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Found 1 result

  1. There's an old thread by @BigBoy734 about finding Kerbal Space Program planets/moons in the universe simulator Space Engine. I've been continuing that search, so I decided to make a thread for it as well. Keep in mind that... Other users can participate. Their screenshots can be posted on the main page (just leave a link to the Imgur photo/album). There will also been modded KSP planets being found. So, if you have Space Engine, start exploring! If you're wondering what some of the planets may look like, I have pictures! This photo "album" will be updated whenever I get the chance, and whenever someone gets a screenshot of a Kerbol Body. JOOL from JOOL BIOMES EVE from STOCK KSP (Desert and Oceania Versions) CITE from KERBAL GALAXY 2 (Regular and With Ice) APHRODITE from KERBAL GALAXY 2 ODYSSEUS and ATHENA from ODYSSEUS PLANET PACK PLANET K from DARK SECRETS SARNUS from OUTER PLANETS MOD ERNUS/SHAYLE from NEW HORIZONS/KERBOL PLUS LAYTHE from STOCK KSP (Alien Version) DUNA from STOCK KSP CHANI from CHANI PLANET PACK HEPHAISTIOS from SIDO'S URANIA SYSTEM JOOL from STOCK KSP PENELOPE from ODYSSEUS PLANET PACK POLYPHEMUS from ODYSSEUS PLANET PACK LAYTHE from STOCK KSP (Titan-Like Version) CYSSOR and SKRII from KERBAL UNIVERSE 2 ANTHE from OTHRYS PLANET PACK JOOL from SIGMA: JOOL RECOLOR HEBA from EXTRASOLAR: PLANETS BEYOND KERBOL (Original Texture) LETO from OTHRYS PLANET PACK (With Rings)* IXION from TERRESTRIAL PLANETS PACK PLOCK from OUTER PLANETS MOD NEIDON from OUTER PLANETS MOD (With Rings) NISSEE from OUTER PLANETS MOD SARIN from KERBOL PLUS REVIVED EVE from NEW HORIZONS *Go to [] and remove clouds to see the resemblance.