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Found 18 results

  1. INTRODUCTION "Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds." ~Nikolai N. Polikarpov after preliminary flight testing of the Po-2, circa June 1927 A.D. Well, so out of all the high performance, cutting edge propeller aircraft I could build, I've decided to recreate this. Speed of a caffeinated YF-12, maneuverability of a F-15S/MTD, firepower of an Iowa-class battleship. The true top tier airframe from a more civilized age. On a serious note, the Po-2 was initially designated U-2, and was created in late 20s in the USSR as a general-purpose aircraft. During the WWII it was usually used as a reconaissance aircraft, but low-level night bombing runs were also quite common, made especially famous by the 588th Night Bomber Regiment, composed of an all-woman pilot and ground crew complement. Suprisingly, the Po-2s combat usage did not end in 1945. Polikarpov biplanes were spotted over the Korean skies in the early 50s, mostly used as reconaissance and light bomber aircraft. Frankly, the USAF pilots reported the Po-2 to be notoriously hard to shoot down due to it's extremely low, sub-200kph top speed which sat below the stall speed of most US jet aircraft. Apart from combat use, the Po-2 has seen service among many airforces, serving as a trainer and utility aircraft in the miitary. It's 5 cylinder 100HP Shvestov M-11 radial engine was incredibly low-maintenance, making the Po-2 extremely well-suited for service in rough conditions. Albeit unarmed at first, later variants of this aircraft recieved a ShKAS machinegun as a rear turret and a small bombload of 250kg. FEATURES Not all that much in the way of features on this one due to it's small size. There are a few though: 1. Fully functional, spinning propeller, along with a semi-detailed Shvestov M-11 engine. 2. Flaps, toggleable with AG 1 3. Some nice little details, such as the gear assembly, the wing spars and the ShKAS MG in the back. 4. 1:1 scale, which is a feature considering how small the whole thing is! (only 8m long, that isn't much space to fit alot of detail in, really.) HOW TO FLY Due to it's relatively low-power engine, the Po-2 requires some special care while flying. Startup procedures are identical to all my other prop planes, namely: 1. Startup and takeoff Idle the throttle and engage brakes. SAS needs to be off. Stage the first stage. The ring securing the propeller in place will come off. Switch to the propeller with " ] ". Start up the propeller. Hold down ALT and either Q or E. Hold the key until the roll indicator in the bottom left corner of the screen will reach it's limit. Remember to have SAS disengaged in this stage if you want the propeller to work. SAS, along with neutralising set roll trim with ALT can be used to stop the propeller post-flight. Switch back to the main vessel, engage the SAS (although the craft is perfectly flyable without it of course) and disengage the brakes. After the propeller has started rotating sufficiently quickly you can add throttle and begin the takeoff. Allow the plane to gain speed. It will, albeit rather slowly. Wait until the plane hit's AT LEAST 21m/s, then you can ever so slightly apply elevator. Now is the hardest part of the whole flight: Manipulate the elevator and keep the plane level, so that your speed starts to increase. Once it's above approx. 30-35m/s you are fying safely. 2. Flight Turn gently and dont bank too much, since the rudder response is average at best, and if you find yourself low on speed (sub-20m/s) while banking, you might find yourself unable to level the plane out before it loses too much altitude. Watch the speed and keep it above 20-25m/s, preferably even higher. Under 20m/s the plane will stall out. Apply elevator delicately, don't bleed speed if not necessary, climb at a shallow angle. Watch out not to clip the propeller into the ground while landing. Here we have an entirely historical photo of a Po-2 carrying a RDS-37 thermonuclear bomb since, as we all know, the Po-2 was the backbone of Soviet strategic bomber force during the Cold War. Fly safe and enjoy. Feel free to leave suggestions on what i should build next. The plane is built out of 133 parts btw. All stock. DOWNLOAD LINK Updated on 24-07-2017, V1.0 CHANGELOG 1.0 - initial release
  2. Heyho, I've seen all kinds of replicas on KerbalX and in the forum, tons of MiG's too. There are a lot of Burans and Spaceshuttles built by the community. There are a couple of DYNA-SOARs too. So i wondered why there were no MiG 105's, since it is basically the soviet concurence program to the DYNA-SOAR. So i decided to build one. I think this was great part of spaceflight history (I know they weren't actually in space with it ) that has unfortunatly has been forgotten about. Incase you wonder what the MiG 105 or the SPIRAL program, were: The Mikojan-Gurewitsch MiG-105 was a soviet space glider (russias concurente for the Amercian Boeing X-20 Dyna-Soar). The plane rose from the Spiral project, the Soviet Union first attempt to build a reusalbe spaceship. Multiple Prototypes were build in 1965. Until 1978 the glider performed a total of eight test flight, neither aiming for space (100km height). Test flights were performed with the Gliders own rocket engine. The project was unfortunatly cancelled. The USSR wanted to focus on the Buran Project For orbit flights multiple lifters were taken in consideration. Starting with simple ideas like putting the glider on top of a soyus rocket, to more complicated systems, like putting the glider on top of a rocket, which is put on top of a plane, which lifts teh whole system to 20 km height, from where the rocket takes over and the plane departes (The craziest space flight idea if ever read about). My Version: - is a little bigger than the original - doesn't look quit as smooth, it's kinda edgy but i couldnt find a much better solution within my design skill - flies kinda well (sometimes not loss of control but catches itself quickly again) - Glides well and lands safely on the ground (I don't recommend water landings) Craft File: Pictures:
  3. Hey guys! There is already a thread about this movie, but it's old and they recomended to start a new one. (And sorry for my English, haha) The movie is great! It's about Voskhod 2 flight. I'm sure that most people who like KSP will love this movie too. There is a number of reasons: First, excellent technical level; I guess it's the first Russian movie from what I saw, that has effects, music and camera work not worse than in Hollywood movies. Second, all space stuff is shown in details, you see the tumblers, devices and other stuff. Also, the story is great. So it would be interesting to watch it even to people, who don't play in KSP. Here is the seconnd trailer, but I think that the movie is cooler than the trailer. The official release must be in HD. It's called "Время Первых". And the last thing. I don't know if they will make official subtitles, but there are unofficial English subtitles! I can share them if the moderators will allow it. So feel free to ask. I hope it will be fine because the subtitles made unofficially and not taken from the official release, but made from scratch. Added: English subtitles are here
  4. INTRODUCTION Yet another revamped version of my MiG-29A replica i made about a year ago or so. This one undergone some considerable changes which added some important details present on the real 29. The MiG-29 was the Soviet answer to the rising threat of US frontline fighters such as the F-16 being fielded on a large scale. The Soviet Air Force needed a light, easy to maintain and competitive fighter to support the Su-27 and thus, the MiG-29 was born. It was the trademark 4th gen frontline fighter of the Soviets and, over the years, it underwent many modifications which ensured that it remained competitive to this day. The A version was the initial production variant fielded by the Soviet Air Force in 1982. It is powered by twin Klimov RD-33 turbojet engines which, given the small size of the airframe, allow the MiG-29 to achieve a whopping TWR of 1.09 on reheat. The power outputs of the engines are, just like on the Eagle posted earlier, modeled correctly down to 0.1kN of static thrust. The weight is also very representative of the real Fulcrum and thus, this aircraft approximates the real aircraft's performance well. FEATURES Just to name a few: 1. True to the original engine performance and weight. (Activate the reheat with AG 1) 2. Functional flaps activated with AG 2 3. Correctly placed airbrake mounted in the rear activated through AG 3 4. Correctly placed drogue chute activated through staging. 5. Alot of minor detailing with antennas, the infrared sensor bulb on the nose etc. HOW TO FLY Quite similar to the Eagle, but lighter and perhaps a bit slower at some altitudes. Airbrakes and flaps can be used for slowing down the airframe. Take off at approx 55m/s, land at a similar speed. Watch out for stalling since the aircraft can drop it's speed very low through turning due to how agile it is. Fly safe and have fun. I am eagerly waiting for your feedback so if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them here! DOWNLOAD LINK Updated on 22-07-2017, V1.1 CHANGELOG 1.0 - initial release 1.1 - fixed the main landing gear not being straight which caused problems on takeoff.
  5. INTRODUCTION After returning to KSP after a lengthy hiatus and watching a few videos on propeller-driven aircraft in KSP I've decided to start off with something ambitious. The Tu-95, or "Bear" (NATO callsign assigned to the Tu-95) is a long range strategic bomber designed by the USSR in the early 50s to provide the Soviet Air Force with a bomber capable of reaching targets overseas without refueling. They achieved this feat through the use of extremely efficient Kuznetsov NK-12 turboprop engines. Being the most powerful propeller-driven aircraft to ever take it to the skies the Tu-95 boasted a respectable bombload comparable with it's US counterpart - the B-52. The famous nose refueling probe first appeared on the K version of the aircraft which extended it's already impressive range even further from 10000km to over 14500km with support from aerial tankers. This immense operational range caused the Bear to become a feared weapon among the US airmen who were often sortied to intercept the bombers conducting operations in proximity of US airspace. FEATURES This KSP version comes with a range of functions to make flying this leviathan a unique experience. -Four stock propeller turboprop engines. I've decided to resort to propellers being there for mostly visual purposes. Turbines serve as the main source of thrust for the plane. Working on the bearings (Credits to Squiddy for the idea!) for a few hours was worth it in my view - watching the engines spin up individually is a magical experience. They operate incredibly smoothly. Instructions on operating the engines will be included further down. -Clean bomb bay capable of housing various ordnance up to 1.25m radius. -RDS-37 Thermonuclear bomb replica in the bomb bay -Functional, historically correct flaps. -Detailed engine nacelles - no aesthetic tradeoffs from using the propeller mechanism. -Correctly placed gear! As much as i loved winged's Bear i saw a while ago on the forums his landing gear placement, necessary due to Bear's long and heavy tail section was bugging me for a long time. He was a great inspiration in making this replica too. -Relatively rigid, wobble-proof construction -Near-historical specifications: Length: 40.3m (46.2m historically) Wingspan: 43.3m (50m historically) Height: 10m (11.1m historically) Weight: ~88t dry (90t historically) Top speed: ~215m/s (227m/s historically) Partcount: 488 HOW TO FLY ACTION GROUPS BRAKES (B) - Engages brakes ACTION GROUP 1 - Toggle turbines ACTION GROUP 2 - Toggle flaps ACTION GROUP 3 - Toggle landing lights ACTION GROUP 4 - Toggle bomb bay door GEAR (G) - Toggle main gear " [ " AND " ] " - Toggle between propeller controls and aircraft controls PRE-FLIGHT AND STARTUP -Decrease throttle to zero and preferably engage brakes to prevent plane from rolling down the runway -Engage stage 1 to spool up the turbines -Engage stage 2 to release bearings, SAS should be disengaged at this point -Begin the engine startup procedure. Switch to the first propeller by pressing " ] " twice -Hold Alt key and press down on Q or E key (preferably Q for left engines and E for right engines) -You will see the roll indicator in the bottom left corner of the screen slowly move to the side -Wait until the indicator hits the limit of the roll gauge, the propeller should start up. -Move onto the next engine by pressing " ] " twice. Repeat steps until all engines are started up. -You are now standing on the runway at idle thrust, engines running. Time to go flying. TAKEOFF AND FLIGHT -Switch back to the plane controls with " ] " key, release the brakes, thrust idle. -Engage the SAS preferably for an easier takeoff run, although the craft is mostly passively stable on the runway and in the air. -You can deploy flaps with " 2 " for extra immersion, although KSP physics limit their effectiveness. -Throttle up to max power, let engines spool up and start rolling. -Let the aircraft gain speed. For the Tu-95 V1 is at ~70m/s and preferable V2 is at ~90-95m/s -Apply elevator until positive rate, retract gear and flaps. -Wait for the plane to gain some speed for maneuvering, approx 120/s allows you to maneuver safely without risking a stall. FLIGHT CHARACTERISTICS This craft handles as you would expect from a heavy strategic bomber, although it's maneuverability is by no means frustrating. SAS helps with stability so it is advised to utilize it for the duration of the flight. It has plenty of wing area and is designed to be naturally stable during flight so unless you try something stupid the plane should not cause you problems. Landing with flaps allows for higher AoA during approach, advisable landing speed is ~105m/s. SHUTDOWN -Engine shutdown is possible via two different ways after coming to a full stop at the runway 1. Switch to each engine control and engage SAS to stop the propeller 2. Use the Alt trim to revert trim back to it's neutral position, the propeller will come to a stop shortly afterwards. I really hope that you will have as much fun flying this thing as I had designing it. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD LINK Updated on 22-07-2017, V1.1 CHANGELOG 1.0 - initial release 1.1 - changes to some minor details, e.g. positioning of the anti-shock bodies on the horizontal stabilizers, added a replica of the RDS-37 thermonuclear bomb into the bomb bay, revamped the page of the craft as a part of a major overhaul.
  6. Everyone knows of the Apollo lunar missions. It was all drilled into our heads by our history teachers. But did anyone know that the Soviets also had a lunar program? The answer is, most likely, yes, because not even the USSR can keep secrets from rocketry enthusiasts. What's this challenge supposed to be? Well, basically, I want people to recreate the old Soviet launchers (N-1, Proton, and Soyuz) and spacecraft (Soyuz and LK) and land on the Mun. General goals: Accurate launch vehicles: Your Soyuz analogue has four engines clustered on each of the four side-strapped boosters, and the main stalk also has four engines. Your Proton analogue has six engines on the first stage, four engines of the second stage, and one on the third stage. Your N-1 analogue - well, let's be honest, giving it thirty engines on the first stage is huge overkill for the Kerbal universe, so I'll allow ten engines. If you want thirty, feel free to do so. Your next stage has eight engines, the stage after that has four. Now, your rocket should be in space. +15 Accurate spacecraft: Your LOK, which is basically an over-engineered Soyuz spacecraft, has enough room for two Kerbals. If you also have a Soyuz analogue, make sure the LOK's service module is slightly longer. Your LK, the lunar lander, is a one-stage lander with one crew capacity, which ditches the landing legs and other equipment you wouldn't need for the ascent (ie: science equipment, etc.). If you are unfamiliar with the designs, you should already have wikapedia open. +10 Power generation: Your LOK uses fuel cells and has no solar panels. +5 Efficiency is key: Use the 3rd stage of the N-1 to begin the transfer burn. If you are using RSS or some other large rescale, complete the burn with the 4th stage. +5 Use asparagus staging. -30 Big dreams: Use RSS or some other large rescale: Multiply your total score by 6. Sightseer: Visit a munar anomaly like an arch or a monolith. You must land within 1 km. If you don't, to get the points, you'll have to EVA your Kerbal the rest of the way there. +5 Far out: Visit Minmus with the same, unmodified spacecraft. +30 Realism: A kerbal dies. -30 Survivability: Have a LES. +5 Life support: Use a life support mod. +20 Hardcore: Do it stock only. +40 Spacewalking: EVA a kerbal from the LOK into the LK, instead of simply transferring them. +5 Chernobyl: Use nuclear engines. -40 Argue-on: Use ion engines. -40 Surface science bonus: If you are playing career mode, gather as much science as you can without landing in more than one place. Tell me how much you get. Science labs not allowed. Stock experiments only. Impress me: Points determined from how impressed I am. Mission goals: (Add twenty points for each mission completed) Leaderboard: Here are the badges (drawn by me): The lunar program badge: You must have completed Zond LS-1, Zond LS-2, 6-L, 7-L, and 8-L to earn this badge. The station and munbase badge: You must have completed LO-1 and BAZ-1 to earn this badge. The interplanetary flyby badge: You must have completed FN-1, KP-1, and ZE-1 to earn this badge. And one for if you've done all three but are running out of signature space:
  7. Hello comrades I haven't been here for a long period of time. But now it's time to comeback. People say "Go big or go home" so here we go: Mi24 - "The most soviet attack helicopter ever". - V.I. Lenin (hey if it's on internet it has to be true[he didn't said that]) I thought it would be fantastic to fly this thing in KSP so I made one. Grab some screens: I hope you'll like it. Pros: Guns Badass look I added four small engines under the rotor so it could fly faster. Communism Cons: Too wide (I made it based on the side picture and I used my memory [back when I was playing Cod MW series] and it turned out to be too bulky) At least on my PC it has strange bug with Firespitter (I'll explain later) Not too authentic, because I added four small engines under the rotor so it could fly faster. Communism ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~DOWNLOAD~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~REQUIRED MODS~~~~~~~~~ FIRESPITTER BDArmory Squad (KSP game) <<<MODPACK FOR Mi24 (1.3 KSP)>>>[[[KSP+1.3]]].rar FIRESPITTER BUG: When you put power to max it'll has only 300RPM on the rotors. You have to adjust the throttle carefully. Screens: IF YOU ALSO HAVE THIS BUG DON'T GO ABOVE THE RED FIELD (1st screenshot)
  8. A more detailed account if the rise of the Ussari Space Program its self can be found here. -------------------------------------------- The Mappe. Complete credit goes to @Pds314 and his thread can be found here. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special thanks to @Ten Key for constant editing assistance. Prologue: Wind and Snow ACT I: The First Whispers Chapter 1: A Clear Night Chapter 2: A New Dawn Chapter 3: Politics Chapter 4: An Invitation Chapter 5: Poyekhali! Chapter 6: Into Darkness Chapter 7: Into the Light Chapter 8: Starry Night Chapter 9: Reclining at Table Chapter 10: Changes Chapter 11: Kermangrad Chapter 12: Crimson Square Chapter 13: Crimson Dawn Chapter 14: Waiting Chapter 15: Krazniyy Oktyabr Chapter 16: The End of the Dream Chapter 17: A Pleasant Night Chapter 18: For All Kerbalkind Chapter 19: Crow Chapter 20: Arrangements Chapter 21: An August Summer Night Chapter 22: Winds of Change Chapter 23: The Flight of Sila, pt. 1 Chapter 24: The Flight of Sila, pt. 2 Chapter 25: Choices Chapter 26: Night and Day Chapter 27: A Pound of Flesh Chapter 28: The Fall Chapter 29: A Shot in the Dark Chapter 30: Zarya Chapter 31: A Prelude to Silence Chapter 32: Hunting Chapter 33: Silence Chapter 34: The Darkness... and the Light Chapter 35: Homecoming Chapter 36: In Union Assembled Chapter 37: Sacrifice Chapter 38: By Dawn's Early Light Chapter 39: Der Kommissar Chapter 40: The End of the Beginning --------------------------------------------------------------------- Interlude: Heavy is the Head --------------------------------------------------------------------- ACT II: Stranger in a Strange Land Chapter 41: A Long, Strange Trip Chapter 42: Diplomacy Chapter 43: Stranger in a Strange Land Chapter 44: A Hard Day's Night Chapter 45: The Wretched Hive of Scum & Villainy Chapter 46: Food and Drink Chapter 47: How to Make an Entrance Chapter 48: Close Encounters of The Weird Kind Chapter 49: A History Lesson Chapter 50: Rain Chapter 51: The Cheeseburger Chapter 52: One Giant Bleep Chapter 53: The Halls of Medicine Chapter 54: Uncomfortably Numb Chapter 55: The Kerb of the Hour Chapter 56: Summoned, Sentenced Chapter 57: Wanderings Chapter 58: Off We Go... Chapter 59: ...Into the Wild Blue Yonder Chapter 60: Girl, On Fire Chapter 61: Crash and Burn Chapter 62: Casting Out Chapter 63: Words, Words, Words... Chapter 64: High Noon Chapter 65: O Brave New World Chapter 66: All Good Things... --------------------------------------------------------------------- Interlude: Whispers of the Past, Shadows of the Future --------------------------------------------------------------------- ACT III: Shadowscourge Chapter 67: Awakening Chapter 68: Home, Sweet Home Chapter 69: Seeking Answers Chapter 70: A Last Whisper Chapter 71: Night Train Chapter 72: Dangerous Thoughts Chapter 73: A Terrible Mistake Chapter 74: The Right Questions Chapter 75: Shattered Chapter 76: McQueen, She Ain't Chapter 77: Monster Chapter 78: Old Friends Chapter 79: Igor Ex Machina Chapter 80: ...And a Light Went Out of the World Chapter 81: Out of the Frying Pan... Chapter 82: ...But Left a Spark Chapter 83: ...And Onto the Pyre Chapter 84: A Memory of Darkness Chapter 85: One Small Step Chapter 86: House of Shadows Chapter 87: Ghosts of Yesterday Chapter 88: Shadows and Mündust (Redux) Chapter 89: Lies Chapter 90: Truth Chapter 91: Out of Her Mind... Back in Five Minutes! Chapter 92: Toruk Makto Chapter 93: Paint it, Black Chapter 94: Down the Smeerp Hole Chapter 95: Hello Darkness, My Old Friend Chapter 96: Shadowscourge Chapter 97: On the Shoulders of Giants Chapter 98: Final Flight Chapter 99: Where the Shadow Lies Chapter 100: A Promise of Light ---------------------------------------------------------------- Epilogue: Revelations of the Kraken Officially Unofficial I-don't-own-any-of-it Soundtrack ------------------------------------------------ Prologue: Wind and Snow Clouds hung thickly, gray and featureless, obscuring the mountain peaks higher up and making the valley seem even more isolated. Where the clouds met the mountains, their edges churned and roiled, driven by the fierce, frigid, hurricane-force winds cascading into the valley below. As the wind descended and spread out across the valley floor it slowed and warmed, until by the time it reached Boris Kermanskiovitch, it was merely a chilling breath. He stood, looking out over the valley, his bare hands folded behind him, oblivious to the cold as the wind whispered around him. He wore a heavy coat trimmed with fur, massive thick boots that added to his already imposing height, and a tall ushanka on his head, the ear-flaps always pinned up, emblazoned with the Crimson Star of the Ussari Union, and the insignia marking him as a Kommissar. He stood, impassively, a half-smoked rattail dangling from his lips, and observed the flurry of activity in the distant pit in the valley floor as snow slowly drifted down around him. He sensed the other's approach, and leaned heavily on the ancient wooden railing before him. It creaked and groaned in protest, as did the worn floor boards as the other Kerbal joined him at the railing. Boris did not look away from the valley, but produced a half-empty pack of rattails from his coat, which he offered wordlessly to the newcomer, who took one as he, too, leaned on the long-suffering railing. The newcomer dug out a match, struck it into flame on the railing, and lit the rattail, taking a long, deep drag. He took it from his mouth and regarded it for a moment, blowing the smoke out to mix with the harsh draft, then took another slow drag. "ЬФЯSCHT," said Igor finally. Only the slightest flick from Boris's eyes, "ЬФЯSCHT?" "DД." "DД?" "DД." "ЙУЗT." "DД." "ЙУЗT!" "DД!" "DД?" "DД." "DД," Boris sighed heavily. Igor nodded, rose, and saluted smartly. He did not wait for the senior Kerbal to return the salute, but pivoted on his heel and withdrew, silent but for the creaking floorboards. Boris listened to him depart, staring off towards the valley. At length he stood, and took a long, final drag on his rattail, now down to a nub. He plucked it from his mouth and held it before him, turning it back and forth in his stubby, callused fingers, holding in the acrid smoke. Finally he flicked it away, watched it arc through the air and land in the snow, which retreated out of revulsion. He blew the smoke out in an ominous cloud, "DД." For a time he stood motionless, hands clasped behind his back again, staring at nothing. ЬФЯSCHT, he thought, DД. "DД..." he said to the wind. Slowly, a trembling sneer grew on his lip, the trembling then spreading over his entire body. "PЦTIЙ" he swore roughly, spat, and then stormed off. Snow swirled as the wind whispered indifferently.
  9. After much frustration, I'm finally trying to go ahead with this. What was supposed to be "lightly" modded became my most bloated save ever. 60! 60 mods! No wonder it crashes every three minutes! The extensive modlist is as follows: CKAN file of my mods as of 1/3/16. Some entries were manually removed, RCSFX is NOT needed or compatible with 1.0.5, for example. Primary mods are Tantares and of course, 64K, with a seasoning of various visual & realism mods that are HIGHLY SUBJECT TO CHANGE! But, I'm gonna stick with it and see where this goes while also writing a fanfic to go along with it. Difficulty settings: quicksave/reverting ON because crashes, no respawning, 200% funds rewards because 64k is EXPENSIVE, with 200% penalties, and starting funds around ₽100,000 after some necessary Kerbal changes. All launches are from territory controlled or "borrowed" by the Imperious Union of Ussari Republics. If you see KSC, someone is probably going to Kerberia. I've tried to get Kerbal Construction Time working but it doesn't seem to play well with KerbinSide's launchpad switcher, which is disappointing as it's such a vital realism mod. Any resemblance to the excellent career reports byShania_L and Landwalker is completely unintentional, absolutely not the result of careful reverse-engineering, and purely a case of convergent evolution. So, without further ado, I'll turn the floor over to Comrade Political Officer Credit for map to this guy.
  10. привет! Recently, I've been working on a T-34 tank. Here's what I made: Project: Probably completed Tank is made for 1.2 version. It features many thing like: Working cannon and machinegun, Very fast speed for a tank (can reach up to 45m/s risking tracks to broke and 35.2m/s is the highest safe speed.) Refuelling is possible via docking port on the back but I think you won't use this feature because it can travel huge distances at the amount of fuel that you have in your tank. In my opinion this tank is very fun to drive and shoot. Looks almost like original one. Here is .craft file with mods that you need to run it. Everything packed into .zip. Mods that you need: BDArmory CAL++ Firespitter KerbalFoundries KSPWheel (comes with Kerbal Foundries) North Kerbin Weaponry Old School Turrets TeakScale All for 1.2 Version .craft + MODS - 374.55MB Only .Craft File - 231KB
  11. New and Updated for 1.2.2! Hi all. I'd first off like to thank @Mulbin for inspiring this and designing it in the first place. Although I made it from scratch, I don't think I could have ever came up with this creation without him. In version 0.19, Mulbin made a Duna rated LK spacecraft. Versions passed, Mulbin's activity declined, and then the link to download it went bust. When 1.1 came out, I decided to breath new life into this long vanished spacecraft. So I built this from scratch So here it is. A Duna LK lander, a LOK Orbiting Spacecraft and a Micro Buggy thrown in on top. You can download the craft at KerbalX, here. A few notes: -Your pilot will be in the wrong capsule on liftoff. Transfer him and/or set control to the top capsule. -Try to Aerobrake, at least a bit, at Duna. Warning: Do not go lower than 28,000 Meters, you might blow the Nukes. -Yes, the rover is supposed to land separately. Just make sure it doesn't crash into the lander. -When departing Duna, you can use the Arrival Stage to give a kick or what is left in the lander. Your choice. You might have to use a bit of monopropellant to get back. -Don't bother with slowing down, the heatsheild can take the reentry. Just get the angle right. Mission Video: Ok, that's all, enjoy flying!
  12. So, this 1200-page monster covering Soviet rocketry from 1941 to late 1980s is actually available in English!
  13. Tantares N1-L3 In the late 1960s, the Soviet Union Space Program was busy developing a superbooster, known as the N1, and a lunar expedition spacecraft known as the L3 to compete with the American Apollo-Saturn V. With the use of Tantares, Tantares LV, Procedural Fairings, and Realchute, I have created a (close enough) replica of the N1 moon mission. I've added the downloadable version because CaptKordite's is outdated and incompatable with current versions, and I can't find another. This even features fairings with a tolerable, even appealing, texture. Other download versions, a TMK/MaVr payload (maybe), and possibly a video coming soon. Download Note: As I lack any piloting skills, the craft is untested. If you experience mission complications or see any coming or anything related to the craft, let me know.
  14. Repository for all of my new VAB builds upcoming in the following months Information on lifters, and the lunar station is below. In development: -NK-1 orbital refueling station around the mun (N3 rocket will launch parts) -Reusable first stages To do list: (Link will be under them if they are complete) -Soviet style interplanetary craft Lunar Landers: More landers soon(TM) -Reusable first and second stages -N9 rocket (Largest soviet style rocket I'll ever consider building)
  15. BEHOLD THE N2 (Upgraded N1 model, 9500 deltaV in first 4 stages) BEHOLD THE N1 MUNAR LANDING DEVICE *kerbalized *roughly based on this design (the russian one):
  16. Looking for best mod with Russian booster tech.
  17. Does anybody here have any idea why the Soviets launched so many Venus probes? I mean, I'm not complaining, but they did launch a LOT of Venera and Vega probes- with over 14 missions logged between the two programs (not all being successful)- not to mention the Soviets launched the majority of Venus probes, and made the first Venus landers. I'd wonder why they would spend so much tim and effort there, while other space agencies have generally given it much less attention (especially NASA).
  18. Behold! The bane of the capitalistic leeches, the T-72, has arrived! This tanks is pimped out with rubber side skirts, view ports, spaced armor, armored primary gunner's sight, convoy light, regular lights, infrared lights, and much more. It's armed with "smoke launchers" (just aesthetic). If the turret gets stuck, just wiggle around a little. XD Don't say it's a design flaw until you've tried to design something like this yourself. I've got a reworked turret and some upgraded track equipped variants in development.