your fuel tanks (liquid fuel, oxidizer, electricity and monopropellant) will start to magically fill up! License: GNU General Public License v3 Download: SimpleRefuel on SpaceDock Manual Installation To install, just extract the .zip file and put the contents of the included GameData folder into your KSP/GameData folder. GitHub GitHub Repository Changelog: 0.3 - Recompile for 1.4.1 0.2 - Added resource selection UI that can be started from the Toolbar. - Updated to 1.2. 0.1 - Initial release. Known issues & requests: See GitHub Issue Tracker