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Found 1 result

  1. Rocket Sound Enhancement I've had gripes on how engines in the game sounded both stock and modded. its either too low and uninteresting or too deafening loud and noticeable looping effect. The goal of this mod is to fix that. Sound Effects are 100% Synthesized, utilizing layering to make the sound effect more dynamic using a custom plugin. Rocket's volume attenuation is more realistic by using a low-pass filter mimicking the sound of rockets in real life at different distances (further you are , the more bass you hear). Most engine types have unique sounds qualities using different types of running sounds plus layering sound effects. Cryogenic Engines sound deeper compared to Kerolox based engines which sound more dirtier for example. Download : License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 | Source: Requirements Module Manager Realplume Smokescreen Recommended: Audio Muffler Redux Future Goals/Plans Moar sound effects. ShipEffects integration Create Custom Per-Engine configs making Realplume Dependency an option. Showcase: Change log: v0.4.0 Engine Oomf Update - added one shot samples to most lower stage engines. v0.3.0 - Ammonialox, Cryogenic-UpperLower patches - Thump! Featured on most plumes - Redone lowpass curves - Volume are now based on Engine Thrust - New SRB Crackle sound layer for Solid-Lower - Reverted Engage, Disengage and Flameout sounds to stock. v0.2.0 Plugin Update - Engines now uses a custom Audio handler via RSEAudio plugin - Fixed patch errors: Hydrogen-NTR and Hydrogen-NTR-HightTemp were referencing an incorrect plume config - Engines now have a realistic lowpass-based volume rolloff attenuation - Rebalanced and improved sound assets v0.1.1 - Fix Small Engine Volumes - Hypergolic-OMS White and Red - Kerolox-Vernier - Removed sound_lqd_tiny pre-v0.1.0 - Hydrogen-NTR - Hydrogen-NTR-HighTemp - Hydrolox-Lower - Hydrolox-Upper - Hypergolic-Lower - Hypergolic-OMS-Red - Hypergolic-OMS-White - Hypergolic-Upper - Kerolox-Lower - Kerolox-Lower-F1 - Kerolox-Upper - Kerolox-Vernier - Solid-Lower - Solid-Sepmotor - Solid-Upper - Solid-Vacuum