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Found 1 result

  1. this is all in 1.4.3 firstly, craft like to slide when landed and not moving, i noticed this and thought it was my craft so i played with the wheel and nothing fixed it, today i noticed on a stream his craft was also sliding, breaks on, all wheels aligned yet it slides for no reason what's so ever it happens at KSC and the dessert runway but nothing seems to stop it unless you have a launch clamp on your plane when wanting to test somthing while stationary before taking off, i've tried playing with friction settings but it does not seem to have much of an effect not sure if this is the wheel or terrain but when you have a craft on a runway they always seem to float, like they're touching but visually it makes the craft look like it's floating an inch off the ground, not sure if that is a bug though secondly KSP seems to have a memory leak, KSP only used a couple gigs of ram for me but i noticed on EJSA's stream he had a big memory leak, Stock KSP used 10 gigabytes!! here's the clip he also stated it seems to only happen after playing KSP for awhile like EJ or Das (i have not seen Das have this issue as i rarely watch him) also there seems to be rounding error's in the SPH editor (not sure about the VAB), here's the twitch slip does anyone else have these issues? or is it just me & him?