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Found 8 results

  1. KSP 1.4.0 x64 I was in map view, waiting for the SOI change (Kerbin -> Mun). As soon as it happened, a staging occured "by itself". I did not press the space bar, for sure. My finger was idling on top of the "M" key. And normally, when accidentaly pressing "Space bar" in map view, nothing happens. I had no planned maneuver in queue. This is of course a bummer, now I have debris to play with. The only thing that really changed was a test run of "Too Many Orbits", but I already checked the log and the mod is just not loaded at all. I will remove it for the next session, of course. Log: KSP.log.7z?dl=1 Edit: I loaded the backup persistent file and this time i warped upon 1 minute prior SOI change and did not switch to map view. All the time within flight mode, the same issue occured - no finger near the keyboard at all. Edit: It also happens without "Too Many Orbits". I will load a backup before launch, load the vessel to VAB and disable autostruts-grandparent which I set up with EEX... perhaps this is the issue, because I found a few "A joint can't connect the body to itself." inside the log. Of course the log does not tell me which parts are the culprit... Edit: Yeah, removing the autostruts (but left two manually, only the two biggest tanks alone) helped. It seems like the abrupt change of the camera view on SOI change kraken-destoys the whole vessel somehow when the "wrong" parts have autostruts set. But still no clue which parts are wrong... Perhaps radially attached ones?
  2. Ksp v.1.3.1 every time when exiting minmus soi I take a huge fps hit is this a common issue? What mod could cause this? Switching vessel and then returning fixes it just a little annoying.
  3. What would happen if you were to edit the game and reduce the SOI of Kerbol so that it is not infinity, and then escape from that SOI, thus putting me in true zero gravity flight. Would a kraken strike? Would the game ignore it and keep me in Kerbols SOI? or would I fly in zero G?
  4. I've been taking field data from Kerbin to my orbital processing lab, but I was wondering if being on the surface of Mun counts as also being in Kerbin's SOI for purposes of the Mobile Processing Lab's Context Bonus. Since I send a shuttle out there every so often for training, it would be "free" to send science data along too and enjoy the extra bonus.
  5. I have a question, is there a Mod that allows you to see the SOI of a Body? I'm thinking as a highlighted area/bubble around the Body, although it is a simple thing I have 2 reasons for it. First, it would help with interplanetary transfers. Second, for modding I would like to see the SOI to make sure they are not too big/small etc.. [a problem I had making TheVerse]. I would not be able to do this myself as I have no programming skills, but expect/hope it would be simply enough? So is there a Mod already or is someone willing to make one?
  6. Okay so i was messing with Hyperedit, but when I set everything back to their defaults, I was surprised to find that when I did a mission to Moho, I couldn't enter its sphere of influence! So the games says I'm getting an encounter, and I reach the patched conic, and it just sat there saying "Moho Encounter, T -" However, when I went from Kerbin to the Mun, everything worked just fine. This bug wasn't unique to Moho though. I did a test going to Duna, and the sane thing happened. However, I did enter its SOI, but as soon as I did, I was teleported to the other side of it and exited again. Even after uninstalling Hyperedit, uninstalling and reinstalling KSP, this still happens and is very frustrating.
  7. This occured to me a long time ago so I've decided to finally suggest it. I was looking at Ascension, the comet from Kragathea's Planet Factory, nowdays resurrected as Sentar Expansion. That body is on a highly eccentric orbit and always has the same SOI. That does not happen in real life even if we ignore the n-body physics. SOI depends on the proximity to the orbiting body. If it's close to a massive one, its SOI will be smaller, and vice versa, considering its constant mass and volume. Because of this, you could be in a defined large orbit around a comet when it's far away from the Sun, but when it comes closer, you'd continue your way on an independent solar orbit. (In extreme cases, if the body approaches too close, it's not even holding its shape - it's smearing along its orbit, coming apart. It's the known Roche limit.) I know n-body mechanism would be difficult to implement and cause a great deal of issues for all but very experienced players, but variable SOI shouldn't be a problem. Implemented into KSP, this would mean very large orbits around planetary bodies would be unstable and it would provide a new challenge. I'd like to see this one day, especially if (hopefully) we get a comet in the Kerbol system.
  8. Hello all, I recently purchased the game and already had a lot of fun with it. I read many help posts as well so thank you for the help so far. I'm experiencing a strange behaviour of the orbit displayed (conics I believe ?) when I'm changing from a body SOI to another. For example, assume I'm orbiting the Mun (yay !) and I want to go back to Kerbin. I'll play with the manoeuver nodes until I get a nice Kerbin orbit after exiting the Mun's sphere of influence. I'll execute the manoeuver not too badly and then, right after I exit (end of the blue trajectory), the orbit will completely change and I don't understand why. But there's more. After a short time, the orbit will get back to what it was supposed to be. Has anyone seen this before and could tell me what's happening ? I can't say if the problem also exist with other bodies as I'm still at the very beginning. All my settings are default (I think), but I do have a few mods installed. If I didn't provide enough information, please ask for more.