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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, I know I said I would not build anything in the 1.1 opt-in but who am I kidding! I thought this deserved its own thread as I am so proud of it! Some of you may remember the tiny ant engine and thermometer hinges I developed. Well, in 1.1 the geometry of the ant engines has changed and they no longer work.. However, as they say necessity is the mother of invention I looked for an alternative and found that the commuotron 16s are perfect for this! I also realised that using the hexagon cage shape I developed for the first hinge I could turn them length ways further reducing the profile of the hinge. I originally developed the thermo hinge as a swinging door hinge and this new version is made for the same purpose. The extremely low profile of the hinge allows it to be fitted in the smallest of places allowing for beautiful looking and operating swing doors and other hinge uses. It is possible to make other types of small hinges from fewer parts as seen in @sgt_flyer new 3dof hinge he made for his canadarm and I know I said this of the last version but I'm going to say it again, you cannot make a smaller, lower profile free swinging hinge in KSP. You could even make this smaller by using one set of 8 thermometers with two communotron 16s either side, a true micro hinge! This was made in the opt-in 1.1 version with no offset or other building mods! Check out the video below. I will post a craft file after the full 1.1 release, thanks all! MJ P.S, If you use/copy/borrow this design a credit to me as the inventor would be appreciated cheers all! Craft file download from KerbalX