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Found 2 results

  1. Although the Oscar-B is a good tank that can be stacked, when you need to create the fuel volume of four to eight of these stacked, it becomes painful to perform a refueling mission and quickly adds to the part count for drop tanks. If there were a few stock tanks with the Oscar-B radius, but perhaps four times as long (four times the fuel and oxidizer) and another eight times as long (eight times F&O), then you would dramatically reduce the part count and still allow for crafts with side drop tanks that easily fit within the existing cargo bay.
  2. I might need help. I really don't want to abandon this craft, but I think my craft file is corrupted because I tried opening it in my career save, and in a new sandbox save, and it does this: I've spent a lot of time on this ship and it's just ready to head off to Duna and explore the crap out of that planet, but the ship won't launch from VAB because "Craft size is unknown". There are lots of other glitches when I load it in VAB: Engineer's Report is all 0's, Funds are 0, buttons inactive for parts/crew/actions, load window doesn't close on ship load, no ship thumbnail in load window, and I can't edit, place, or move a single part. I can load other ships in the VAB after this comes up, and everything works normally. When I try to launch from Launchpad, camera is locked ~1km above KSC and the game loads the ship floating stationary and horizontally above the ground, halfway between VAB and Launchpad. Now I've lost all UI control, but lights come on on the ship and the heat shield inflates. Seems odd. I assume something is messed up in the craft file because other ships work fine and don't break VAB, and I'd like to try to correct it, but I have NO clue what to look for. No earlier craft files to compare, either. Anyone have suggestions?? The craft file: P.S. This ship is not stock. I have a few mods: AtomicAge Chatterer Community Resource Pack Community Tech Tree Contract Configurator Contract Packs CrossFeedEnabler Firespitter FP Sound Replacer KAS/KIS Kerbal Engineer Redux Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Kopernicus NF Electrical, Props, Propulsion, Spacecraft Final Frontier Outer Planets Mod RealChute Ship Manifest Smoke Screen Kerbal Alarm Clock Tweakscale USI MKS USI LS Waypoint Manager Wheel Sounds