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Found 9 results

  1. All i need to do is move the space center as i have made a new homeworld for my kerbals and i need the space center out of a mountain. I can change it in the config file but i was wondering if there ws any quick way or tools that can do this for me? Thanks
  2. I mean like build a space center capable of scanning resources, mine it, return it to the mother ship, convert to more fuel, then go to the next planet/moon?
  3. Like the Scatterer glitch. I want a couple of meters of water over the KSC to mess with. Maybe make some boats and sea planes and stuffness. I'm not proficient enough in Kopernicus to make this happen, but it should be easier than easy for people who actually know what they're doing. Thanks in advance! Images - Like this but with slightly more water. About a meter or two over the main roads and stuff. Maybe make multiple versions that have the water a couple centimeters under the roads so you can drive a boat up, some that completely flood the KSC, completely covering that flat bit of land but nothing more, and one that just completely Noah's-Arks the place, leaving only the tops of mountains exposed. Slightly more advanced - maybe make the space center float on the water of the Noah's-Arked world? I'd absolutely LOVE that. Thanks in advance!
  4. Can somebody make statics for Kerbal Konstructs for making some real life space centers like Kennedy Space Center(NASA), Guiana Space Center(Arianespace), Satish Dhawan Space Center(ISRO) and Kosmodrome(Roscosmos) and many more. I'm not good in modelling but can help in the texturing part. This addon can be a great boon to Kerbal Space Program's Engineers and Rocket scientists........ After all - Conquering the Space was Never this easy................... We need this type of well established Space Center, custom launchpads, lightning protection towers and many more.....
  5. I tried this 5 times. I am lauching a satelite for a contract, get it into orbit, and thats it. I can go no further. I tried going back to space center. I tried landing back on Kerbin. I tried destroying the rocket by coming back to Kerbin too fast. I tried deleting all my saved vechiles and trying again. Nothing works. Any suggestions? This is a new bug for me. Its just not playable at all. I cant complete my flights!
  6. Sometimes, after I load a saved game, KSC shows up at a vantage point near the ground by the VAB. Pressing ESC does nothing, pressing the Pause Menu button does nothing. Mod popups all work OK. I have to close and re-launch the game. Screen shot of Loading problem
  7. KSP version:, Windows 32-bit, not run through Steam Playing a career game, I needed to hire more pilots. I upgrade my astronaut complex to level 2 and go inside. (See first image) I select the pilot from the list, and I lose ALL my funds! (See second image) Savefile, just in case: Output Log: DxDiag output: I believe this game was created and saved after updating the game to the current version above.
  8. Just started playing. After a crash, how do you get back to the Space Center or the VAB?
  9. Okay, I don't know if there is a mod for this but I couldn't find one so here is the idea: A second runway at the Space Center - with a sky jump at the end, basically a ramp launching your craft (picture) into the sky, I know this isn't super important or anything but I think its a nice idea to have something to make a take-off with unwilling aircrafts easier (without having to pray that they get their nose up before hitting water). I know that proper aircraft design should make something like that (with such a long runway available) unnecessary but I think it could allow more diverse crafts which otherwise wouldn't be able to take-off because they wouldn't get their nose up. The angle of the Sky Jump wouldn't have to be big, possibly just 5-10°, the new runway could lie parallel to the normal runway or - more interesting - in an angle (45° or so) to it, starting between the kerbonaut center and the start of the normal runway, crossing it and ending left too it, I guess it should ba a lot shorter too: half to 2/3 the length of the fully upgraded runway and not as wide.