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Found 4 results

  1. Space Launch System Part Pack DOWNLOAD: REALISM OVERHAUL: Craft Files: Small fixes between updates: Mod Recommended: Hangar Extender Space Launch System Parts Pack is a modification that adds to the basic game section dedicated to the SLS program. Package contains: SLS Block 1, SLS Block 1B, SLS Block 2 This mod is distributed under the GPL3 license.
  2. This mod is, or will be when it's complete, a set of SLS parts for realism overhaul. Now this isn't the first Space Launch System project for KSP, so to avoid that situation where I spend several months working on the whole thing and then burn out with nothing to show for it I decided to approach it part by part and get the mod out there as soon as the first part was functional. Well here it is! Download: http://spacedock.info/mod/434/Spice%20Launch%20System All the parts nessesary for launching are in, although some lack textures. How to launch Block 1B: SLS can be a bit tr
  3. How do we fill up the SLS 2021-2025 launch manifiest and launch once a year? Currently there are 2 (3 if including Asteroid Redirect Mission) planned SLS Missions for this time period- EM-2, a Manned Lunar Orbital mission, for 2021. SLS-Europa Clipper, a unmanned SLS probe launch, for 2025. and EM-3/ARM, a manned mission to a captured boulder orbiting the Moon, also for 2025. This leaves 2023 and 2022 without having any SLS launches (since 2025 is a year with 2 SLS launches. The next presidency will choose the ultimate near-term goal for the SLS-Orion Program, b
  4. The ISS is a space station complex that has conducted significant research. However, with the expiration date set to 2024 (possibly, and preferably to 2028), NASA will be left without a space-based research lab to work from. However, as NASA's budget is limited, how would such a LEO space station look like? (Cost estimates are based off of released figures on making those modules) V1: Basic, 3-man Version: Primary module: EUS H2 tank-based Skylab-2 Orbital Workshop. A 32-Ton "Dry Workshop" space station module, it contains its own life support and power systems (including sola
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