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Found 3 results

  1. I made some new Trucks for KSP, Each Truck has 2 speeds and can pull alot. You can download the fleet here: Stay tuned more Projects are coming, There stell being tested feel free to share ideas. I'll be posting a truck Video on you tube soon
  2. Good day gentlemen I want to do more KPS related Videos on my New channel made for SMP (Special Mission Projects) and Kerbal but I'm out of gas sort of speak and not very good as let's plays and need some tips on how to get started see what you guys think I shod do. Ideas tips and tricks. I'm doing a SMP Story line and test videos along with lets plays later on and showcasing crafts. Here my 2nd Channel: I'm not doing this for any kind of gene its for fun and because I want to share my stuff with everyone. all are welcome.
  3. Hay Guys here a fun challenge for you to try out! Do you love to Smash things and blow stuff up? Try SMP's Fleet of trucks! Try to destroy this truck completely! it must be completely undriveable or Destroyed. Its a tough rig to rack I tested it out and it hard to kill it just keeps going for more. Choose your rig, Get your driver and smash it up. you can Download the trucks here: